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From the Principal’s Desk


From the Principal’s Desk


Living God, draw us into unity
Creator of all things, both seen and unseen, speak to us in your great wisdom.
Make us strong as we seek your help and guidance.
Teach us to love all people regardless of race or colour or belief.
May we listen with great care to the heartbeat of this land
and to its people who cared for it so well and for so long.
May the peace these people and their land have always enjoyed continue to be strengthened and preserved by all who wish to come and be part of this country and its ‘Ancient Dreaming’.
Glory to you, God of Life, Creating, nurturing, reconciling.
Glory to you forever.

Through ‘Discovering New Horizons’ during this time, we aim to also foster community and creativity across our College.

‘Faith as a communal activity, to rekindle what it is that brings us together, what assists us to work together and share in the common good.’ Whether this be through historical ‘principles of community’ or a recognition of dignity and gifts from the spirit are encountered through inclusion and not fear.’
Professor Colleen Griffith, 2016

‘The grace of movement through creative expressions and critical thinking, as a community. Experiential opportunities allow people to play and give the spirit life. For people to identify who they are, not just an expression of what we might think we might be.’
Courtney Otto, 2016

Through experiencing joy with the spirituality of God, there is a greater connection, a deeper sense of gratitude and inner strength to be more explicit about my faith. To enjoy the fruits of the spirit, where joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness and gentleness resides is particularly heartening.

“Goodness always tends to spread. Every authentic experience of truth and goodness seeks by its very nature to grow within us and become more sensitive to the needs of others. As it expands, goodness takes root and develops. If we wish to lead a dignified and fulfilling life, we have to reach out to others and seek their good.”
Pope Francis

When we listen fully to someone, you are more likely to find out what they need. We will then be able to help them more effectively.’
(Ryan, T. 2003)

“Let tiny drops of stillness fall gently through my day”
Noel Davis


Principal’s Notes

Staff News

Staff returning next term include Mr Stephen Robinson, returning from Long Service Leave.  Thank you to Mr Mike Southon for his assistance this term.

Staff Changes

Mrs Diana Chambers, Curriculum Leader PE – on Long Service Leave from 15 July to 9 August

Staff Leaving:

Ms Ngairi Dewar, Assistant to Deputy Principal Curriculum

Mrs Cheryl Jensen, Library Aide

Mrs Jocelyn Enright, School Officer Student Services

New Staff:

Ms Jenny Harding, Assistant to Deputy Principal Curriculum

Ms Amanda Pearson, Library Aide

Ms Jodie May, School Officer Student Services

Mr Ron Mayo, School Officer, IT Department

Wellbeing at Brigidine

For many years the wellbeing of students has been a key priority for Brigidine. Through the legacy left by the Brigidine Sisters and the wonderful work over generations of fine teachers and families, the health and wellbeing of young women has been a hallmark of the College. We are very proud of the essential feature of our Brigidine Education and this will continue long into the future.

With an ongoing focus on the needs of the adolescent girl, changes introduced through the Solas Bhride Program are providing a great range of activities specifically targeted to the Middle Years and Senior Years teenager. An important initiative at the College has also included a Student Voice process and series of events, to have our young women actively value community contributions and responsibilities. Key matters raised by the students include:

  • Sustainable environmental care for the earth
  • Active engagement for students during morning tea and lunchtimes
  • Further opportunities to lead respectful debates
  • Amendments to rules regarding uniform choices
  • Modifications to behaviour management rules.

The focus for our current School Captains and Prefects is on environmental matters inside the College and outside in the broader community. The College is changing rubbish disposal and recycling practices to include:

  • Three rubbish key stations – three identified bins including general refuse, recycling paper and plastics bins
  • All building to only have paper recycling rubbish bins within each room and hallway
  • Environment Group to sort rubbish into waste, recycling and plastics bins weekly

Coupled with the wellbeing of students, there has also been a strong focus on teacher and staff wellbeing, with a new Wellbeing Framework launched during this term. Teachers and staff involved have embraced the opportunity to share time and energy to encourage and maintain wellbeing as an accepted part of our employment practices. The College continues to explicitly support the ongoing welfare and Professional Development of staff during 2019 led by the College Leadership Team and administered by Allison Johansen, Acting Assistant Principal, Professional Teaching and Learning.

