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From the Principal’s Desk


From the Principal’s Desk


Strength and Gentleness flourish when we celebrate our own Human Dignity and acknowledge our own vulnerability.
I am strong when I stop and experience my own weakness.Being at home within myself and owning my own humanness is strength.
I am gentle when I can let God be God in my own life and in the life of another.
Strength and Gentleness come alive when I grace others into wholeness.

Visit by Kildare Ministries

Brigidine College was proud to host the gathering of representatives from each school that together makes up Kildare Ministries. Following their arrival, tour and lunch, the Trustees, Principals and Faith Leaders were led in Eucharist by Fr Michael Trainor. It was wonderful to gather in Indooroopilly as the College continues to celebrate its 90th Anniversary.

Retreat:  Trustees, Principals and Faith Leaders

With the Kildare Ministries Retreat for Principals and Faith Leaders held in Brisbane for the first time, three days was spent with Trustees and fellow leaders deepening our understanding of Mark’s Gospel and the implications of these sacred words for ourselves our schools and Kildare Ministries.

Whilst in its sixth year, Kildare Ministries is still growing into its identity, evolving out of the charisms of the Brigidine and Presentation sisters. We continue to answer the question – how will we be known? This year, with the ministries and schools beginning to work with the Living Justice Charter, the framing of this question has gained greater clarity.

One of the key elements of these days has been considerations of the importance of returning to the scriptures for our inspiration. Mark was writing for a community that was living in uncertain times in terms of the practice of faith for the early Christians. Many parallels can be drawn with the Church in Australia today.

In the simplest of terms, Mark is calling us to a ‘metanoia’, a conversion, a change of attitude and to share the good news, not the bad news which so often we find fills our conversations. In our answer to this call, we are invited to be people who build right relationships, walk in solidarity and welcome without prejudice. These actions illustrated in the stories of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel are about restoring to wholeness. Restoring individuals to wholeness, restoring creation to its divine pattern, restoring individuals to community and community as a whole. There is a sense of being ‘gathered up’ into the love of God. This is how we need to be known as Kildare Ministries. In each of these examples, relationship with self, others, creation and God are where God’s loving action is at work.

Just as Jesus had those who questioned him, so too will we. This questioning is a space for us to grow in courage, confidence and greater conviction of our work in living and proclaiming the good news. This time together, with faith-filled Leaders and our Trustees, has been a privileged space to grow, learn, discern and draw strength from the commitment to animate the Kildare Ministries vision as a collective group.

Brigidine College – Student Options

Over the past few weeks the College has begun to prepare the subject choices and timetables for 2020. Many ideas and discussions are being held with students and families regarding the range of options available to students. This can be a challenging time for many young people as they consider how choice might impact into the future. As the discussions are held for students in Years 8, 9 and 10, it is also a wonderful opportunity to reflect and consider strengths, subject enjoyment and post school options.

“Good schools give their students roots and wings.” Jonas Salk, (Medical researcher)

As a learning community, Brigidine College provides a safe environment where our students can grow and learn and prepare them for the future opportunities post school. So how do we provide the roots and wings?  Our students develop a sense of belonging, where they can grow and become strong and develop strong roots, to not only remain grounded and realistic, but provide the strength and support for the person to flourish. At first, when seeds are first planted, you don’t see much progress for some time. The seeds send down their roots into the soil first, long before the tiny shoots appear above ground.

We learn to be patient and trust in the natural process.

Roots serve two purposes: they give the plant stability, by going deep and holding it to the ground. They also provide nourishment through the water and minerals that are drawn in.

Just as plants draw water and other nutrients from the soil to support their growth, our students depend on us, school and families, for their nurturing. Our words of encouragement and appreciation, our guidance, and especially our love – these are the nourishment they receive from us.

Where do wings come into play? As our students prepare for the time when they will leave the security of school our job is to be sure that they have the skills necessary to succeed in the world and the self-confidence to take that giant leap out the door when their time comes.

This comes with practice. As we give our students responsibilities and gently support them as they are learning, they will also learn to believe in themselves. Confidence also comes from the ability to make decisions and our students have many opportunities to make their own choices.

As a school community, when we do our job well – when we help our students develop strong wings – yes, they will fly away. But if the roots are strong enough, they will always fly back to us – not to stay, but to share with us the incredible things they are discovering and creating in their own lives.

