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From the Principal’s Desk


From the Principal’s Desk

Prayer – New Dreaming

In the silent beauty of the velvet night,
Amidst the glittering Southern Cross,
You Dreamt a new dream.
The promised gift of eternal love for us in the mystery of your son –
A special Spirit Child, lying in a coolamon,
Born of a spirit woman,
Bringing Light and Hope into our world.

God of Justice, you call us to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with you.
Spirit of God, touch us and help us to touch others with compassion.
Give us the courage of Brigid of Ireland and Daniel Delany, to act on the issues of the day and make your justice work.
Make your love real through our lives.


In this holy season of prayer and song and laughter, we praise God for the great wonders that have been sent to us: for the shining star and angel’s song, for infant’s cry in lowly manger. We praise God for the Word made flesh in a little Child. We behold his glory and are bathed in its radiance.

We ask God to be with us as we sing the ironies of Christmas, the incomprehensible comprehended, the poetry made fact, the helpless babe who cracks the world asunder. We kneel before Jesus as shepherds, innkeepers, wise men. Help us to rise bigger than we are.

To all who have been touched by the Brigidine Community this year, I wish all a safe and hope-filled Christmas, where family and friends rest quietly with the hands of Love. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2020.

May Brigid bless the house wherein you dwell
Bless every fireside, every wall and door,
Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof.
Bless every hand that toils to bring it joy.
Bless every foot that walks the portals through.
May Brigid bless the house that shelters you.

2019 School Year

Over recent weeks the College has farewelled our Year 12 Graduates, celebrated the many fine achievements of our students and engaged in a variety of activities to celebrate the closing of our 90th Anniversary year. Simply following our Facebook page would suggest that the myriad of activities and learning opportunities for the staff, students and families all lead to being fully alive.

The College has also been finalising our staffing arrangements for 2020. We thank our teachers and school officers for their dedication and support they provide to the girls and their families. I thank Mr Mike Southon who is leaving Brigidine College and wish him well in his future endeavours.

New Staff 2020

Troy Millar Maths and Science – Contract 2020
Luke Critchley English and RE – Continuing
Clare Nelson Technologies and RE – Contract Term 1
Kate Tobiano PE and Science – Contract Term 1
Toby Ratcliffe English and Humanities – Contract Term 1
Terese Dixson Maths – Contract Term 1

The Carols by the Convent were held on Thursday 28 November. This was a wonderful opportunity for staff, families and the girls to share in the Christmas spirit by joining and singing our favourite Christmas carols. Everyone had a wonderful time and many thanks to the Parents and Friends’ Association, Jane Massingham, Andrew Beiers and the musicians for their generous support.

Calendar Dates

2-4 December Final Staff days
13 December College Office closes
13 January 2020 College Office reopens
20 January College Leadership Team returns
29 January All students return for start of Term 1
7 February 2020 Opening Mass

God Bless.

A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn

Brendan Cahill








If your daughter is in Year 4 or 5 ENROL NOW!

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Information on Southern Cross chartered bus services for students in Brigidine College and Ambrose Treacy College can be found here:

Mission News


Mission News

This year has been a Year of Hospitality, Welcoming All and we have invited a number of people who are asylum seekers to share their experience and enlighten our understanding of how to welcome strangers amongst us.

We concluded the year with a beautiful carols celebration led by Ms Massingham and the Ministry girls supporting the Parents and Friends’ Association with this event.  The Nativity set was displayed at the grotto in a similar way to the manger (cave) where Jesus was born.

The St Vincent de Paul Society student group ably led by Helen Paviotti and Helen Jeffcoat, worked with the College community to collect boxes of food, decorations, and toys for disadvantaged families to brighten the Christmas story as we closed our year.

 In 2020 we begin our celebration of the Year of Justice with all Kildare Ministries organizations. This is a time to take stock and review the overarching understating of Justice.  The ten Themes of Catholic Social Teaching give expression to the human worth and dignity of each individual made in the image and likeness of God. These are:

  • Respect for the human person;
  • Preferential option for the poor;
  • Political and economic rights;
  • Promotion of the common good;
  • Subsidiarity;
  • Political participation;
  • Economic justice;
  • Stewardship;
  • Global solidarity;
  • Promotion of peace.

