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From the Principal’s Desk


From the Principal’s Desk

Kildare Ministries Prayer (2014)

May the Flame of Kildare Ministries inspire and support us
May there be unity and purpose in our gathering
May there be wisdom in our discernment
May there be strength and compassion in our decisions
May there be light and energy for our journey
May the God who has called us to guide and enrich us all


Following my visit to Holy Family Primary School last Monday, I was reminded of the key efforts of many schools to engage and integrate ways of learning through the STEM disciplines. With a strong presentation from Jordan Debono, a young PHD Researcher from a variety of guest speakers, the students at Holy Family and Brigidine were encouraged to explore activities and projects adopting problem based learning and creative innovation.

As our new STEM Building truly takes shape, I’m pleased to witness the energy and passion for the Sciences and Technologies across the College. This facility and set of resources positions Brigidine at the forefront of opportunities for young women to engage in these 21st Century learning spaces.

Further opportunities will also be provided through pathways and partnerships with other organisations and universities.

Brigidine College is exploring how the University of Queensland will be able to connect with our students to investigate research options, experiential learning and outcomes-based activities to fully engage students in the Sciences and Technologies. With an expansive set of resources, this new facility will also be made available for upper Primary and Lower secondary students to explore project based / inquiry learning, Problem Solving pathways and Brain Bee exercises. I commend all students to engage with STEM and experiential learning for the careers of tomorrow.

Principal’s Notes

As the College continues to engage the students in a wide variety of learning opportunities, I give thanks to all members of Brigidine in being a proactive and supportive body to the College. Following our Facebook pages reveals a huge array of ways girls connect, engage and are truly happy at school.

Fortunately, over the past few weeks I have also visited a range of classes and thoroughly enjoyed the time to share in the girls’ learning. I am finding many, many examples of girls being energetic, engaged, looking for ways to connect their learning to the real world and ready to show how well they are learning.

Also, over recent weeks I have interviewed many Year 10 students through the SET Plan process, as well as interviews for girls applying for the Senior Scholarship to begin in 2019. The College received 22 Year 9 student applications for Senior Scholarship in Science and Technologies, and the Arts and Humanities. Again, the truly enthralling ways girls talk of themselves and their school is wonderful. Our young people are displaying high levels of skills in critiquing information, evaluating positions and articulating outcomes that are very impressive.

Final Assembly of Term 3

Congratulations to the many students and presenters at the final assembly for this term. It is always wonderful to share in celebrating the efforts and achievements of so many students. The energy and enthusiasm for the College through their engagement is something to savour. With all the curriculum programs combining to present very high standards of learning and achievement, as well as the cocurricular Sports and Arts Programs shining through, we are blessed as a community to have students, teachers, coaches and tutors all walking the same learning path together.

Awards and Acknowledgement Evening

It is my pleasure to invite all members of the community to our Annual Awards and Acknowledgement Evening at 7:00pm on Thursday 24 October at the St Laurence’s Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre. This is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate with joy and gratitude, the achievements of the College and its students who have provided so much during 2019. Our Guest Speaker this year is Ms Amy Simmons (graduate 2004) who has not only worked as a journalist for the ABC but is now working in for Twitter in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to her sharing her story, as well as working with our students the day before the Awards Evening.

90th Anniversary

With Term 3 coming to an end, I would like to thank the College Community for their enthusiastic engagement in the many events celebrating our heritage, our story and our people that continue to bring a spirit and a passion that is life giving. The Brigidine Day Student Dance, Where Dreams Begins – Arts Event, the Staff Soiree’, the Dads and Daughters’ Evening and the Gala Ball, were outstanding events and truly indicative of our special Brigidine Community.   

Thank you to everyone who ensured our 90th Anniversary events went smoothly and that the students had memorable experiences.

I wish everyone a warm and relaxing break over the holidays and look forward to everyone returning refreshed on 8 October.

God Bless.

A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn

Brendan Cahill



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Information on Southern Cross chartered bus services for students in Brigidine College and Ambrose Treacy College can be found here:


Mission News


Mission News

Term 3 has been a remarkable term in the history of our College including commencing our inaugural school NAIDOC celebrations, exploring our history and future at Where Dreams Begin at Southbank Piazza, celebrating our cultural diversity, fundraising for the Mighty 90 Cancer research and celebrating Fr Pan’s birthday (with cake) and his remarkable 18+ years of service to our community and his devotion to the Eucharistic table.

Jesus invited all to a meal with him because he wants us to belong and be encouraged that whenever we might not get things quite right, he would be there for us – challenging us, nurturing us, welcoming us and reinviting us again.  Jesus’ table fellowship shows us the way to being respectful, engaged members of our community who value all, including our abilities and differences.