Whilst there have been a range of measures to focus on the wellbeing of all staff at the College, the first in many opportunities include our inaugural Staff Wellbeing and Spirituality Day on 27 June 2019.

Science Technology Building 2020

The Science and Technology continues with the two levels of car parking completed. At this stage the building is on schedule with the current program being completed by the end of November. It is envisaged that the fitting out of the rooms and offices will be completed prior to Christmas. The College is ready to consider furniture options for the GLAs and a variety of learning spaces, with decisions to be made by the beginning of August.

The ongoing development of the College grounds continues as part of the Maintenance Plan. Further works include:

  • New shade umbrella Tullow Building
  • New grassed area and tables for students
  • New outdoor furniture for students
  • New Choir Stands for the College Choirs

A competition has been launched for students and the broader College Community to ‘Name’ the new building. Considerations will include Celtic Heritage, Catholic traditions and Contemporary Learning for young women

What’s in a Name Competition

Cultural News

A variety of cultural groups have performed in eisteddfods over the past few weeks with strong feedback and fantastic opportunities being made available to all girls. It is wonderful to see the girls and their tutors fully engaging their gifts and talents and being recognised for their excellent work.

Sports News

Congratulations to Foley House on winning the Interhouse Athletics Carnival for the first time. Whilst the results were close, Foley was declared the winner. They led all students to embrace a wonderful College community day and I also congratulate all students, staff and coaches for an outstanding event.

Congratulations also to the wide variety of teams competing in CaSSSA competitions and independent fixtures across Netball, Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball and Touch Football.

Brigidine 90th Anniversary events in Term 3

Friday 2 August

Brigidine Day student events with the theme of Through the Decades

Saturday 10 August

“Where Dreams Begin” cultural evening at Southbank Piazza

Tuesday 13 August

Staff Soiree for past and present staff

Saturday 7 September

P&F Association 90th Anniversary Gala Ball

A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn

Brendan Cahill





Information on Southern Cross chartered bus services for students in Brigidine College and Ambrose Treacy College can be found here:

Please note the following changes to the S64 Bus route with effect from 13 May 2019:

S64 Route Change

Mission News


Mission News

The winter solstice is an important time in the ancient Celtic world of St Brigid.

The winter solstice celebrates the shortest day of the year.  When we visited Ireland for the Brigidine Pilgrimage we were amazed by the incredible ingenuity, resourcefulness and imagination of the Celtic people, particularly in relation to understanding the movements of the sun and stars and how they were incorporated in important rituals.

Annually, hundreds of people gather in Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland, to watch the sunrise magically illuminate the ancient burial site.

I stood in the middle of the tomb in pitch black with Presentation sister, Sr Bernadette on my left and Brigidine sister, Sr Chanel on my right. I could not see my hands even held close to my face.  The intensity of the light piercing through into the tomb was a powerful metaphor detailing the coming out of the slumber of winter into the new light of spring.

Recently, Pentecost Sunday brought the Easter Festival Season to a close and heralded wintertime as the formal church embraced its humble beginnings.  Ordinary time commenced with the feast of the Holy Trinity where we hear in the Gospels about the apostles being commissioned to go out into the world and baptize in the Trinitarian way, that is, “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

This winter holiday let us be mindful about replenishing our energies and stores to be revitalized for Term 3, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!

Have a blessed and safe holiday!

Andrew Beiers

Deputy Principal Mission


Curriculum Matters


Curriculum Matters

Semester 1 Reports

Semester 1 reports will be available online in SEQTA by Friday 5 July. You will be sent an email when this is available. All of your daughter’s past and current reports can be viewed through 5SEQTA. If you have any difficulty accessing this information please email

The Semester Report will provide you with a summary of your daughter’s achievements and progress. I trust that the report is informative and helpful.