A Catholic Christian understanding of justice has emerged from the Biblical tradition. This rich Biblical understanding portrays a just society as one marked by the fullness of love, compassion and peace. Catholic social teaching makes a distinction between three dimensions of basic justice: commutative justice, distributive justice and social justice. Commutative justice calls for fundamental fairness in people’s dealings with one another. Distributive justice requires that the allocation of income, wealth and power in society be evaluated in light of its effects on those whose basic material needs are unmet. Social justice obliges people to be active and productive participants in the life of society and insists that society has a duty to enable them to participate in this way (Economic Justice for All, 1986, n.68-71). (Accessed from Brisbane Catholic Education 2019)

As we enter Advent and this time of joy and hope, let us be attentive to encounters with the baby Jesus in everyday ways… a smile, a supporting hand, extra jobs around the house, or working with St Vincent de Paul packing Christmas hampers.


Imagine not being able to do your schoolwork just because the sun has set? That might sound great, but for so many children across the world not being able to do schoolwork because their home is without safe lighting means they quickly fall behind in their education. The Solar Buddy Program is an incredible program that provides solar lights to children living in poverty so that they can study after dusk and improve their education outcomes. The lights are portable,  weatherproof and long lasting using the power of the sun and LED technology to provide hours of light.

In the final year of the Interact Club at Brigidine College,  funds raised by students went towards the purchase 25 solar buddy lights. The lights are delivered in kit form to schools around Australia and students assemble the lights ready to be sent out to students in need in countries such as Papua New Guinea. Thanks to the efforts of the Interact Club and Ms Owen’s Year 9 Enterprise Business class,  the lights are ready to  be picked up and sent out to students in need. Thanks goes to all who supported Interact in the past and to all those who shared their own form of Brigidine Sunshine with those in need.  If you would like to read more about the program you can go to

Nicole Kapernick

Interact Teacher Coordinator

St Vincent de Paul

Our Christmas Appeal has been a huge success. Each Home Room was given a Vinnies family to prepare a hamper for containing Christmas food and gifts. It is heartwarming to see the enthusiasm that the girls put into this collection. From family to family we are sending care, concern and good cheer. The boxes will be delivered to Inala Vinnies next week. Happy Christmas everyone, cherish your family, rest and return with enthusiasm for 2020.

A message from our 2020 Vinnies Captain:

“Vinnies is an important part of my life that allows to me get involved in helping others in my community. Vinnies is a welcoming and interactive group that gives younger girls an opportunity to learn, help and be heard. Vinnies at Brigidine aims to actively support the St Vincent De Paul Society.  This organisation is passionate about speaking out and facing poverty and inequality in all situations and countries all around the world by giving those who are less fortunate an opportunity to have the everyday objects and a life full of support and love. Through my journey with Vinnies both inside and outside of school, I have gained confidence and skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.  I hope it will also inspire those who aren’t a part of this organisation to open their minds to the inspiring opportunities that Vinnies provides to all.

Priya Mahabeer

Year 11

Karibu Club

On 19 November, we travelled to the Graceville Memorial Park for our final Karibu event of the year.  With the biggest group all term, our afternoon consisted of a range of fun games such as pictionary and charades, all organised wonderfully by Trish and Vy Dinh.  This was followed by some delicious food brought by the Milpera girls, and scrumptious treats made by Mrs Jeffcoat.  Finally, we gave Miss Steph (from Milpera), a quilt we had made for her baby who will be arriving during the holidays.

Overall, our last session summed up how amazing the experience of Karibu Club has been this year and highlighted the positive attitudes shown by the girls towards each other.

On behalf of the club, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Jeffcoat, Ms Dunne, Mrs Sprenger and Miss Metzeling for helping run the programme and activities smoothly for everyone!

Heléna Oghanna

Year 10

Berlasco Court Visit

This term, several Year 10 students and I have been regularly visiting the Berlasco Court Caring Centre, a residential aged care facility committed to high standards of care with a particular focus on those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  Situated in Central Avenue, it is just a few minutes’ walk from Brigidine.  In the group of residents we have been visiting, many suffer from memory, confusion and cognitive decline.

We have spent an hour every Friday afternoon, chatting with the residents, talking about everything from our day at school to their life stories.  Visiting the centre and getting to know the lovely residents has been an incredibly rewarding and insightful experience.  Last Friday, we reflected on this experience and service opportunity:

Visiting Berlasco Court is always a pleasure because we get to know the elderly and their experiences from when they were young.

Charlotte Kemlo

Visiting Berlasco Court is a rewarding opportunity that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  I love being able to talk to the residents there, even if it is just about how their day is going.

Elana Partridge

Visiting Berlasco Court has been an experience that has allowed me to connect with elderly people who have very diverse backgrounds.  I have gained significant knowledge about the lives of the residents, many of whom have lived through historic events.

