Science News

Science – a look back at the year

2019 has been a great year for the Science Department.  With a dedicated Science teaching team coupled with an enthusiastic student team (over 100 Science Representatives and Ambassadors across Years 7-12) we have held a wide range of events.    I would like to thank the Science teaching and student teams for their great work and support this year.

Science Club included such events as:

  • Making slime and sherbet
  • Designing and making boats to carry the most weight
  • Building the tallest tower out of marshmallows
  • Constructing the best catapult
  • The chemistry of Liquid Nitrogen (see report later in this article)

Science Week

  • Giant jumping castle/obstacle course
  • Paper plane competition
  • Science trivia
  • Year 8 workshop with Geckoes Wildlife
  • Year 9 workshop with Dr Rob
  • Year 10 workshop with Street Science
  • Variety of workshops by the University of Queensland

Other Workshops – held in Science Week and other times in the year included:

  • Mathematics around bridge design and structure
  • Making a prosthetic limb
  • Collecting and investigating bacteria
  • Rocket making
  • Moving into Senior Science
  • Antibiotics and the use of silver
  • The chemistry of chocolate
  • Chemistry of enzymes

Excursions, competitions and other extension events:

  • Year 12 workshop on DNA and fighting bacterial diseases held at the QIMR (Queensland Institute of Medical Research)
  • Year 7 excursion to Lone Pine to study the adaptations of animals and how they can assist in their survival
  • Year 9 and 10 Science Engineering Team competed at the University of Queensland
  • Year 10 students participate in and several reached the State Finals of the Brain Bee Competition held at the Brain Institute
  • Year 7 – a team competition in the Green Heart Schools Future BNE Challenge 2019
  • We have had students nominate and be accepted to attend a range of other extension events including:
  • Forensic camp in Armidale for Year 8
  • ConocoPhillips Science experience for Year 9 and 10
  • QUT STEM camp for Year 11
  • FEAST at Gatton for Year 11 and 12
  • Engineering Link for Years 10, 11 and 12
  • Junior Physics odyssey (formerly Olympiads) for Years 9 and 10

Work with Primary Schools and Science Shows/Displays

  • Full day bus tour where our Science Reps ran a range of workshops with primary students from several schools
  • Class visits from Holy Family
  • Holy Family participating in various events during our Science week
  • Science displays and demo by Science Reps and Ambassadors – for College Twilight and Visitors mornings

Science in the Classroom

Liquid Nitrogen Show

The liquid Nitrogen show was extremely successful and very entertaining. We were so excited to have Dr Rob from Scope come in to share with us the wonders of liquid nitrogen. We were able to witness the effects of this liquefied element on a multitude of objects, including lettuce, a rubber ball and other organic materials. A few lucky girls got to experience feeling the nitrogen, which was poured over their heads and on their hands. Throughout the show we were entertained with both awesome stunts and in depth explanations of the processes we were witnessing. To top it all off, the show finished with Dr Rob making the smoothest ice-cream using the nitrogen, which was quickly devoured by the audience!

Report by Claire Formby Year 8

Year 8 science has finished with a bang. Last week we had our science exam on Body Systems. Leading up to our exam we did many fun activities including designing a model of a heart plus dissecting a sheep’s heart. We all got our own sheep’s heart and opened it up to see inside. It was amazing and so cool! Later our teacher dissected a pluck and we could view the respiratory system including how the lungs, and diaphragm work.

A part of our revision we designed, built and played games covering all the body systems.

Year 9 Science

To tie up their Physics unit the Year 9 students have been designing and building a solar powered car.  Using small household items such as bottle tops and plastic take away containers the solar cars have zigged and zagged across the campus.

Science Cartoons – Great work this month by Ava Southgate Year 11 Science Ambassador – Ava has refreshed our Science notice board with a range of Science cartoons.  Make sure you check it out.   Well done Ava.

Have a wonderful Christmas.  See you in 2020.

Yours in Science.

Debra Guthrie

Curriculum Leader Science