Planning 2020

As the College begins to plan for 2020, there are several very important factors that will be taken into consideration. These include:

  • New Senior Assessment and Reporting programs 2019
  • Curriculum initiatives for 2020
  • Student Leadership opportunities
  • Master Plan – Building construction 2020 / Ongoing Development 2020 – 2021

Principal’s Notes

Over the past few weeks there have been many activities and opportunities for the girls to shine. These include:

  • “Where Dreams Begin” – 90th Anniversary Arts production
  • Year 10 SET Plan interviews
  • Year 9 Senior Scholarship Interviews
  • Mighty 90 Fund Raising Event
  • Musicians and Choirs competing in the Queensland Catholic College’s Music Festival
  • Science Week activities
  • Soccer and Hockey Team Premiers – CaSSSA Competition
  • Water Polo Trials 2019 – 2020 Season
  • CaSSSA – Track and Field Carnival held 19 August 2019

CaSSSA Cup Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to the Athletics Squad who represented the College with distinction last Monday. The College was particularly proud of their efforts as they continue to engage positively and improve their performances and placings.  With a fifth overall and third in the Percentage Trophy, the athletes continue to improve their results each year. The girls made every effort to do their best with some outstanding individual achievements. I would also like to acknowledge the time and commitment to our College by Ms Laura David (Sports Director) and her team of coaches and officials, who supported and guided our athletes to their ‘personal best.’

Year 7 2020 Parent Welcome / Information Evening

All new parents with girls beginning in Year 7 2020 gathered to share in information regarding Orientation and transition to high school for next year. With a true sense of anticipation and excitement, details regarding learning options, transport, uniforms, textbooks, laptops and other details have been provided.

Parents and Friends’ Association

I encourage all parents to purchase the final tickets for the 90th Anniversary Gala Ball to be held on Saturday 7 September at Brisbane City Hall.  This once in a decade event for the College will be a fantastic opportunity for our College, Alumni, families and supporters of the College to gather for a glittering event.

I also encourage our fathers to attend the Dads and Daughters’ Evening on 30 August at Holy Family Primary School Hall. This is a fantastic event with lots of interactive fun and joining in together.

College Events

With so many events and activities occurring now, it is difficult to keep up with the energy and enthusiasm of so many students, their staff and parents. Thank you to everyone who is not only contributing to the enhanced learning opportunities but also the wonderful expressions of community spirit these activities celebrate.

God Bless.


A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn

Brendan Cahill




ACARA Student Background Data Collection

Student Background Data is collected annually by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).   ACARA advises parents that they have requested Brigidine College provide them with information about you and your child.  Brigidine College may disclose to ACARA information such as your child’s gender, date of birth, country of birth, background language, residential address, parental occupation and parental education. This information is disclosed to ACARA under the ACARA Act 2008 for one or both of the following purposes:

  • formulating national reports consisting of aggregated data on school performance; and
  • assisting government to formulate policies in relation to education matters.

ACARA will not disclose this personal information to any third party. If you do not want Brigidine College to provide this information to ACARA, please advise us within seven (7) days of receiving this notice.

Further information about ACARA can be obtained from the ACARA website.

RSVP online by clicking here

Scarecrow Competition

Don’t Miss Out!

Enrol now if you have a daughter who is currently in Year 4 or 5.  It is time to secure an enrolment pack and make an application for Year 7 2021 or 2022.  Apply here

Information on Southern Cross chartered bus services for students in Brigidine College and Ambrose Treacy College can be found here:

Mission News


Mission News

This week is Migrant and Refugee Sunday

Dominican priest, Fr Pan, has added his voice to calls for fair process for asylum seekers and their families, after a Tamil man was deported from Australia and then arrested in Sri Lanka.

“This is calculated cruelty. It contravenes the basic right of the family,” Fr Pan Jordan, who works closely with Brisbane’s Tamil community, said.

The Australian Bishops remind us, “A wealthy country with a robust rule of law and multicultural tolerance, Australia is an attractive place to live and to find peace and security. It is no surprise that courageous and resourceful people fleeing persecution anywhere in the world would be happy to make a home here – just as they did after the wars in Europe and in southeast Asia.” Statement from ACBC President, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, 2019.

“It is not a way to treat people – separating children from their family. It is contrary to our Catholic values,” Fr Pan said.  “Our Catholic teaching is very clear that families should be united, not separated. A child has to grow in the presence of father and mother.  “In this case, this 30-year-old man has no way of being reunited with his wife and child. It is absolutely cruel policy.”

Frustrated: Dominican Father Pan Jordan


The mother of the sons of Zebedee desired greatness for her sons, wishing that they could both occupy the top places in Jesus’ kingdom. She was yearning for recognition on their part, but Jesus points out that true greatness is to be expressed by a deep humility and a willingness to serve.

Lord, help me to have a humble and caring attitude towards all the people you put in my path and to recognise your loving presence in them. I pray for the grace to give of my time without the anticipation of receiving something in return, confident that I will receive my real reward in your heavenly kingdom.