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews

Information about the Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews, including the login information for the online booking system, will be emailed to you prior to the start of next term. Parent Teacher Interviews are an opportunity to meet with your daughter’s teacher if you have concerns about her progress. If your daughter’s teacher requested an interview on the Semester 1 Report, I would encourage you to make an appointment for the Parent Teacher Interviews.

Parent-Teacher interviews will be held in the Kildare Hall on:

  • Thursday 18 July (Year 7, 9 & 12) 3:45-7:15pm
  • Tuesday 30 July (Year 8, 10 & 11) 3:45-7:15pm

Term 3 Information Evenings

Year 12 QTAC Selection Information Evening

The Year 12 QTAC Selection Information Evening will be held on Tuesday 16 July at 6.00 pm. The information presented in this evening is of the highest importance regarding the process for applying through QTAC, as well as information regarding the upcoming QCS Test and the process of OP Predictions.

Your presence at this evening will be extremely beneficial to both you and your daughter.

Year 8 and 10 Subject Information Evening

During Term 3, the Year 8 and 10 students will be involved in selecting subjects for 2019. A Subject Information Evening will be held for both year levels on Thursday 25 July. Further details about this will be sent at the start of next term.

I wish you all a restful break and hope this cooler weather brings time for rejuvenation for the second semester.

Melissa Dever

Deputy Principal Curriculum

Pastoral News


Pastoral News

As we reach the close of a successful semester at Brigidine, it is a time to reflect. One of the most fulfilling aspects about working with young people is watching them grow and mature. The living values and mission of the College inspire our young women to build their identity, foster respectful relationships with others, and have a positive impact on what happens around them. This semester I have witnessed girls who have grown from their mistakes, pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, and challenged themselves to do better. They are proud of their learnings and are on a rewarding trajectory. With an aim to articulate clearly positive behaviours for self and others, Brigidine will next term publish an updated version of the Behaviour Management Policy and Procedures. The foundation of our holistic education at Brigidine are our College values and mission.


Mission and Values

Brigidine College Students

Behavioural Expectations

Be faithful to our relationship with God in Jesus Christ Respect Spirituality
  • Positively engage with the College ethos
  • Be respectful of the diversity of spiritual growth
  • Positively participate in prayer, Religious Education, Mass, liturgy, Patron Days, retreats
Celebrate all that is good with joy and gratitude Respect and strengthen self and others
  • Respect and support the College’s reputation
  • Show self-respect
  • Act with integrity – be honest and reliable
  • Be courteous and respectful to others
  • Be positive and kind in communications with others – written, verbal, in person and online
  • Wear uniform with pride and dignity
  • Respect own property, the property of others and the College’s property
  • Respect the College’s physical environment
Engender a love of learning, hope and a sense of purpose Respect learning of self and others
  • Strive for excellence and give your best
  • Be diligent and responsible about learning
  • Respect others as they learn
  • Achieve high attendance
  • Be punctual to school and classes
  • Be prepared for learning
  • Complete homework and assessment
  • Actively seek to positively participate in College activities held on and off site
Image and practise justice and service Empower the vulnerable

Respect Inclusivity

  • Allow others to be themselves
  • Be courageous and stand up against bullying and other negative behaviours
  • Positively participate in the College Mission and Wellbeing Programs

The students are fortunate to have a holiday break that will provide them with an opportunity to rest and reenergise. It would be tempting to spend a lot of time relaxing in front of screens; however, it is an opportunity to try a range of technology-free activities that improve wellbeing.

There are many healthy options such as exercising, being with nature, playing music, cooking, meditation or even helping out at home. The holiday break is also a time to establish better sleeping patterns. The Government website Raising Children offers good advice for parents about adolescent sleep habits and the link between wellbeing and sleep.

I hope that families enjoy their break and I look forward to an equally successful Semester II.