Recently, I asked my students to give feedback on Term 3 in a different way, asking them to draw what my daily face looks like and what their own looks like.  A number of students used their gifts to illustrate those expressions.  Taliah Saylor created the picture below.  (I didn’t realise I was so red faced at times!)

This was a wonderful insight and reminded us that our gifts and difference are to be celebrated, nurtured and believed in!!!

Who will be invited to sit at your table this September holidays?

Andrew Beiers

Deputy Principal Mission

Pastoral News


Pastoral News

In Term 4, the College will trial removing afternoon Home Room and lengthening morning Home Room. This will provide Home Room teachers and Pastoral Leaders with the opportunity to have an extended and uninterrupted time with students to continue to build House spirit and culture, engagement in College life and positive relationships. New bell times will begin in Term 4 from 8 October for 4 weeks, after which feedback will be gathered. Morning Home Room will be extended by 5 minutes; and Period 6 will conclude at 3.05pm. At the conclusion of Period 6, students will be dismissed for the day. This will give students time to return to lockers to pack bags, enabling them to catch current public transport arrangements. Current uniform expectations will continue to apply. It is required that students store their school bags in lockers throughout the day until 3.05pm. Students are not permitted to arrive or leave the College in sports uniform, except for some sport arrangements at times. Hats must always be worn, including dismissal at 3.05pm.

The Student Voice initiative continues to evolve with students proposing a range of valid suggestions about engagement in school life. Next term, there will be a 4-week self-defence course for students interested in learning about personal safety. This initiative was suggested by Year 11 students Jacinta Cowin and Sarah Malherbe, who have been involved in the planning and design of the program. These student lead initiatives provide opportunities for leadership and engagement in meaningful experiences for young women.

As a parent of two teenage daughters, I am aware of the challenges of parenting during their adolescence. During the teenage years, it is a valuable experience to recalibrate approaches to parenting. Next term on Thursday 17 October from 6.30-8.00pm in the Rehearsal Space, the College will host a Parenting Information Evening about emotionally intelligent parenting with Canice Curtis, a trained therapist in parenting and youth mental health programs. Would you like to:

  • be better at talking with your teen?
  • be better at understanding your teen?
  • help your teen learn to manage their emotions?
  • help to prevent behaviour problems in your teen?
  • teach your teen to deal with conflict?

At this stand-alone evening you will learn useful parenting strategies. Some parents may then choose a 6-week course to extend their learning. Further details can be found in the flyer below. Please RSVP by 14 October to

The holiday period is a good opportunity to check in with your daughter about her use of social media. Years 7-9 parents received a letter this week about strategies and tools to ensure social media is used appropriately. Experts in social media recommend parents actively engage in the following:

  • Talk to your children about online issues – build an open, trusting relationship;
  • Encourage your child to use the same manners and language online as they would offline;
  • Set healthy boundaries and establish rules to ensure that use of social media is meaningful, mindful and balanced. Ban devices from bedrooms;
  • Check your child’s privacy settings regularly;
  • Ensure your child does not accept follow or friend requests from people they don’t know. Check regularly to whom they are connected and how they know them;
  • Ensure the apps your child uses are age appropriate;
  • Ensure your child does not have an account that allows anonymous postings (Tellonym, Sarahah and similar). Ensure she does not have a link to these accounts in her social media bio;
  • Talk to your child about informing a trusted adult if concerns arise; and
  • Empower your child by providing them with strategies for dealing with negative experiences that may arise to build their confidence and resilience. They should not react to inappropriate posts. Instead, they should post ‘this is inappropriate’ or ‘this is not welcome’, take a screenshot, report and block inappropriate users.

The following are helpful resources for parents about how to be proactive and respond to issues: and

The process for reporting cyberbullying for under 18s is to:

Reports of incidents and evidence of cyberbullying can also be discussed with Police by contacting PoliceLink on 131444.

Social media platforms offer technical and strategic advice for parents:[0]=Instagram%20Help&bc[1]=Privacy%20and%20Safety%20Center and

I hope that you and your family have a restful and enjoyable break time.

Melinda Egan

(Acting) Deputy Principal Pastoral

Chanel House News


Chanel House News



As Term 3 draws to a close, both teachers and students are yearning for the end of term. School holidays provide a great opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and recharge the batteries so that we can all return feeling ready to tackle a busy, but exciting Term 4.

Following the Prefect speeches last week, the students of Chanel were left feeling inspired and encouraged to come together as a House and look to the future with excitement about what a new era of leadership will bring.