Fr Pan Jordan OP



Andrew Beiers

Deputy Principal Mission




Curriculum Matters


Curriculum Matters

QCS Test

The 2019 Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test will be completed by the Year 12s on Tuesday 3 September and Wednesday 4 September. The QCAA have produced QCS Test: A guide for parents and carers, that you may want to read. You can also view some of the sample questions that draw on assumed mathematical knowledge. This will give you an insight into some of the types of questions that the students will respond to next week.

Students are recommended to be at school by 8.00am on each day. They will be meeting in the Erin Rooms at 8.15am. Students will be dismissed between 2.30pm and 3.00pm each day. Students who are OP-ineligible, and not sitting the QCS test, are expected to be at school each day. This is an opportunity for them to work on assessment and their Certificate courses. They will be required to go to Home Room and then report to the Study in the library for Period 1 each day. Students who study English Communication and Prevocational Mathematics will go to their usual class for these lessons.

All students have received a document from QCAA, which outlines the Instructions to Students. Please be aware if your daughter is ill on the day of QCS and is OP-eligible she must go to the doctor to get a medical certificate. Medical certificates must provide details of the medical condition (e.g. chicken pox) and must not simply say ‘a medical condition’. This information is outlined on page 2 (No. 28) on the Instructions to Students document. Please also contact the College and leave a message with me.

The students have been well-prepared for the QCS and I know that they will do their best. Students are reminded of the importance of ensuring that they have a quiet weekend, prior to the test, with plenty of rest. A good night’s sleep before each test, as well as healthy meals during this time is essential for the students to perform at their best. We wish the girls all the best for the tests.

Year 10 SET Plans

This week all Year 10 students and many parents have participated in SET Plan interviews. It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet with many of you and listen to your daughters’ career interests and aspirations. I would particularly like to thank Mr Crawford, Mrs Page and the Year 10 Wellbeing teachers who have assisted to ensure that the students have been well prepared for their interviews.

Through the interview process, some students have been asked to reconsider their subject choices. If students do decide to make any changes they will need to go to their Web Preferences Online, to make the changes. The web preferences must be electronically signed by the student and at least one parent. This must be completed by by 9.00am on Wednesday 28 August.

QCAA Preparing Students for External Assessment in 2020

The introduction of external assessment in General subjects is a key feature of the new QCE system. To give school communities a sense of what external assessment will be like, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has published sample papers on its website at: They are located on the Assessment tab on each syllabus page.

We will incorporate these sample resources in our teaching and learning program to help our students prepare for next year. In the meantime, students and parents are encouraged to view the sample papers.

An information sheet for parents and students is also available on the QCAA website.

Melissa Dever

Deputy Principal Curriculum

Pastoral News


Pastoral News


This year, in the Wellbeing Program, the Year 11 cohort has focused on student leadership in the Brigidine context. When discussing student leadership in schools, we focus on the approach of servant leadership. At Brigidine, we develop leaders who strive to build positive relationships, shape identity and beliefs of the group, and inspire others with their values-driven leadership.

A Brigidine leader models herself on St Brigid, a woman of vision and courage, who actively challenged the social, political and cultural structures of her time. Leaders embody the quality of Fortiter (Strength) from the College motto. This may show in her strength academically, spiritually, culturally, sporting, as well as community involvement. A Brigidine leader is a resilient young woman. Leaders also embody the quality of Suaviter (Gentleness) from the College motto. She may be an outstanding motivator who encourages her peers to achieve to their potential. Her optimism, consistent application and courteous approach to everything she does, makes her a true Brigidine Leader. She is gentle but just.

We wish the Year 11s well as they progress through the leadership process at this stage of the year. All Captains, Ambassadors and Prefects will be announced by the end of Term 3. There will be a transition process in Term 4, where the current Year 12 leaders will mentor the incoming Year 11 leaders, and they will work alongside each other as the school year concludes.

There are many opportunities for leadership at the College, not only in elected roles. Many of the Year 11 and 12 students showed strong leadership skills as they prepared for the Mighty 90 Community Event. As a College community, the value we place on developing leadership through Student Voice, which is particularly fostered in Houses, Home Room, the Wellbeing Program, service and cocurricular opportunities. We encourage all students to engage with these programs to enhance their experience and connect with others at the College.