Lara Kenny

Last week, we were talking to a man who visits his wife at Berlasco every afternoon.  He was telling us how he met his beautiful Maria 60 years ago and how he immediately knew that she was the girl for him.  18 days later, they were married.  Now that is living history! It has been wonderful to get involved with the community and to be able to give back.  If you have the chance to get involved in something like this, do it! Thank you to Mr Beiers for arranging this experience and to Mrs Jeffcoat for accompanying us every week.

Zoe Tsibogiannis

Year 10

Remembrance Day

We sold poppies on the Convent Verandah leading up to Remembrance Day on 11 November.  This is a memorial day observed since the end of the First World War in 1918.  It remembers all those serving in the armed forces who have died in the line of duty.  The poppy was chosen as the symbol of Remembrance because poppies grew on the battlefields after the end of the war.

The money raised has gone to our local RSL.

Annie Bashford and Tiare Matapo

Year 11

Andrew Beiers and Fr Pan Jordan OP

Deputy Principal Mission & College Chaplain

Curriculum Matters


Curriculum Matters

As students finalise their learning and assessment this week, I would hope that they can take some time to reflect on their learning outcomes and achievements. Please remember to access the online feedback that is being provided in SEQTA Engage, after the marking and moderation of each assessment item is completed. Results for some tasks, for students in Year 7–10, may not be finalised until next week.

Student timetables are currently being finalised and will be available to students in SEQTA when they return to the College next year.

Semester 2 reports will be made available in SEQTA during the week beginning the 10 December. You will be notified by email when they are available. Year 11 Semester 2 reports will include a summary of Unit 2 assessment and results. As was outlined in an email last week, results for the Unit 3 IA1 tasks will be finalised at the start of Term 1, 2020.

I hope that all students can have a restful holiday and enjoy time with their families and friends. I look forward to the students returning to their new year levels next year.

Melissa Dever

Deputy Principal Curriculum

Pastoral News


Pastoral News

As I reflect on 2019, I’m delighted to recall many memorable and positive experiences for both teachers and students. Many examples come to mind of students who have grown in confidence and skill by taking opportunities, showing initiative and by trying things they have never done before. Many girls have demonstrated a wonderful example of embodying the values of the College and we are proud of their achievements.

On Thursday 28 November we welcomed an excited group of Year 6 students to their Orientation Day at Brigidine College. The aim of the day was to familiarise themselves with the significant people and places at the College and to meet each other. The day was spent both as a whole cohort of future Year 7s and at other times in House groups. The Year 9 students capably took on the role of Big Sister and supported the girls throughout the day. The College Captains, House Prefects and Middle Leaders are to be commended for the way in which they welcomed the students and assisted the teachers. This day was a good opportunity for our current students to demonstrate what it means to be a Brigidine young woman.

This term Brigidine College hosted a parenting program called Tune Into Teens. It was a very successful partnership between parents and the College, involving expert Canice Curtis who is a trained therapist in parenting and youth mental health programs. We will repeat the parenting information evening in early Term 1 and offer the Tune Into Teens Program again. Further details can be found on the flier in this newsletter. If you would like to develop your understanding about the experience of adolescence, or strengthen your relationship with your daughter, please consider this opportunity.

As we look ahead to 2020 and prepare to begin school in January, I would encourage all families to consider their uniform requirements. Many girls grow significantly from their beginnings in Year 7 and require a new tartan dress, as well as other items, during their time at the College. Please see the uniform requirements below and information about dress and hat repairs:

Emphasis is always on neatness, good grooming and wearing the school uniform with pride and dignity. Students are expected to wear the full College uniform, including hat, while travelling to and from school, while at school and when representing the College.
Formal College Day Uniform
  • College tartan dress with the College hat; OR
  • Tartan blouse with formal navy long pants or formal navy day shorts;
  • Navy College ankle socks with formal shorts/long pants;
  • College and House badges worn on the College tie (Green for Years 7-9, Navy for Years 10-12);
  • Black leather lace-up shoes with low heel (formal hard leather, cleaned and polished);
  • White College ankle-length day socks;
  • Green College woollen pullover, navy College stockings and green College scarf in cooler weather only;
  • Green College blazer worn between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day dates;
  • College school bag (backpack/carry bag/trolley bag) and College excursion bag.
  • At times, the College will participate in awareness and fundraising initiatives that may involve amendments to the uniform. These initiatives will be clearly identified, and the permitted time will be communicated.
  • College tartan dress must be worn at mid-calf length and be in good repair.
Physical Education or Sports Uniform
  • College sports skirt;
  • College sports collared shirt;
  • College bike pants;
  • White College ankle-length sports socks;
  • College sports cap or wide-brimmed hat (compulsory from 2021);
  • Joggers/sports shoes which support growing feet (Dunlop Volley, Converse and Vans are not appropriate);
  • College tracksuit in cooler weather only.
  • The College sports uniform must only be worn during Physical Education lessons, for interhouse carnivals and at other times during the year as directed, e.g. sports training.
  • The Brigidine College sporting uniform is to be worn by all students participating in representative College teams.
  • College sport kit bag may be used for the sports uniform or co-curricular needs.
  • The College ribbon, College tartan scrunchie or hair-toned (eg black/brown) hair ties are the only acceptable hair accessories.
  • Hair should be off the face and in a style that is conducive to classroom work, health and safety.
  • Hair that reaches the collar should be tied back.
  • No extremes in style, colour or cut are allowed.
  • All-over braiding and undercuts are not permitted.
  • Students who use hair dyes or colours that appear unnatural, or cuts that are extreme, will not be permitted to return to the College until the colour is removed or the cut is more acceptable.