Throughout this term, the students of Chanel 4 have been working together to give the Kildare Hall locker room a makeover. Some final touches and inspirational art pieces are still to be added, but we are hoping it will help brighten the space and create a warmer environment for the students of Chanel 4, 5 and 6. I would like to congratulate Chanel 4 for their effort to provide spirit to the House.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday break and look forward to continuing our journey next term.


Kristin Page

Pastoral Leader Chanel


Damien House News


Damien House News

As Term 3 concludes, it is timely that we reflect on some of the things Damien has achieved this term. In order to develop spirit as a House, we have embarked on our daily step challenge. The girls who participated should be so incredibly proud of their efforts. Well done to Damien House for increasing their activity and wellbeing this term.

In our last House Assembly, we were privileged to hear from the Damien Prefect candidates for 2020. Each student spoke so well with true authenticity to their character and their involvement in the House. Collectively, the understanding of the Damien spirit and community was most commonly expressed highlighting the true value of Damien Home Room teachers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Home Room teachers of Damien House for their consistent guidance throughout the year to support and enhance the development and growth of each individual in their Home Room. It was evident that just at St Damien did, our teachers are leading the way and encouraging all students to walk in their footsteps. Upon reflection, St Damien (cited in Catholic Faith Patron Saints, n.d.) said, “turn all your thoughts and aspirations to heaven. Work hard to secure for yourself a place there forever.” Our Home Room teachers are a testament to showing our students the value of following in the guidance of our House and College values to continue to be centred in the traditions of the College.

I look forward to sharing more Damien news in Term 4 and hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

Nidean Dickson

Pastoral Leader Damien House





MacKillop House News


MacKillop House News

MacKillop House has had such an exciting and spirit-filled year so far! Term 3 has been very busy for MacKillop with Brigidine Day followed by our House Feast Day the following week. With the 2020 House Prefects joining us in leading the House for Term 4, we cannot wait to see what we can do as a combined team!

Brigidine Day was certainly a highlight. It required a lot of preparation and effort by everyone involved. Our theme for 2019 was ‘The Weather’ and MacKillop House definitely ‘kicked up a storm’ on the stage. We followed the journey of a super storm hitting our school and each Home Room played an integral part in telling the story. Our whole House performance was to Purple Rain by Prince; very fitting for the purple House! All the girls were magnificent on the day getting into costumes and cheering on the other Houses as they performed. There was so much House spirit displayed on the day with MacKillop girls helping out wherever they could. Although we didn’t walk away with the bell, we were so proud of everyone involved on the day and their preparation in the weeks leading up to the celebration. A huge thank you to all the MacKillop Home Room teachers for their extensive effort in getting their Home Rooms prepared for their dance. Finally, we could not be more thankful for the support of Mrs McAnally in our preparations. We couldn’t have done it without her!


After Brigidine Day, we jumped straight into getting ready for MacKillop Feast Day. We began the day with a special House Mass in the morning lead by Fr Pan. It was a great moment for us to reflect on St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and all that she did to inspire us as young women today. We then furthered the festivities by celebrating as a community with a waffle day. We sold waffles and toppings at lunchtime and had a Waffling Competition. The waffles were a huge success, selling out before lunch was even over! Our Waffling Competition was very difficult to judge with participants having to talk at a fast pace, continuously, for as long as possible. Our winner, Hadley Randall 8DE3, spoke for a whopping 23 minutes straight! That’s definitely what we would call a talent! Overall, the day was a huge success celebrating our House Patron and sharing her story with our College community.

We are excited for the end of year celebrations next term and look forward to watching the girls of MacKillop house grow closer together in these final few months of 2019.

Chelsea Hutley and Sophie Tennent

MacKillop House Prefects

Year 9 Wellbeing


Year 9 Wellbeing

Our last lesson of Year 9 Wellbeeing this term looked at spiritual self-care and wellbeing.  For this lesson, the Year 9s were able to participate in making coloured rice mandalas.  Rice mandalas hold their tradition in ancient Eastern ritual practices where they are used for meditation.  Mandale, meaning circle, is used to understand and provide meaning to the cyclical nature of life and the universe, enhancing the understanding of the journey of spirituality.

Students were able to look at the symbolic representation of colour to inform how they created patterns and, for these mandalas, all the House colours were used to also symbolise the unity and connectedness of the Houses as Brigidine College.  I would like to congratulate the Year 9s on their participation in this activity and I would also like to thank Ms Tamara Haydock for her guidance during this time.

Nidean Dickson

Year 9 Wellbeing Program Leader


The Arts


The Arts


Arts Week 2019

This year, Brigidine College launched Arts Week with the Senior Drama Performance in Kildare Hall. The Year 12s challenged the audience’s perspectives on mental illness and other compelling social issues with their performance of This House is Mine. The Year 10s also presented some engaging content with their snippets from Children of the Black Skirt. This was a wonderful showcase to begin the week’s events.