Melinda Egan

Acting Deputy Principal Pastoral



Asst Principal Professional Teaching & Learning


Asst Principal Professional Teaching & Learning



Careers with a Difference: Choose Neuroscience

Brigidine College recently hosted an afternoon of presentations from engaging neuroscientists from the Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland.  Neuroscience is a domain many students don’t know much about, yet the need for researchers is growing.  A number of high schools from around Brisbane also attended the evening, promoting our interconnectedness and mutual interest, sharing our resources with the community.  Here is a report from Vy Dinh and Trish Dinh (Academic Ambassadors) together with Vy Vy Dinh 10 FO5:

On Tuesday , senior students from many high schools across Brisbane joined Brigidine students to attend a “Careers with a Difference: Choose Neuroscience” presentation organised by the University of Queensland and the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI).  During this session, four QBI researchers shared their experiences and career paths to encourage the next generation of neuroscientists.

Although the four researchers’ careers revolve around neuroscience, each engaged in unique research projects that were multidisciplinary and encompassed knowledge from other sciences including Biology, Psychology and Chemistry.  Not only did the speakers shed light on the versatility of neuroscience in the job market, but also the positive impact neuroscientists have in modern society.  From our enhanced understanding of the importance of sleep to developing effective treatments for schizophrenia, this presentation opened our eyes to the myriad of possibilities that a career in neuroscience offers.

We are glad to have attended the presentation and recommend all senior students who have an interest in science, research and health, to join in these events when the opportunity arises.  It opens doors and presents a future where we can make a difference.

Allison Johansen
(Acting) Assistant Principal Professional Teaching & Learning

Arts Captain’s Report


Arts Captain’s Report

We are halfway through the year and what a year it has already been. Many cultural groups have competed against other schools at eisteddfods and Queensland Catholic Music Festival (QCMF), their outstanding performances receiving wonderful results.  All troupes and ensembles are extremely proud of these results and should continue working hard for the remainder of the year as we prepare for the annual Awards and Acknowledgement and Spiritus Awards evenings. While the Drama clubs have not taken part in any eisteddfods, they are practicing for their upcoming Drama nights this term.

A number of groups performed at the QCMF Competition including College Choir, Woodwind Ensemble, String Ensemble, Junior Choir and Percussion Ensemble receiving Silver awards. Even more impressive were Cantare who put on an entertaining and vocally incredible performance resulting in a Gold award. These are outstanding results and our performers should be justly proud of themselves and their group as a whole.

The 90th Anniversary production of Where Dreams Begin was an overwhelming success, showcasing over 200 students with an audience of over 1000. From the start of Term 2, there have been numerous weekday and Sunday rehearsals. It was incredible to see so many girls fully committed to these practice sessions in order to represent the College in a positive way. The evening showcased the Arts in many ways ranging from drama to dance to music; everyone came together and made it a night to remember.

Some of our cocurricular cultural performers have written about their Where Dreams Begin experiences: 

“Where Dreams begin was a life changing experience, I had the chance to perform in front of a large and supportive audience. Although the rehearsals were long and a lot of hard work had to be put in, we truly had the time of our lives and enjoyed ourselves like never before. I am so grateful to the amazing staff who made the night possible and all the girls who participated. Only positive comments were made afterwards, and the audience really enjoyed the show.”  Mili Poenitz, Year 11.

“Where Dreams Begin was such an amazing opportunity to interact with like-minded people, showcase our hard work and perform in front of our families and friends. I really enjoyed learning new things and meeting new people.” Sami Lane, Year 9.

“It was an absolute honour to perform alongside some of the most talented people and see a Tesla in real life! The whole production was so well put together and very enjoyable to be a part of.” Abbey Cook, Year 11.

“I loved being a part of Where Dreams begin as I had the opportunity to work with such amazing girls in the Arts Department, as well as the tutors and teachers.” Elise Duval, Year 10.

“Where Dreams Begin was a great experience that I will never forget. It gave me the opportunity to engage with other girls across the year levels who are in different cultural groups. It was a fantastic way to showcase all the girls and their many talents.” Olivia Bosci, Year 12.

Imogen Agnew

Arts Captain

The Arts


The Arts

QUT Creative Industries in Term 3 2019


Cultural Communication


Cultural Communication

Where Dreams Begin

On Saturday 10 August, our students took to the stage at the Piazza, Southbank, in the College’s 90th Anniversary production, “Where Dreams Begin”.  With a cast of 235 students, over 600 pieces of costume, 25 College staff members, student backstage crew, lighting, sound, visuals and stage, the scene was set for an incredible evening’s entertainment.  Our MC for the evening, Mr Terry Hansen, took us “back in time” with Brigid (Cate Brown) to tell the story of where Brigidine College began and, using music, dance, singing and action, we witnessed all the energy and colour of our performers.

It was my pleasure to be the Director of such a fantastic event.  Congratulations to all the performers and thank you to all the staff and tutors who work with the girls each week.  It was an evening to remember!