and Adornments


Ÿ  One matching pair of ear sleepers/studs (no bigger than 3mm) worn in the lowest hole in the ear lobe only. These are to be plain gold or silver only.

Ÿ  A plain thin silver or gold neck chain adorned with a religious symbol (not visible outside the uniform).

Ÿ  A plain wristwatch.

Ÿ  Medical bracelets for students with severe allergies or conditions.

Not Permitted:

Ÿ    Helix earrings, nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue or other body piercings.

Ÿ  Tattoos.

Ÿ  Any other jewellery not specified above.

Ÿ  The wearing of badges, ribbons or wrist bands that support awareness and fundraising initiatives are only permitted during the time designated for supporting that cause and must be approved by the Deputy Principal Students.

  • No make-up is to be worn.
  • No facial accessories such as false eyelashes, glitter etc. are to be worn.
  • No fake tan to be used.
  • Nails should be neat and tidy and not hinder participation in activities at the College such as science experiments, music and sport.
  • Coloured, fake and French nails are not acceptable.
Uniform Repairs
  • Hats need to be in state that repair or clean is possible.
  • Clean costs $20.00
  • Repair costs $15.00
  • Dress fabric and length needs to be suitable for replacement collars/cuffs to be attached.
  • Collar $13.50 + replacement $15.00 = $28.50
  • Cuffs (set of 2) $11.00 + replacement $10.00 = $21.00
  • Any queries regarding all repairs for hats, dresses and blazers can be directed to Brigid’s Cloak Uniform Shop at any time of the year. Ph: 3002 0624

The eSafety Commissioner has published a Gift Guide about how to be smart and secure when choosing tech gifts for young people this Christmas season. The Guide helps inform parents and carers about what to look out for with tech gifts and provides practical advice on how to stay safe, including setting strong passwords, turning off location settings and limiting the amount of personal information shared. Parents can check the safety of popular tech gifts like drones, smart toys, smartphones and tablets before making purchases.

I wish all families a happy, restful and safe Christmas break and I will enjoy seeing your daughters again at the start of the new school year.

Melinda Egan

Acting Deputy Principal Pastoral

Silver Rose Sibling Photos 2020

Brigidine Whole School Photo Order

Year 9 Wellbeing


Year 9 Wellbeing

Year 9 Tie Ceremony

It was my privilege to host the Year 9 Tie Ceremony on 20 November to mark the transition from the Middle School to the Senior School. 2019 has been a year of significant growth for our Year 9 students who have worked to support each other in forming deeper connections and unite as a cohort.

We celebrated the Tie Ceremony with many parents, family members and friends which was a testament to the importance of this transition for the Year 9 students. The Year 9s were able to hear from Ms Berni Sligar (Program Leader Middle Years) and John Crawford (Program Leader Senior Years) who both provided encouraging messages to students to continue their growth mindset in 2020. In addition, the Year 9 students were welcomed into the Senior School by 2020 College Captain Abbey Cook and a reflection by Year 10 student, Rosie Pope was also made to share her top tips to remember as they transition into Year 10.

I would like to thank all those involved in the Tie Ceremony including Father Pan who blessed the ties for the Year 9s. The Year 9 students walked away not only with their tie, but also a symbol of their time together as a cohort in Year 9 in the form of bottle of coloured rice. Earlier in the year, students made rice mandalas representative of the many qualities that are shared amongst the group. This token is a reminder to the Year 9 students of how far they have come and what they have achieved in the Middle School. We cannot wait to see what legacy they create in the Senior School.