On Wednesday and Thursday (18/19 September), the celebrations, experiences and competitions continued. Below are some student reflections on this valuable community event to celebrate The Arts at Brigidine College!

Claudia, Year 8

The Year 11 and 12s performed the Grown Woman Dance dancing to a very empowering song. They wore a dazzling bright silver top with contrasting black leggings. They danced with strong, confident movements showing us all the art of dance. I personally thought it was amazing how the group of girls weren’t afraid to dance in front of a crowd. They had smiles on their faces which showed how much fun they were having. They were a great inspiration to everyone watching, inspiring us all to be brave, have fun and enjoy dancing.

On Wednesday evening parents of Year 9 and 10 students gathered in the Rehearsal Space to watch their daughters perform on stage songs that they had heard being rehearsed at home. Film music was the theme, performing songs from films such as Up, Crazy, Rich Asians, Con-Air and Prince of Egypt.  There was drumming, piano, ukulele  and flute playing amongst other instruments.

Below are some images from the Year 8 Drama performance:

Olivia and Lucy, Year 8

Over Wednesday and Thursday lunch and morning tea each House was challenged to paint a portrait of a College Leadership Team member. Everyone used different styles to create their ‘masterpiece’. For instance, Ms Dever was represented in the style of a cartoon character in ‘Snoopy’. Mr Cahill and Mr Beiers were both in the style of ‘Realism’ and Ms Egan, ‘Picasso’. Members of each House were welcome to participate in painting the portrait. Each final piece had some feature that  represented them as a person. The competition was loads of fun and all teams made an excellent effort. The winner of the competition will be announced at College Assembly on Friday. May the best house win!

Zoe, Year 8

One of the fun activities at Arts Week that students could participate in was creating a graffiti wall. There were many different coloured spray-paint bottles and lots of students helped create the wall. The focal point of the finished piece was the angel wings, with a halo above. The phrase in the bottom corner of the wall, ‘We’re all angels at some point’, is an important motto to remember. The College was extremely privileged to have Ali Gillett, a talented artist, attend Arts Week. She assisted students at the graffiti wall and provided the finishing touches. Once the artwork was finished, students were able to take ‘Street Art Selfies’ with polaroid cameras. I got some photos with my friends in front of the beautiful wall, and they were hung up on strings to dry out and develop. I really enjoyed getting involved in the Arts Week activities!

The Fashion Fusion Competition was a highlight for us in Arts Week. We had to dress up our two friends in newspaper, plastic bags and tape to create a unique outfit. It was a challenging but fun experience and something we won’t forget. The first person had an outfit designed for a groom. We made her a bowtie, cape and shorts out of plastic bags and a beard out of newspaper. Our second friend was dressed as a bride. She had a veil and shirt out of newspaper and a bow and skirt out of plastic bags. We even made a bouquet out of newspaper, tape and plastic bags. We watched the other girls strut down the red carpet and admired their beautiful and creative outfits. Our hearts started to race when we presented to the screaming crowd. But all our work paid off and we were so thrilled to win the competition and we now get to celebrate with pizza! In celebration, we turned around and threw the bouquet into the crowd. Overall, it was a fun Arts Week event that we will never forget.

The annual Art Exhibition and Wearable Art Parade was the closing event for our Arts Week celebration. Year 9 students presented their wearable art works based on the concept of Humanity VS Nature. Each student presented their unique perspective on this topic with some focusing on mining exploiting our natural resources, whilst others focused on the war against plastic. The audience were stunned by manoeuvrable wings, vibrant dresses and gravity-defying sculptural elements.

The artisan markets were also a hit, with many people doing some early Christmas shopping, buying prints, cards, ceramic jewellery items, mugs and sculptures.

The night concluded with the Principal’s Award being presented to Year 12 student Ella Hatten-Masterson for her ‘Windows’ artwork together with a rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine by Year 11 student Caitlin Muller.

Korryn Swindail-Hill

Curriculum Leader, The Arts

English Dept News


English Dept News

QIEU Literary Competition

Recently, the QIEU Literary Competition was held.  This annual event invites students and teachers from across Queensland to submit original stories or poems for consideration.  A number of students from Brigidine enterered their work this year, with Year 9 student, Claudia Pilgrim, receiving a Highly Commended.  She will receive her award at a ceremony to be held in October.

We congratulate Claudia on this achievement.  Here is her story:


by Claudia Pilgrim

Sasha felt the liquid drug seeping through her veins. She shuddered, hating the familiar sensation. She eyed the doctor drowsily and felt the effects kicking in.