Jane Massingham

Director of Arts

Languages Dept News


Languages Dept News



Japanese Dinner

Report by Hannah Loli 9 FO2

On 8 August, the Year 9 Japanese elective students were given the opportunity to attend a dinner at Shabu House in the City.  Accompanied by St Joseph’s, Gregory Terrace students, we had a great time introducing ourselves in Japanese.

Cooking our own food in the shabu shabu was an enjoyable and unique experience.  It was delightful to taste the culture of Japan in a fun environment.  Conversation with the Terrace students revolved around our Japanese elective and what we had been learning this term.

Overall, it was a most enjoyable experience and we learned a lot about Japanese food and culture through it.

Thank you to Byrom Sensei and Steven Sensei who made this dinner possible and accompanied us on the night.

Report by Katelyn Avey 9 FO5

Year 9 Brigidine girls and Gregory Terrace boys came together on 8 August to spend an evening at Shabu House.  With around 28 Brigidine students in attendance, we spent the evening socialising with our new-found friends, eating sushi and making shabu shabu.

Shabu Shabu is a traditional Japanese meal where you take special Japanese soup and heat it in a hot pot.  Then you add vegetables, meats and noodles into the hot pot, letting it cook and letting the flavours infuse into the soup.  おいしい ですね!

The dinner lasted two hours and went by in a flash.  Overall, the dinner was an experience to remember.  Even with the seemingly small portions, they filled everyone’s stomachs to the brim and everyone left Shabu House with giant smiles on their faces.

Thank you to Dr Fukushima-Byrom and Mrs Steven for accompanying us on this excursion.

RE Department News


RE Department News

9C Class Mass

On Monday 12 August, students in 9C celebrated their Class Mass with Father Pan. The special liturgy focused on the theme of ‘environmental stewardship’ and gave all participants an opportunity to stop and reflect on their roles and responsibilities in relation to caring for the environment. The prayers and readings focused on God’s creation of the earth, and the fact that human beings made in God’s likeness are to be responsible for the care of all creation. This is a role that Christians must take seriously in a time where animals are on the verge of extinction, population density is high, pollution impacts people’s health and quality of life and overfishing and overgrazing is placing pressure on the biodiversity of global ecosystems.

The students of 9C take the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals seriously and acknowledge that both prayer and action combined is needed in order to be effective stewards of this world.

Class Mass Opening Prayer

God, filled with desire,
we respond to Your call for discipleship
by shaping our lives in imitation of Christ.
We profess that the call requires us
to be stewards of Your gifts.
As stewards, we receive Your gifts gratefully,
cherish and tend them in a responsible manner,
share them in practice and love with others,
and return them with increase to you.
We pledge to our ongoing formation as stewards
and our responsibility to call others to that same endeavour.
Almighty and ever-faithful God,
it is our fervent hope and prayer
that You who have begun this good work in us
will bring it to fulfilment in Jesus Christ,
our Lord.

Niesha Hart

9C Religion Teacher

Science News


Science News

Science Week Overview

Science Week, held from 6-9 August, was a resounding success.  Over the week, the following took place:

  • Daily Quiz
  • “Find Albert” Competition
  • Lunchtime events including an Obstacle Course, Marshmallow Tower construction, Paper Plane Competition and Science Trivia
  • Two teams of students travelled to various primary schools to demonstrate a range of science experiments and present hands-on workshops
  • Several year group workshops for Junior classes including Geckoes Wildlife (Year 8), Street Science (Year 10) and Scope (Year 9)
  • Visits from Holy Family Primary School students
  • UQ workshops with Year 11 Physics, Year 11 and 12 Chemistry and Year 12 Biology
  • BBQ and Science Trivia Competition, run by UQ, for all of our Science Reps and Ambassadors

We would like to thank all of our Science staff for running these events, Science Reps and Ambassadors for assisting plus our presenters, especially those from the University of Queensland.  A special thank you goes to Ms Helen Jeffcoat for making our Periodic Table tee-shirts and Mr Alfie Williams for his help with the BBQ.  They helped make Science Week great!