90th Anniversary Celebrations

As we continue to celebrate our 90th Anniversary, Years 9-12 students from Brigidine and Ambrose Treacy College are invited to a ‘Through the Generations’ Dance on Friday 2 August from 7.00-10.00pm in Kildare Hall. Students may come in costume to represent an era from the past 90 years. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from

Years 7 and 8 Brigidine students are invited to a Movie Event on Friday 2 August from 3.15-6.15pm in the Rehearsal Space. An invitation will soon be sent to parents of Years 7-8 students to accept their daughter’s participation at this Movie Event. The students will vote for their preferred film for the evening (G/PG rating). On the evening students will enjoy a movie trivia competition with prizes;  ice-creams and popcorn will be available.

Melinda Egan
(Acting) Deputy Principal Pastoral

Asst Principal Professional Teaching & Learning


Asst Principal Professional Teaching & Learning

Retrieval Practice

Research shows that families have the most significant influence on their children’s learning and development. Maintaining strong links between our families and the College is important to help our students succeed at school and in life. We both want our students to be articulate learners who are proud of the Brigidine woman they have become.

By sharing the latest evidence-based practices to teaching and learning, we are supporting our Brigidine community to understand why teacher practice is adapting. It is encouraging to know that our parents are interested in what their daughter is learning in school and look for ways they can assist them. This is why our Write that Essay Parent Information Evening, held in March earlier this year, was such a success.

Due to the popularity and positive feedback, Brigidine College will be hosting a more intimate information evening for our parents in August. Please keep an eye out for updates and how to book tickets in the newsletter and Facebook page. Numbers will be limited.

Other ways parents can help their daughters at home is by using the same techniques we use in the classroom. That is, encouraging your daughter to describe and explain the information learnt at school from their memory. By doing this, your daughter is practising her retrieval and reinforcement of what she’s learnt – let her do the talking.

If you have a reluctant talker, encourage them to practice retrieval practice by writing what they already know on a sheet of paper, help them make flash cards, or help them to make their own questions for retrieval practice.

One of the most powerful strategies our teachers at Brigidine College implement is linking their learning to their prior knowledge. By doing this, you are encouraging their understanding and practising bringing information to mind. You might have heard your daughter talk about ‘Kahoot’ in the Technologies Department, ‘Plickers’ in the Humanities Department, quizzes in the Maths and Science Departments, and plenary lesson starters in the Arts Department. These tools all encourage our students to bring information to their mind.

Retrieval practice is hard, and the aim is to make it habitual – like riding a bike. The more they do it, the easier it becomes. My bet is that when you rode a bike for the first time, it was a pretty daunting experience. Our aim is to make students so accustomed to recalling, that anxiety is reduced, and they can confidently recall and retrieve information.

Blunt, J & Karpicke, J. (2014). Learning with retrieval-based concept mapping. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106, 849 – 859.

Carpenter, S. (2011). Semantic information activated during retrieval contributes to later retention: Support for the mediator effectiveness hypothesis of the testing effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 37, 1547 – 1552.

Hinze, S & Rapp, D. (2014). Retrieval (sometimes) enhances learning: Performance pressure reduces the benefits of retrieval practice. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 28, 597 – 606.

Allison Johansen
(Acting) Assistant Principal Professional Teaching & Learning

Arts Ambassadors’ Update


Arts Ambassadors’ Update

The Arts program has truly flourished in Brigidine’s 90th Anniversary year. This year we welcomed many new students in Year 7 and other year levels. It is truly inspiring to see how our youngest girls have risen to the challenge of trying something new and giving it a go. Each of our groups have progressed immensely with their teachers and have been tirelessly preparing for our upcoming event ‘Where Dreams Begin’. The girls have practised and finessed their acts, pieces and routines in the past few weeks. We would like to acknowledge the work that each student, teacher and tutor has put in to make these things happen.

Alongside the preparation of our showcase, multiple groups have also been preparing for their competitions and have produced outstanding results. The Sapphires Dance Troupe were highly commended for their jazz and contemporary. The Emeralds received a very highly commended, the Bridgettes received positive feedback for their performance and the Diamonds took out 3rd place. Well done girls!