It was a sedative, Sasha had learned by now. It made her and the other students easy to control. Her body began to ache, and she felt like her limbs were made of lead. She was picked up and taken to her room.

Sasha woke the next morning with little memory. She was ushered to a large room and forced to change into her leotard and ballet tights. Her training came back to her as she took her place by the barre, the same spot every day.

The students began to développé, and Sasha extended her leg.

Higher, Sasha. Turn your ankle on an angle for a better roundhouse kick.

The haunting classical music echoed through her ears. She stretched her arms out in time with the tune. Her feet moved gracefully along the floor, specific steps she had locked into her brain over the years.

Cock the gun, finger off the safety. Aim then squeeze the trigger.

Sasha elevated onto her pointe. Instructors circled her, examining her. She moved to second position.

Arm straight, eyes on your target always. Bend and throw the knife forward.

A woman arrived at her side while Sasha was in a deep plié. “Child, there is blood on your leotard,” her greying hair was in a tight bun and her Russian accent was strong.

Sasha glanced down, crimson stained the white fabric of her chest. How had she not noticed? She knew better than to make silly mistakes like this. “I’m sorry, madame. It won’t happen again,” she replied, yesterday’s memories resurfacing.

Bang, bang, bang. Blood everywhere. “Clean that up, Sasha.”

The instructor glared. “Yes, it won’t.” She walked away and began to critique the next student.

Sasha finished in fifth position. The stain tinged at her heart, a constant reminder. She felt tears form at the corners of her blue eyes. They were hot against her cheek. She wiped them away before anyone would notice.

Stop sulking, child. Assassins don’t cry.

Memories ran through her mind like a distorted movie. She tried to focus on the counts instead, repeating them to herself over and over again. 5, 6, 7, 8.

Again, Sasha. You can do better.

But the thoughts dwindled in the back of her head, faded and distant. Sasha noticed the other students practicing the same steps as her. Not even one of them was out of time. Was she the only one who felt… different?

Fear controls you, child. You must learn to control it instead.

She remembered a chair, a white room and a tray of syringes. An old man in a doctor’s coat lifting her wrist. The sedative.

Another room came in to display. Large and open, with wooden flooring. Perfect dynamics for screams to echo. A woman wearing a blindfold, strapped to a stool.

Are you scared, Sasha?

An explosion so loud it rattled her bones and rung in her ears. Dizziness overwhelmed her and Sasha stopped. She looked down at her feet, wrapped in her pale pink pointe shoes. A wooden floor beneath them.

Blood everywhere.

It was then that Sasha realised something. The sedative had not worked, she thought. An instructor eyed her suspiciously, and she forced herself to re-join the other students. “One two three four, and five six, and seven eight.”

Taking a deep breath, she moved back into first position. She closed her eyes, trying her best to ignore what she now knew.

Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the barre tighter.

Only hours earlier had it been soaked red.

Christina Ong

English Teacher

Humanities Dept News


Humanities Dept News

Year 10 Humanities

With a population increase of 48, 000 people since 2016, Brisbane is amongst Australia’s fastest growing regions. Population change puts pressure on infrastructure and, if not managed, can impact the liveability and sustainability of local areas, creating a diversity of challenges. The Brisbane City Council actively works with communities of Brisbane to ensure that the growth of the city does not compromise quality of life of residents or the natural environment. Students undertook a field trip around the Indooroopilly area to assess and propose action to improve the sustainability or liveability of the area. To assist their decisions, the students took part in a fieldwork collecting data from the local area. This involved surveying the traffic and population; observing patterns and trends and identifying areas for improvement.

7 Humanities field trip

Students will complete an investigation to assess the liveability of Indooroopilly. Primary data will be collected over two field trips between Ward Street and Clarence Road.  The girls braved the heat of the day to tally traffic, people and document pattern as part of their data.

7C Humanities ‘Why I Love my Suburb’

As part of their liveability unit, Ms Spear’s 7C students completed a classroom activity where they were required to examine, draw and evaluate their local suburbs and were asked to explain why they loved their local area. Below are a few photos and comments from the girls

Report from Tiah Kalaja MK5

My suburb, Jindalee, has a lot of elements I love. It has everything I need to find a place liveable. For entertainment, there are a few parks (for both humans and dogs, showing this area is pet friendly), as well as public pools and gyms plus there is barely any crime. In fact, the worst thing that has happened (that I have heard of) is when someone broke into someone else’s yard and stole some flowerpots! As for education, there is both a primary and a high school which are both public, so anyone can enrol. Also, if you need to restock your groceries, get new furniture or just get anything, really, there are little corner stores and many different shops scattered around. Because of this, there are many opportunities when it comes to getting your first part-time job. Along with this, Jindalee consists of individual houses (low density living) which I prefer as that way there aren’t towering apartment buildings blocking out the sun. Overall, I really do love my suburb and don’t wish to move to another, as of yet.