Nidean Dickson

Year 9 Wellbeing Program Leader


The Arts


The Arts

On Tuesday 26 November, the Year 9 and 10 Music and Dance students showcased a range of choreography, performance and composition works to an audience of parents and friends. The students were able to consolidate their learning from throughout the year and showcase their hard work. All students who presented on the night are to be commended. It was a wonderful opportunity for the community to see the fantastic work which has been going on in the Arts Department this year. A big thank you to the teachers, Mrs Dani Sprenger, Ms Melissa Armsden and Mrs Angela North for preparing the students for this event.

We are looking forward to another exciting year in 2020. May you all have a happy and holy Christmas.

Korryn Swindail-Hill

Curriculum Leader Arts


Humanities Dept News


Humanities Dept News

Australian History & Geography Competition

The Humanities is an important subject which develops a student’s understanding of interrelationships between people, place and time.  It helps them appreciate the complex nature of local and global interactions and provides vital knowledge and skills in preparation for life beyond school.

This year, a selection of Humanities classes across Years 8 to 11 participated in competitions testing their History and Geography skills and knowledge against students from all around Australia.  Over 73,500 students from around 800 schools across Australia entered either the History or Geography competitions.  We are very pleased with how the students have performed, particularly those who achieved to a distinction and high distinction for their efforts.  These results give us an external benchmark as to how our students are going in certain aspects of Humanities.

The Humanities team would like to congratulate all students who participated in these competitions.

Year 8 Geography Competition – Credit

Olivia Browne
Lily Donaldson
Ellie Durnford
Charlotte Hoger
Hayley Jones
Michelle Lefevre
April Le Tran
Eva Mizrahi
Andrea Yeo

Year 8 Geography Competition – Distinction

Lucinda Alexander
Amy Frazer
Georgia Frizzell
Jaymie Goss
Ailsa Kilpatrick
Shalimar Rodgers

Year 8 Geography Competition – High Distinction

Paloma Araos-Williams
Alice Fiorini


Year 9 History Competition – Merit

Billie Bartley
Isabella Barwick
Madison Ellice
Claudia Pilgrim

Year 9 History Competition – Credit

Rebecca Bradshaw
Cate Brown
Charlotte Cattell
Abby Connolly
Charlotte Smith
Wishmi Kahawatta
Ella Watney
Fumiko Weekes

Year 9 History Competition – Distinction

Ameya Jaurigue
Olivia Seiler


Year 10 Geography Competition – Credit

Katie Chandler
Ella Duffield
Zara Foley
Kyra Gardner
Jade Griffiths
Shelby Jaimon
Ella John
Gabrielle Lazorka
Elana Partridge
Sophie Peters
Stephanie Ramm
Amity Scarth
Ashlee Wataman

Year 10 Geography Competition – Distinction

Rebecca Foun
Halle Frazer
Alexis Hosking
Sophia Lush
Rosalie Pope
Piper Snell
Sierra Solomon
Ashley Venables
Lane Wesson
Maddison Worthington

Year 10 Geography Competition – High Distinction

Ashleigh Gordon
Abbey Steel
Zoe Tsibogiannis

Year 10 History Competition – Merit

Imogen Bradshaw
Caitlin Browne
Sophia Burbank
India Clements
Laura Clements
Anna Constantine
Ava Devitt
Vy Vy Dinh
Zaria Fetineiai
Emily Fonseka
Jade Griffiths
Madeleine Harris
Angela Huang
Lara Kenny
Ellen Kovac
Kristina Ly
Mackenzie Newberry
Grace Oghanna
Heléna Oghanna
Isobel Peters
Sophie Peters
Amity Scarth
Sierra Solomon
Ashley Venables
Ashlee Wataman
Lane Wesson
Maddison Worthington

Year 10 History Competition – Credit

Lisha Chandra
Zara Foley
Halle Frazer
Ashleigh Gordon
Alexis Hosking
Annabelle Irwin
India Pennington
Rosalie Pope
Stephanie Ramm
Trinity Schossow
Abbey Steel

Year 10 History Competition – Distinction

Ella John
Mia Nguyen
Kaitlyn Perry
Zoe Tsibogiannis


Year 11 Geography Competition – Distinction

Emily Dewar

Year 11 Geography Competition – High Distinction

Lily McMonagle


7C Liveable City Fieldwork

As a cohort, the Year 7s engaged in field work as part of their final assessment item, where they assessed the liveability of the Indooroopilly area. As part of this process, students went on a field excursion, in which they observed many facets of liveability in the immediate Indooroopilly area. To further their knowledge and understanding of the topic, students also completed in-depth research, allowing them to understand the needs and wants of the people in the area, and whether these are being met with the resources provided.