The musicians have progressed immensely in their tone and their ability to play together. The Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and String Ensembles have picked up their repertoire with enthusiasm. It is inspiring to see our girls kickstart the term with their drive and commitment. With the juggle of schoolwork and cocurricular activities, we encourage our girls to find balance and perseverance within themselves when it comes to practise and the stress of exams: take time to reflect and keep moving forward. We strive to make 2019 a year to remember!

Over the past few weeks, many lunches have been dedicated to singalongs and dances to encourage girls to destress on Fridays. This has created a positive energy within the College that lasts throughout the weeks, which we hope will continue to the end of the year.

‘Where Dreams Begin’ is approaching soon, on 10 August, so make sure to check your emails and get your tickets!

Mimi Pugh and Vivienne Young

Arts Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors’ Report


Sports Ambassadors’ Report

This has been a very busy semester of sport, with Cross Country,  trimester sports, Futsal, Rowing, Equestrian and Athletics.

On 30 May the CaSSSA Cross Country team prepared for their big competition with a yoga and pasta night. Here, members of the team were awarded with the trainer awards for each age group, which represents their dedication and hard work throughout the season. We would like to congratulate all of the girls who were involved in the CaSSSA Cross Country Carnival on 31 May at Limestone Park. Everyone ran well and represented the College with pride, good sportsmanship and perseverance. Overall, Brigidine finished 5th in the Aggregate Cup and 3rd in the Percentage Cup, only 6 points separating them from 2nd and 1st place. We are proud of the girls’ tremendous efforts in the preparation for this competition and congratulate them on their terrific season.

Trimester sports are well underway with trials done and teams chosen and competing. The sports that are running this trimester are Netball, Volleyball, Hockey and Soccer. The open Soccer and Netball teams have also been competing in several practice games upcoming to the Sydney trip to Brigidine St Ives.

The Brigidine Futsal, Rowing and Equestrian athletes have been very successful, and we would like to acknowledge the amazing teamwork to achieve such great sporting results. The open-age Futsal team competed at a small competition at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on 2 May. The girls were undefeated and ultimately won their grand final! Consequently, the team has now been invited into the biggest competition of the year – Champion of Champions.  In Rowing news, on 8 June, the rowers competed at Wyaralong Dam, with the Year 10 team of Jessie Cowin, Sofia Nearhos, Jemma Thomson and Caitlin Browne, winning their age group title. In Equestrian, Annie Bremner and Claire Crocombe travelled to Gatton Showgrounds to represent Brigidine in the South East Queensland Regional Equestrian Competition. With very successful results, they are now qualified for state championships. We are extremely proud of the efforts of these groups who are working extremely hard to achieve wonderful results.


More so, this week, all students were transported to St Lucia to compete in the annual Interhouse Track and Field Carnival. With Brigidine spirit ringing out loud and clear, all competitors performed well to assist their House to gain the trophy rights. The events ranged from sprints (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m), throws (discus, shotput and javelin), jumps (long, high and triple) as well as the ball games with Mrs Brosnan and teacher -v- student race.

Overall, we are very proud of all girls who are dedicating themselves to their chosen sports. Good job everyone! We wish everyone a happy holiday and safe travels wherever you may go.

Imogen Kerr and Jessica Palmer

Sports Ambassadors

Science News


Science News

Science Week is Coming!

The Science staff, student Science Reps and Ambassadors have been planning to bring to Brigidine its Annual Science Week.  Science Week will be held from Monday 5 to Friday 9 August.  The overall theme for the week will be “The Periodic table” as this year is the 150th anniversary of the development of the periodic table.

Each day there will be a daily quiz and “Albert” our Science Week mascot will be once again travelling around and hiding in various places around the College.   There will be lunchtime events each day including competitions (Paper Plane flying and Science Trivia) as well as other great events.   On the Monday we will have a physics theme with an enormous jumping castle/obstacle course for the girls to try their skills.

Through the week will be workshops run by various presenters from the University of Queensland plus other presenters such as Dr Rob from “Scope”, Martin from “Geckoes Wildlife” and Street Science.   All students who study Junior or Senior Science will have some sort of workshop or presentation during the week.