Report by Pari More MK6

I love my suburb because of its green space; parks, lakes and other outdoor recreational activities. Even though it has other characteristics that also make it have a liveable suburb, this aspect is the most important part of Sinnamon Park as it has helped me interact more with my family. It is a very sociable area where everything is at peace and is like a sanctuary, not only for animals, but a safe place where I feel comfortable talking to my parents.

Another reason I love my suburb is its availability for transport. This is because it is close to Darra Station (only a ten minute walk from my house) and Mt Ommaney which is another place you could easily walk to (especially if you live on McPherson Road).

Still on the subject of walking, since we are near Darra, we can also walk to the shops and restaurants. This is extremely useful if mum ever needs to buy groceries for dinner the following day and has forgotten beforehand.

Overall, my suburb best suits me and my family because of its outdoor spaces for recreational activities, its transport availability and how food sources are near and easy to get to. Another thing I did not mention though is its community spirit and generous neighbours.

Domenica Strachan

(Acting) Curriculum Leader, Humanities

Languages Dept News


Languages Dept News

Global Goals Youth Forum

Report by Ameya Jaurigue 9 CH5

Recently, six Year 9 Languages students – Zilzie Ferguson, Annabelle Hogarth, Jazmin Nolan, Josie Riddell, exchange student Blanche Tanguy and myself – had the amazing opportunity to go to a Global Goals Youth forum at Indooroopilly State High School. Run by the Asia Education Foundation, the event aimed to teach others about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ASEAN. Throughout the entirety of the day we were busy listening to speaker panels, coming up with solutions to some of Asia’s most pressing issues and becoming better global citizens.

While completing many activities and workshops, we represented Thailand – the current chair of ASEAN. We presented a position statement on our country after discussing various issues such as child labour, birth registration and corruption. Overall this was an amazing day that allowed us to collaborate with other schools and become active and engaged citizens. I highly recommend that people attend this forum if they get the opportunity and thank Mrs de Vos and Mrs Jeffcoat for accompanying us on the day.

Our team is now preparing an application and hoping to be selected to take part in the Australia wide ASEAN Youth Forum to be held in the Sydney Opera House in November.

Year 10 Japanese

Report by Shelby Jaimon DP5

On Tuesday 17 September, Jarrod Hoare, a bilingual performer from Adelaide, came to Brigidine to showcase two special types of Japanese performances; Rakyugo and Kyogen.  Rakyugo is a Japanese performance style that dates back 400 years.  It is performed by one person, kneeling, who can take on the role of multiple characters.  Generally, there are two props used during the performance; a fan and a long piece of cloth called an tenugui.  You have to use your imagination when watching a performance as the fan may play the role of chopsticks or a baseball bat!  Similarly, a tenugui may be used as a book or a phone.

Rakugo can be used to perform many genres of entertainment, for example, a comedy.  Overall, the students enjoyed Rakugo very much and found the performance interesting yet educational.

The second performance, Kyogen, dates back some 600 years.  Because of the time it originated, there were no microphones and people had to be able to see the performance from far away; Kyogen needed to be very loud and expressive (which is very entertaining).  Students go to learn a few expressions used in Kyogen such as laughing, crying, eating and moving.

The whole experience was educational and very entertaining!  If you have the chance to see a Kyogen or Rakugo performance, go for it, it’s very unique and enjoyable!

Report by Mia Nguyen DE4

The Year 10 Japanese class experienced an interactive workshop and show by Jarrod Hoare.  During this session, the class learnt many things such as Kyogen and Rakugo – ancient Japanese forms of storytelling.  We participated in the performances, even playing charades and performing Japanese theatre ourselves!  This experience offered an insight into the differences between Japanese and Australian culture including a chance for the class to practice our language skills.  This was an exciting and engaging event.


Catherine de Vos

Curriculum Leader, Languages

RE Dept News


RE Dept News

Courage to Care

The Year 10 Religious Education students have been studying a Social Justice Unit titled “Courage to Care“. The Assessment Task required the students to apply the SEE > JUDGE > ACT method of social analysis to an issue that they are passionate about. They recently showcased their campaigns at our annual festival around the Holy Lawn. Our  young women used their St Brigid virtues of ‘strength and (a little less) gentleness’ to raise their voices in support of a variety of contemporary issues. Stalls included Cruelty-free cosmetics, Food Waste, the Animals for Entertainment Industry, Human Trafficking, Bullying, Climate Change and Climate Refugees, Disability Rights, Global Poverty, Homelessness, Gender Inequality, the Illegal Wildlife Trade and Violence against Women.