To consolidate their learning, students have been working in small groups to create the most liveable city in the world. As part of this task, students were required to draw on their understanding of the different demographics living together, as well as utilise the key liveability elements in an attempt to ensure all needs and wants of the many demographics are met. Prior to creating their city, students dedicated time to planning. During the planning stages, students worked together to identify the key priorities for their cities (safety, education, transport, housing, infrastructure, recreation) and explore how these priorities could be integrated into the city through their choice of resources.

Students tapped into their creative side to sketch their ultimate city, utilising scales, legends, and titles to ensure their city met the requirements of all those living in their created city, along with some minor annotations to explain their choices. Students are now using the application Minecraft to bring their vision of a liveable city to life.

Domenica Strachan

Curriculum Leader Humanities (Acting)

RE Department News


RE Department News

Year 11 Religion & Ethics: Term 4 Reflection

Year 11 Religion & Ethics students have this term been studying how social justice issues invoke a religious and ethical response.

The key concepts and ideas for this study were:

  • There are inequalities in the world and vast differences between the very poor and the very rich;
  • Religions provide a framework for examining such inequality; and
  • Social justice issues have always invoked religious and ethical responses.

For their assessment students were required to plan, produce and appraise an original children’s book, website, short film or board game that clarifies their understanding of one of the following social justice issues: Homelessness, Poverty, Refugees, Slave labour, Social exclusion or Environmental concerns.

The girls’ efforts to educate young children on difficult and confronting current social issues, such as social exclusion of refugees and due to poverty, homeless war veterans, plastic pollution in the ocean, deforestation, coral bleaching, unfair trade, was impressively creative and inspiring! 11B’s projects ranged from picture books to mini books, a hand-drawn colouring story book, a ‘Where’s Wally” type picture book, a snake and ladders boardgame, a website and a mini “7Up” type documentary!

We have shared the girls’ projects with the students of Holy Family Primary School.  Here are reports from two of our students:

For Topic 1 of Unit 3, the Religion & Ethics students have been learning about the many social justice issues prevalent in today’s society. To reflect on these, we were called to produce a project in response to a chosen social justice issue including: homelessness, poverty, social exclusion, environmental concerns and slave labour. We were able to plan, produce and appraise a children’s book, website, short film or board game that would then be pitched to an educational board of directors.

Created in the form of a children’s book, I chose to address the stigma of homelessness: discounting the concept that homelessness is a desired choice of the individual. Overall, this experience was very eye-opening; my own prejudices surrounding the issue of homelessness were challenged as I began to understand how the situation, and its stigma, is detrimental to the wellbeing of each affected individual. Also, as part of this process, our projects were shared with the Holy Family students. As we each read, played or displayed our projects, each student was enlightened and made mature responses to each topic addressed. Easily, I can admit that presenting our projects were inspiring to our audience but also allowed the Year 11s to discover a growing passion for advocating social justice.

Grace Pye

Throughout Term 4, the Year 11 Religion and Ethics classes were given the task to individually create a project reflecting a social justice issue impacting the world, in order to inform primary school kids. The project reflected the criteria of seeing the issue, judging the issue and acting upon the issue in order to reiterate the concept of social reform. All three classes were able to visit the students at Holy Family Primary School to showcase our projects and educate children about the effects of the prominent social justice issues in our surrounding community. With projects such as card games, board games, children’s books and short films, the children were able to engage with the learning of issues and were informed about how they can contribute to social reform. They were excited to engage in the projects, the children got involved, reflecting and discussing amongst themselves how they can help reform society and what they already do to contribute to social reform. With many challenges presented in each project, the kids took it in their stride and continued with the activities to learn more about how when they see the issue, they can judge the issue and act upon the issue.

The Year 11 Religion and Ethics cohort had an amazing time showcasing our projects to the primary school students, and it was a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in a new environment to educate a new audience about the issues of social justice.

Lucy Rolph 

Jeni Emblem

RE Teacher

Year 7 bring the Spirit of Advent to Brigidine

Advent is a special time of preparation in the Church community as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This year, Year 7 students continued the tradition of creating an Advent calendar for another student in their class.  Calendars were exchanged on Thursday and you can see for yourself the creativity, generosity and joy shared as the year draws to an end.

Nicole Kapernick

RE Teacher

Over the past week, Year 7A have been exploring different versions of the Christmas story.  The class studied the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, as well as a new article which described what life would have been like at the time of Jesus’ birth.  The class broke into groups to make a video based on the stories they have read.  Here is one of the videos made by the class.