On Friday 9 August after school we are holding a BBQ and Science workshop for the Science Reps and Ambassadors from 3:15 to 5:00 pm.

On Wednesday 7 August, several of the Science Reps will travel to various primary schools to show them “Brigo Science” plus Holy Family students will come to the College to work with our students in the labs plus attend a range of our Science Week events.   It is going to be a great week.

Mrs Jeffcoat is running a workshop the week before Science Week for any girl who would like to decorate a T-shirt with the symbol and fun picture of one of the elements on the periodic table.

Science Out and About

Congratulations to Laura Davis, 11 DM1, who has been selected to attend the FEAST (Future Experiences in Agriculture, Science and Technology) Program in the Semester holidays.  This five-day residential program held at UQ Gatton Campus is set to inspire high school students to think about rewarding science careers in the agriculture, animal, plant and food industries.

Congratulations to Cassie King, 10 DM1, who has been selected to attend the Engineering Link Project next month.  This two-day venture for Year 10, 11 and 12 students aims to help students get hands on experience in university level projects, working with practising engineers and experiencing activities that will open their eyes to possible career paths.

Congratulations also to Grace Hiley, 11 DE5, who has been selected to attend the QUT STEM Camp in the September holidays.

Science in the Classroom

Year 7 Science

Report and photos by Laura Mears

In Year 7 Science we have been learning about solute and solvent by experimenting with Alka Seltzer tablets dissolving in water and acid (vinegar).

Report and photos by Isabella Almirante

On Tuesday 4 June 7D worked on a class assessment, testing the solubility of Alka Seltzer dissolving in water and vinegar. We tested this in different temperatures and timed how long the tablet would take to dissolve. The information was recorded on a table and a graph. For our assessment, we wrote an introduction, aim, hypothesis, diagram and materials for the experiment. The girls grew their knowledge on this topic, but they also had lots of fun.

Year 10 Natural Science

Report and photos by Caitlin Kitto

Our Year 10 Natural Science group have started their Biology unit looking at cells.  We are looking into what organelles are in certain cells and what these organelles do before we get into learning about Genetics.  We have done a practical, learning how to focus an image through a microscope.  In our practical, we mounted an onion layer onto a slide and added bromophenol blue (which is an indicator) to turn the onion layer blue so we could see the cell and its organelles.  The aim of this practical was to focus on the slide and have a look to see which organelles were visible.

Extension Activities for Years 7-12 students

For Year 10, 11 and 12:  QUT Engineering Link Project

Students complete a proposal detailing the problem, test results and the recommended solution which is assessed by the guest engineer.  The students then build their final solution and test it, usually to destruction, before debriefing again with the engineer.  The Engineering Link Project is a two-day program hosted by a local university.  Students are mentored by professional engineers to solve model problems from different disciplines of engineering.

Date: Thursday 4 & Friday 5 July, 8:15am to 4:00pm
Venue: QUT, Gardens Point Campus
Registration: Open now until 2 July 2019
Cost: $65 (further details on registration page)

Junior Physics Odyssey

The Queensland Junior Physics Odyssey (JPhO) is a five-day non-residential program for Year 10 students with an interest in physics, science and mathematics.  The program aims to develop your problem-solving skills as well as an appreciation and understanding of physics.


Date: Usually in July – watch the website
Venue: University of Queensland
For: Year 10 students
Registration: Open soon – watch the website
Cost: $260 (covers all meals, program materials and the JPhO tee-shirt)

Conocophillips Science Experience

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2019 program year.  Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 68,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.

Date: 22-24 January 2020
Venue: University of Queensland (St Lucia Campus)
For: Year 9 and 10 students
Registration: Open now (limited places)
Cost: $190 – 3 day program, $260 – 4 day program

AYAF (Australian Youth Aerospace forum)

The Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) is a five-day live-in conference which provides students in Year 11 and 12 the opportunity to investigate careers and pathways in the aerospace industry. The forum is designed to showcase the various university and industry opportunities available to students upon completion of secondary school.