The aim of the community event was to inform their audience about the issue, to highlight what Catholic Social Teachings are being violated and to move people to action. Congratulations to our Year 10s who lived out our College Mission Statement – “We follow the example of St Brigid, a woman of vision and courage who actively challenged the social, political and cultural structures of her time”.

Thank you to the Year 10RE teachers, Jeni Emblem, Gina Brosnan, Christina Ong, Ben Field and Stephen Robinson, for their support of our courageous social justice advocates. 


Jenifer Byrne

Curriculum Leader Religious Education

Sports Update


Sports Update

Queensland Olympic Change-Maker Forum

Report by Zoe Percy, Sports Captain

On Saturday 14 September, I had the opportunity to take part in the Queensland Olympic Change-Maker Forum at the Nathan campus of Griffith University along with other male and female high school senior students across Queensland.  I was a bit nervous going into the venue as I went by myself and didn’t know anyone else. However, I was able to make friends even before registration as I realised we were all in the same boat and we all had two things in common: sport and making a difference in our school community.

We got to hear stories from past and present Australian Olympians about their journey from childhood to where they are now, especially their roads to the Olympics. Their stories were really inspiring and some of them resonated with me, helping me to realise that my dreams and goals for sport are achievable through lots of hard work and perseverance. One story which really stood out to me was the story of 2004 Athens Gold and Silver medallist in swimming, Brooke Hansen. She has been through unimaginable hard times but still has the energy to be positive 24/7 about everything she does. She inspired me to be positive about everything I do (as you only live once) and to never give up on my dreams; to keep working hard and getting better to achieve those dreams.

We also got to hear about what Griffith University has to offer with regards to sporting scholarships and receiving assistance if we were to pursue a professional sporting career. Overall, I am very thankful that I was given this opportunity. I hope to continue to make a difference in the lives of Brigidine girls and the wider school community until I graduate and beyond my schooling life. It was one of the most amazing experiences and is one I will never forget.


Laura David

Director of Sport


Arts Ambassadors


Arts Ambassadors

Now our major performance evening has been and gone, I want to commend all the students who were a part of Where Dreams Begin. The show was a tremendous success, making it a night to remember. I would like to thank Ms Massingham, Ms Kennedy, teachers and tutors for their efforts to organise and teach our performers everything that was showcased on the evening.

As our competitions and eisteddfods also came to an end, the next chapter began and we commenced preparations for this term’s Arts Week and Spiritus Evening in Term 4. The instrumental, drama, dance and choral groups have already begun to learn and rehearse new repertoire to kickstart Term 4.

This week is our annual Arts Week. On Wednesday a large interhouse canvas painting competition took place with staff from the College Leadership Team as a focal point of the paintings. The House Prefects have been working hard in preparation for this project by sketching the way for the girls. This competition was extended to all girls to come and try their hand at painting.

Across the two days, there were art installations, graffiti walls, student performances and, finally, a House Fashion Parade. All were invited to come along at morning tea and lunch time to celebrate Arts Week on the holy lawn.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Mrs Esdaile and Ms Swindail-Hill for organising this week, as it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Amelia (Mimi) Pugh and Vivienne Young

Arts Ambassadors

Mission Ambassadors


Mission Ambassadors

This term, the St Vincent de Paul and Justice and Democracy Groups have worked hard to organize the annual Cultural Day celebration. This year, the girls have decided to to focus on the College’s theme of Hospitality, by highlighting the unifying factors that unite all cultures at Brigidine. The groups held a mini festival in the hall, which included Bollywood dancing, a multicultural feast, indigenous balms for sale, stalls from the Languages Club and various cultural games. The event aimed to educate the girls on the traditions of the many cultures within Brigidine, with a special focus on language. The Languages Club did an amazing job at ensuring that a diverse range of cultures were displayed, as well as offering an array of delicious foods on the day. Culture is important at Brigidine, as it allows us to learn and experience new traditions from each other.

Thank you to all of the girls involved in running the event on the day, plus a special thank you to Mr Beiers, Ms Dickson, Mrs Jeffcoat and Mrs Hart for helping out in the planning stages.

The Mission team is excited to brainstorm new initiatives for next term with the girls in Justice and Democracy and Vinnies.

Skye Fitzpatrick and Kelsey Webb

Mission Ambassadors




Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like …

Support our local businesses

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like to register your own business and have it showcased regularly to our community, please register here.