Merry Christmas from 7A!

Christina Ong

RE Teacher

Science News


Science News

Science – a look back at the year

2019 has been a great year for the Science Department.  With a dedicated Science teaching team coupled with an enthusiastic student team (over 100 Science Representatives and Ambassadors across Years 7-12) we have held a wide range of events.    I would like to thank the Science teaching and student teams for their great work and support this year.

Science Club included such events as:

  • Making slime and sherbet
  • Designing and making boats to carry the most weight
  • Building the tallest tower out of marshmallows
  • Constructing the best catapult
  • The chemistry of Liquid Nitrogen (see report later in this article)

Science Week

  • Giant jumping castle/obstacle course
  • Paper plane competition
  • Science trivia
  • Year 8 workshop with Geckoes Wildlife
  • Year 9 workshop with Dr Rob
  • Year 10 workshop with Street Science
  • Variety of workshops by the University of Queensland

Other Workshops – held in Science Week and other times in the year included:

  • Mathematics around bridge design and structure
  • Making a prosthetic limb
  • Collecting and investigating bacteria
  • Rocket making
  • Moving into Senior Science
  • Antibiotics and the use of silver
  • The chemistry of chocolate
  • Chemistry of enzymes

Excursions, competitions and other extension events:

  • Year 12 workshop on DNA and fighting bacterial diseases held at the QIMR (Queensland Institute of Medical Research)
  • Year 7 excursion to Lone Pine to study the adaptations of animals and how they can assist in their survival
  • Year 9 and 10 Science Engineering Team competed at the University of Queensland
  • Year 10 students participate in and several reached the State Finals of the Brain Bee Competition held at the Brain Institute
  • Year 7 – a team competition in the Green Heart Schools Future BNE Challenge 2019
  • We have had students nominate and be accepted to attend a range of other extension events including:
  • Forensic camp in Armidale for Year 8
  • ConocoPhillips Science experience for Year 9 and 10
  • QUT STEM camp for Year 11
  • FEAST at Gatton for Year 11 and 12
  • Engineering Link for Years 10, 11 and 12
  • Junior Physics odyssey (formerly Olympiads) for Years 9 and 10

Work with Primary Schools and Science Shows/Displays

  • Full day bus tour where our Science Reps ran a range of workshops with primary students from several schools
  • Class visits from Holy Family
  • Holy Family participating in various events during our Science week
  • Science displays and demo by Science Reps and Ambassadors – for College Twilight and Visitors mornings

Science in the Classroom

Liquid Nitrogen Show

The liquid Nitrogen show was extremely successful and very entertaining. We were so excited to have Dr Rob from Scope come in to share with us the wonders of liquid nitrogen. We were able to witness the effects of this liquefied element on a multitude of objects, including lettuce, a rubber ball and other organic materials. A few lucky girls got to experience feeling the nitrogen, which was poured over their heads and on their hands. Throughout the show we were entertained with both awesome stunts and in depth explanations of the processes we were witnessing. To top it all off, the show finished with Dr Rob making the smoothest ice-cream using the nitrogen, which was quickly devoured by the audience!

Report by Claire Formby Year 8

Year 8 science has finished with a bang. Last week we had our science exam on Body Systems. Leading up to our exam we did many fun activities including designing a model of a heart plus dissecting a sheep’s heart. We all got our own sheep’s heart and opened it up to see inside. It was amazing and so cool! Later our teacher dissected a pluck and we could view the respiratory system including how the lungs, and diaphragm work.

A part of our revision we designed, built and played games covering all the body systems.

Year 9 Science

To tie up their Physics unit the Year 9 students have been designing and building a solar powered car.  Using small household items such as bottle tops and plastic take away containers the solar cars have zigged and zagged across the campus.

Science Cartoons – Great work this month by Ava Southgate Year 11 Science Ambassador – Ava has refreshed our Science notice board with a range of Science cartoons.  Make sure you check it out.   Well done Ava.

Have a wonderful Christmas.  See you in 2020.

Yours in Science.

Debra Guthrie

Curriculum Leader Science

Damien House News


Damien House News

The close of 2019 saw Damien House gather for the final liturgy and the farewell for Year 12 students. It was a pleasure to hear the reflections from the 2019 Damien House Prefects who shared their gratitude and pride in Damien House for making 2019 a year of spirit. It was during this time that the leadership of Damien House was also symbolically handed to 2020 Damien House Prefects, Laura Davis and Ella McHugh.