Science Week reports from the Science Reps and Ambassadors:

To conclude 2019 science week at Brigidine, the science reps and ambassadors were treated to a sausage sizzle and homemade desserts. Following this, UQ students hosted a trivia looking into biology, chemistry and physic fields. It was such a lovely opportunity to form connections with new people and, to build on our scientific knowledge. Imogen Kerr, Year 12

For Term 3 at Brigidine College, my school gives the excitement to have a week dedicated to Science. Throughout the whole week, science activities, quizzes and presentations are given for the students to participate in. Ranging from a 15m inflatable course to a Wildlife show and Trivia Day, every single activity was filled with great joy and awe. Being in Year 10 Physical Science, my class had listened on to a UQ presentation by PHD students how are currently researching on certain bacterial diseases and their compelling ideas in curing them. In addition to being a Science Rep, I got to enjoy the Trivia Game after school. It was a fun afternoon, playing science quizzes from topics of marine animals to microscopic particles to earn special prices.  Mary Nguyen, Year 10

As part of our Physical Science class, UQ scientists and researches came to talk to us about discovering a new antibiotic to help fight and destroy illnesses, diseases and cancer. One of the scientists is studying to complete a PhD at UQ. She is from Saudi Arabia, a mother of 5 children, trying to save illnesses, from destroying people’s lives. She told has about Mia.  Mia caught a gastro bug in 2017 that formed into Influenza B, which then lead to getting so sick even the doctors didn’t know what to do. The heartbreaking story made me realise how important scientists and doctors are in today’s day in age. It has opened my eyes to how I can make a difference in the future and has impacted my possible options. 

Science week is one of my favourite events within the school calendar and I am so glad and grateful that we got the opportunity to know about what really is going on in the real world.  Thank you to Ms Guthrie and everyone else for organising such an amazing week! Patricia Consoli, Year 10

Building the marshmallow towers was incredibly challenging and difficult. We were given a limited number of thin spaghetti noodles and masking tape to build a tower and a marshmallow to place on the top. Many groups attempted to make a pyramid design with careful planning whilst our group jumped right into it. In the end, the design could barely stand up and resembled a fishing rod. Overall, it was entertaining, and I would definitely participate again!  Anna Nguyen, Year 11

I attended the Marsh-mallow tower building competition and the Paper planes throwing competition.  The Marsh-mallow competition was awesome fun and a great team work challenge. Even though our tower didn’t really stand up by itself it was still really fun. The paper plane competition was to see who could get the their plane as far as they could. My plane didn’t go far, but it was great fun watching the cool designs go high are far.  Georgia Colburn, Year 10

On Friday I had the opportunity to observe and engage in an amazing science presentation by Street Science. I got to witness how air pressure plays such a major role in space. We viewed how air pressure can make marshmallows expand and shrink, make a water balloon explode and make water boil. The presenter was full of so many fun and interesting facts, she really engaged all of us in understanding the concepts needed in space. Overall the presentation was so much fun and very inspirational, I can’t wait till 2020 Science Week.  Georgia Raworth, Year 10

Write That Essay (WTE) Workshop

On 13 August, several Science staff hosted Stewart from Education Perfect in their lessons.  Stewart worked with the students to write a variety of types of sentences and paragraphs that could be used for their work and assessments in Science. Here is some feedback from the students:

I found the Write That Essay workshop very helpful. The presenter was very good presenter so I didn’t lose interest and he gave some very important pieces of advice. I will definitely use the papers he gave us as they gave great examples and sentence starters.  Tiah Kalaja, Year 7

The WTE workshop was very informative and helpful. The way it was presented was light-hearted and fun. Millie Field

On 13 August we had a guest speaker come in to talk about ‘Write that Essay’. I thought that it was not only a good experience but was very interesting to see how I could improve my paragraphs and assessments. The guest speaker was nice and welcoming. He made the class get involved in a happy way and made us take notes and share thoughts about the subject. I definitely learned heaps from this lesson, and I know for a fact that my paragraphs will be one hundred times better. Marnie Nottingham

WTE was very helpful for our upcoming assignments. The presenter helped us understand how to write strong and good quality paragraphs. He broke down what the “Rationale” should look like. Georgia Colburn, Year 10

Stew was an amazing help. He taught me more about our different sentences types and “compare and contrast” paragraphs. He has helped to boost my knowledge and understanding of these and I would definitely recommend WTE.   Mathilda Evans, Year 7

The WTE workshop we took part in was very helpful. It gave us some ideas of how to write sentences and paragraphs better. I would recommend this to other classes.  Eva La Burniy

The WTE workshop was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I liked how relaxing it was to just sit down and listen to the speaker talk about how to construct a proper science report. Overall, the information given was very useful in terms of being used as a guide.  Adeline Setiadi

I believe that Education Perfect has helped me immensely. After using their tips for the first time I have remembered many technical terms during the lessons and have improved in the area of science. Education Perfect helps not just in knowledge, but the capability to have study notes for an upcoming exam. Having Education Perfect next year would be a huge benefit for the students in the Science department. Shavini Kariyawasam

Education Perfect

This year, students in Years 7 to 10 have had access to Education Perfect in their Science classes.   This organisation offers a range of styles of questions.  The students work through the content and skills via PowerPoints and videos. Education Perfect is used in a variety of ways including introduction to a topic, class work, homework as well as for revision and extension of a topic.