Shelter Architects & Planners Pty Ltd

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  • Independent & Expert Witness Reports
  • Pest Management & Treatment

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Or Phone: 0434 631 555


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Brigid’s Cloak


Brigid’s Cloak

Monitor Online

Reminder to Collect Ordered Items

If you have ordered items ON LINE please collect these from Brigid’s Cloak Uniform Shop.  If you have received an email detailing your item for collection from Brigid’s Cloak Uniform Shop and you do not believe this to be correct please contact Mrs Scott or Mrs Bridley in the Uniform Shop.

Brigid’s Cloak Roster





Monday 7 October


Tuesday 8 October

Melanie Wright

Wednesday 9 October

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 10 October

Kerry O’Reilly,

Karen Donelan

Friday 11 October

Nicola Foley

Monday 14 October

Jenny Crowhurst

Tuesday 15 October

Wednesday 16 October

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 17 October

Chinh Dinh,

Kieu Thi

Friday 18 October

Diane Fraze

Brigid’s Cloak opening hours until further notice:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30 to 11:00am
Tuesday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Thursday 7:30am to 3:30pm


Anne Scott and Janice Bridley

Brigid’s Cloak Coconvenors


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Share your Cocurricular Photos

The College invites you to share any cultural/sporting photos you may take at Brigidine cocurricular activities.  We welcome photos which can possibly be used in our College publications and in social media communications.  We try to cover a wide variety of activities but cannot attend every cocurricular event.  We are always interested to hear about your daughters’ achievements outside of school so please let us know if you have anything to share.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact 

The Curragh Café


The Curragh Café

Monitor Online

Menu from Term 1 2019

Curragh Cafe Menu and Roster

Monday 7 October PUBLIC HOLIDAY
Tuesday 8 October
Wednesday 9 October
Susan Ganesan
Thursday 10 October Vanita Snell
Friday 11 October Rachel Harm
Monday 14 October Maryline Richards
Tuesday 15 October Kerrie Pattison
Wednesday 16 October Martina Hayes
Thursday 17 October Lisa Robinson-Pennay
Friday 18 October Kym McNab

Judy Thannhauser and Janelle Prouatt

Curragh Café Coconvenors

Date Claimers


Date Claimers


7 October Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
8 October Term 4 begins
9-11 October Year 10 Solas Bhride
15 October Twilight Open Evening 2:00-6:00pm
21 October Student Free Day – Year 11 Reflection
24 October Awards & Acknowledgement Evening 7:00pm
25 October Students start school 11:00am for Period 3 lesson
28 October Year 7 Immunisations from 1:30pm


P&F Association News


P&F Association News

On Saturday 7 September the College celebrated the 90th Anniversary in style with a Gala Ball at the magnificent Main Auditorium, Brisbane City Hall. Over 300 guests danced the night away celebrating this significant milestone, enjoying fine dining and live entertainment by Geed UP Music. It was wonderful to see so many alumni and past staff in the crowd and together we watched 90 years progress through the ages with a wonderful slide show. Thank you to the dedicated Parents and Friends’ Association.  The team of  Katrina Kupke (President), Michelle Parcell (Committee Member) and myself had almost 12 months of planning for this event so it was wonderful to see our time and effort come to fruition on such a memorable evening.

The professional photos have been shared with guests and on Facebook.

Next term is a busy one for us with a number of activities we are either running or supporting at Brigidine:

  • Tuesday 15 October Twilight Evening: Free sausage sizzle
  • Thursday 24 October Awards and Acknowledgement Evening: Rooftop pre-drinks at ERPAC
  • Wednesday 6 November P&F meeting: We will be locking in the calendar of events for 2020 amongst other matters
  • Wednesday 13 November Celebration Cakes: Providing our Year 12 cohort with celebration cupcakes to mark the end of their schooling at Brigidine
  • Thursday 28 November P&F Christmas Carols by the Holy Lawn: This is always a lovely evening to celebrate the end of the year together as a community

Thank you for your support.  As mentioned above, our final meeting for the year is Wednesday 6 November at 7.15pm in the Convent.  Everyone is welcome we would love to see you there.

Louise Johnston

Vice President

The next P&F function is the Carols on the Holy Lawn on Thursday 28 November.  This is always a lovely evening to share together and celebrate the end of the school year.

Ms Katrina Kupke is the current P&F President.  This will be her last year in the P&F as her daughter Imogen graduates.  If you would like to get involved, please come along to our final meeting for 2019 on Wednesday 6 November.  The P&F is a wonderful place to meet other parents and also an opportunity to have your say about where P&F funds are spent and what events the P&F should run.  We hope to see you there.

Louise Johnston

P&F Vice-President

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