Laura and Ella assisted in leading the farewell for the Damien House Seniors. The seniors were reminded that everything is achievable by their Home Room teachers, were taken back through the years in a photo montage and were gifted with their traditional capes to remind them of their time at Brigidine College. It was a privilege watching this small group of seniors lead in 2019.

Looking forward to 2020, Damien House will focus on the theme: soar. I would like to thank all the staff and students of Damien House this year for their consistent dedication and commitment to fulfilling the values of Damien House. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday.


Nidean Dickson

Pastoral Leader Damien House


Peer Mentors’ Update


Peer Mentors’ Update

Peer Mentor Training

I have had the privilege of attending the Peer Mentor training workshop alongside 17 other Year 10s in preparation for our role in 2020. During the workshop, I learnt many new valuable skills including the types of questions to ask, how to be an active listener, the use of body language, how to handle tough situations, confidentiality and self-care. We also focused on the acronym ‘POOCH’, which stands for Problem, Options, Outcome, Choice and How did it go. This was a very helpful technique that I will use in the future.

Overall, the 2-day camp was heaps of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I feel so much closer to the other Peer Mentors in my year group and loved getting to know them in a different environment. Moreover, I enjoyed learning so many new and valuable skills. We are all very excited to begin our role as Peer Mentors for 2020 and look forward to using our skills, getting involved in the school community and helping others. On behalf of all the new Peer Mentors, I would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Power, Miss Whitney and Miss Metzeling for assisting us in stepping into the new role.

Madeleine Harris

Year 10

Mrs Allison Power, Ms Shannon Metzeling & Ms Jordan Whitney


Brigid’s Cloak


Brigid’s Cloak

Monitor Online

Brigid’s Cloak Roster 2020




Monday 27 January

Tuesday 28 January

Wednesday 29 January

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 30 January

Kerry O’Reilly Karen Donelan

Friday 31 January

Nicola Foley

Monday 3 February

Rebecca Seagg

Tuesday 4 February

Wednesday 5 February

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 6 February

Chinh Dinh

Kieu Thi

Friday 7 February

Diane Frazer

Anne Scott and Janice Bridley

Brigid’s Cloak Coconvenors

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like …

Support our local businesses

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like to register your own business and have it showcased regularly to our community, please register here.

Shelter Architects & Planners Pty Ltd

  • Building & Pest Inspection Reports
  • Independent & Expert Witness Reports
  • Pest Management & Treatment

Contact Markus via email:

Or Phone: 0434 631 555


DESIGN+CREATE – For All Your Branding Needs

Design+Create is a one-stop-shop, making it easy for our clients to source all of their graphic design, printing and promotional products needs with ease.

We are a full service graphic design, printing and promotional product company with in-house design, quality printing solutions, and thousands of promotional products to choose from.


The Bathroom Biz

Bathroom renovations Brisbane are our specialty and as a small, family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on giving our customers highly personalised and professional service.

Satisfied customers tell us that we are easy to work with – consistently reliable, punctual and friendly. They also tell us that we achieve great results – bathrooms that are lovely to look at and easy to use…perhaps that’s because we really enjoy what we do.

Visit our showroom for ideas, advice and inspiration. Conveniently located at Sumner Park, our showroom offers you a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of quality fittings for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry – all at competitive prices.

Alder Constructions

Alder Constructions vast experience in all aspects of civil, infrastructure and building construction allows us to exceed expectations on even the most technically and logistically complex projects.  We promote a culture of honesty, integrity, innovation and performance which translates to the achievement of outstanding projects and positive client experiences.






Foundations Tax & Accounting Pty Ltd

Foundations Tax & Accounting offers a wide range of financial services including (but not limited to) income tax and business advice for individuals or small business enterprises.


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The Curragh Café


The Curragh Café

Monitor Online

Menu from Term 1 2019

Curragh Cafe Menu and Roster

Monday 27 January Australia Day Pubic Holiday
Tuesday 28 January College Closed
Wednesday 29 January
Thursday 30 January
Friday 31 January
Monday 3 February Kerry O’Reilly
Tuesday 4 February Sarah Wingate
Wednesday 5 February Jenny Crowhurst
Thursday 6 February Nikki Takashima
Friday 7 February Rachel Harm

Judy Thannhauser and Janelle Prouatt

Curragh Café Coconvenors

Date Claimers


Date Claimers

13 December College Office closes
13 January 2020 College Office opens
27 January Australia Day Public Holiday
29 January All students (Year 7-12) commence Term 1
31 January College Photo Day
1 February Water Polo resumes
2-4 February Year 12 Retreat
6 February Interhouse Swimming Carnival
7 February Opening Mass


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