So far this year the girls have completed the following using Education Perfect.

  • Total Questions: 519,711
  • Time Completed: 2,631 hours (spent working on Education Perfect)
  • Total Tasks: 318

Here is some feedback from the students:

Education Perfect is a good way for students to learn about Science. It explains things and breaks them down and makes them very simple. The point system makes students pay attention to the slides so they can earn points and be top of the class. Georgia Burckhardt Year 7

I think that Education Perfect is an excellent learning tool, extending knowledge in different areas of science and it has helped me immensely with learning content during the term, as well as revising for my exams. I use it for most of my other subjects as well!  Alice Conway Year 9

Education Perfect is a fun and interactive way to learn and allows students to gain a wider understanding of the topics taught in class. One particular feature I enjoy is the fact that teachers are able to set up exams for us to complete in class under exam conditions. This allows me to apply my learning and gain an understanding of what I am required to study and improve on before the exam, improving my results significantly.  Charlotte Cattell Year 10

Education Perfect is a great learning tool, especially for memorising of phrases and words and what they mean/do. The different features such as “learn” and “write” are great to use to get familiar with the terms. Education Perfect is also really good for revision.  Rosie Pope Year 10

Education Perfect is an amazing study resource to use just before exams and assignments! It’s my go-to site when I need to memorise my subjects’ unit, and It has been recommended by several teachers over a vast range of subjects. All in all, Education Perfects is an incredibly valuable resource to use, and I don’t know where I’d be without it.  Erynn Wesson  Year 9

Education Perfect allows us as students to have a go and strive to reach our potential. It has questions ranging from easy to hard and is useful for almost every subject. We should definitely keep it for next year because it is so fun as well as educational.  Emily Hunt  Year 7

Education Perfect is a wonderful resource that helps us to understand new content. We are able identify the areas we need to improve on and the areas we are doing well in. Georgia Colburn Year 10

Education Perfect is a great way for us students to study and learn topics in class, as we have lots of lessons in one easy to access place. It helps us to prepare for exams, and is a valuable learning tool.   Isabella Furiosi 7

Education Perfect is a way you can learn in a fun way, earning points. It is an easy way of reviewing and studying information being taught in class. Jessica Roe Year 7

Education Perfect is FANTASTIC. I have found that by using their tips, my knowledge of Science has improved tremendously. I would love to continue with this as it is a fun and educational way to learn new things. Mathilda Evans Year 7


Extension Events

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2019 program year.  Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 68,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.

Date: 22-24 January 2020
Venue: University of Queensland (St Lucia Campus)
For: Year 9 and 10 students
Registration: Open now (limited places)
Cost: $190 – 3 day program, $260 – 4 day program

Yours in Science,

Debra Guthrie

Curriculum Leader Science

Technology Dept News


Technology Dept News

Year 9 Enterprise Education Fathers’ Day Stall

This year Fathers’ Day falls on Sunday 1 September.  The Year 9 Enterprise Education classes have been feverishly working on creating their hampers ready for sale.

The students have created micro-businesses and are allocated products to brand, market, package and label ready for sale. Both marketing and operations management is introduced to the students and the strategies that can be used to successfully present and prepare their products for sale. The students are encouraged to be creative in the packaging of products by recycling.

A Trade Display of the products for sale was held on Thursday  during lunch. Potential customers were able to view a hamper for sale and speak to the business owners about their product. All hampers cost $15.00.

This year customers may purchase their hampers online using MyMonitor by completing the following steps:

  1. Access your MyMonitor account.
  2. Click on the Brigidine Online Ordering tab and choose the Bizfest link.
  3. Choose the Father’s Day tab in the middle column of the screen and the order screen with a picture of each hamper will appear.
  4. Choose the plus symbol to order. Preview your order on the right-hand side of the screen.

If you wish to pay using cash, an order will need to be placed via the supervising teacher, Mr Field. This will be done when a cash payment has been received. Place the cash payment (correct amount only) in an envelope and write your name, as well as your Home Room, on the front.

All orders can be collected from the Convent veranda, second lunch break on Thursday 29 August 2019 if they are not delivered beforehand.

Mr Ben Field

Education Enterprise Teacher

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like …

Support our local businesses

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like to register your own business and have it showcased regularly to our community, please register here.

Shelter Architects & Planners Pty Ltd

  • Building & Pest Inspection Reports
  • Independent & Expert Witness Reports
  • Pest Management & Treatment

Contact Markus via email:

Or Phone: 0434 631 555


DESIGN+CREATE – For All Your Branding Needs

Design+Create is a one-stop-shop, making it easy for our clients to source all of their graphic design, printing and promotional products needs with ease.

We are a full service graphic design, printing and promotional product company with in-house design, quality printing solutions, and thousands of promotional products to choose from.


The Bathroom Biz

Bathroom renovations Brisbane are our specialty and as a small, family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on giving our customers highly personalised and professional service.

Satisfied customers tell us that we are easy to work with – consistently reliable, punctual and friendly. They also tell us that we achieve great results – bathrooms that are lovely to look at and easy to use…perhaps that’s because we really enjoy what we do.

Visit our showroom for ideas, advice and inspiration. Conveniently located at Sumner Park, our showroom offers you a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of quality fittings for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry – all at competitive prices.

Alder Constructions

Alder Constructions vast experience in all aspects of civil, infrastructure and building construction allows us to exceed expectations on even the most technically and logistically complex projects.  We promote a culture of honesty, integrity, innovation and performance which translates to the achievement of outstanding projects and positive client experiences.


Brigid’s Cloak


Brigid’s Cloak

Monitor Online

Reminder to Collect Ordered Items

If you have ordered items ON LINE please collect these from Brigid’s Cloak Uniform Shop.  If you have received an email detailing your item for collection from Brigid’s Cloak Uniform Shop and you do not believe this to be correct please contact Mrs Scott or Mrs Bridley in the Uniform Shop.

Brigid’s Cloak Roster





Monday 26 August

Jenny Crowhurst

Tuesday 27 August

Melanie Wright

Wednesday 28 August

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 29 August

Kerry O’Reilly

Karen Donelan

Friday 30 August

Nicola Foley

Monday 2 September

Helena Boyce

Tuesday 3 September

Wednesday 4 September

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 5 September

Chinh Dinh

Kieu Thi

Friday 6 September

Diane Frazer

Brigid’s Cloak opening hours until further notice:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30 to 11:00am
Tuesday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Thursday 7:30am to 3:30pm


Anne Scott and Janice Bridley

Brigid’s Cloak Coconvenors


Keep up-to-date


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Click here to access the Brigidine College Community Facebook Group and request to join this page.

Should you have any queries regarding these communication tools, please contact Louise Johnston, Community Liaison/Administration Officer on 3002 0673 or by email

Share your Cocurricular Photos

The College invites you to share any cultural/sporting photos you may take at Brigidine cocurricular activities.  We welcome photos which can possibly be used in our College publications and in social media communications.  We try to cover a wide variety of activities but cannot attend every cocurricular event.  We are always interested to hear about your daughters’ achievements outside of school so please let us know if you have anything to share.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact 

The Curragh Café


The Curragh Café

Monitor Online

Menu from Term 1 2019

Curragh Cafe Menu and Roster

Monday 26 August
Tuesday 27 August Sarah Wingate
Wednesday 28 August
Jenny Crowhurst
Thursday 29 August Fiona Dent
Friday 30 August Nicola Foley
Monday 2 September Maryline Richards
Tuesday 3 September Kerri Patterson
Wednesday 4 September Martina Hayes
Thursday 5 September Lisa Robinson-Pennay
Friday 6 August Kym McNab

Judy Thannhauser and Janelle Prouatt

Curragh Café Coconvenors

Date Claimers


Date Claimers


28 August Year 10 final Subject Selections due
29 August College Photo Day
30 August P&F Dads & Daughters’ Evening
3-4 September QCS Days 1 and 2
6 September Year 12 exams begin
7 September 90th Anniversary Gala Ball
13 September Senior Drama performance
16-20 September Arts Week including The Arts Exhibition 5:00pm 19 September
20 September End of Term 3

P&F Association News

Dads and Daughter's Evening NOW ON SALE!

P&F Association News

Gala Ball

Be sure to book your tickets for the Gala Ball on Saturday 7 September.  Tickets are selling fast with bookings closing on 27 August unless sold out prior.  Book now: Gala Ball

Louise Johnston

P&F Vice-President

Brigidine College P&F Association is fundraising with Entertainment!

Your support really helps our fundraising, so we’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus Early Bird Entertainment Membership Offers for loyal supporters.

Pre-order the NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus offers you can use right away!


 “The Entertainment Membership is great value.  With lots of instant savings.  It more than outweighs the price.  There is something for everyone – casual and fine dining, adventure and family activities.  I couldn’t live without it.  Plus, I get to support a good cause.”  Zana B. Sydney


Thank you for your support

Michelle Parcell

Brigidine College Parent & Friends’ Association

0407 119 619

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