Date: July 2019
Venue: Brisbane
For: Year 11 and 12 students

CSIRO Science Bootcamp

Science bootcamp is an immersive CSIRO science experience for secondary school students in Years 8-10. CSIRO Education and Outreach host science bootcamp in various capital cities throughout the year. The two-day (non-residential) program exposes students to authentic scientific research in contemporary research facilities and gives the students the chance to meet and talk with CSIRO researchers. Students visit working laboratories and see the research currently being performed by scientists, researchers and technicians

For: Year 8-12 students



Youth ANZASS (The Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science)

Youth ANZAAS is an annual residential international forum for science students in Years 10 to 12. Every year, students from each State and Territory are selected to participate in science activities and experiences over a period of a week.  Behind-the-scenes tours, lectures with leading scientists, hands-on research, cutting edge technology – all this and more awaits you at Youth ANZAAS!

Date: July 2019
For: Year 10, 11 and 12 students

Robogals Brisbane

Robogals is a student-run, not-for-profit organisation which aims to empower girls and young women to pursue engineering and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. Robogals Brisbane (formerly Robogals UQ) inspires, engages and supports the next generation of future engineers in schools, universities and industry.

Girls in Robotics (GiR) day are our school holidays program held every holiday for girls in grades 4-12 at UQ St Lucia. These all-day workshop aims to inspire students and extend their problem-solving and engineering skills.  Arduino GiRs are a new Robogals Brisbane initiative. We teach students in grades 9-12 how to program with Arduinos. The students learn the basics of microcontrollers, breadboarding and utilising sensors while creating a fun project. Previous Arduino GiRs have included whack-a-mole and guitar hero.  Students will be provided with an electronics kit to use in the workshops and at the end of the event, they may keep the kit.

For: Year 9-12 students

Queensland Science Contest

The Queensland Science Contest is an opportunity for Queensland students to have their scientific work judged for awards and prizes.

Date: 11-12 October 2019, awards ceremony 26 October 2019
Venue: University of Queensland
For: Year 7-12 students
Registration: Open Term 2, Closing date to be advised
Cost: $5 individual entry or $10 per group (max 3 students) entry prior to 8 October 2019

CSIRO Work Experience

We are committed to giving students first-hand experience with working in a scientific or engineering environment; be it one of our many areas of science and research, or as part of our support services team.  You have the opportunity to gain insight and experience into our everyday work, which involves solving the big questions facing our country and planet; enquire about the type of work we undertake; find out the types of jobs that are available in the science industry; gain relevant work experience and/or skills; explore research interests and align school studies with career aspirations.

Date: Placements usually occur during May to December (usually lasting 5 days)
Venue: CSIRO sites
For: Year 10, 11 and 12 students

Famous Female Scientists

A report by Georgia Colburn

English woman, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836-1917), was the first female English Doctor.  She was inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female Doctor in the US.  Sadly, she was not accepted into any medical schools to pursue her passion for Medicine, so she studied Nursing instead.  Elizabeth taught herself French so she could study at the University of Paris.  She qualified as a doctor but was not allowed to be admitted onto the British Medical Register.  As a result, she established a hospital for women; a place for women to learn Medicine.  After Elizabeth retired, she became the first female Mayor in England.



Yours in Science,

Debra Guthrie

Curriculum Leader Science

Humanities News


Humanities News

7A Silent Protest

A report by Lucy Peters 7 CH1

On 20 June, our class protested for a change in the Constitution. Currently the Australian Constitution doesn’t recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples so, to show our support for the change, we stood together in solidarity on the Holy Lawn. We tied our hands to each other to show that we stand together for change. We held up the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and the Australian flags and our #WeAreOne signs. We hope that by protesting, we can create a more inclusive society for all of the Indigenous Peoples of Australia.

The Premier’s ANZAC Prize

A reflection by Claudia Maher 11 MK4

The Premier’s ANZAC Prize has been the best, most rewarding experience of my life. Throughout the eight-month journey from application to the trip itself, I have learnt so much about myself and the world around me. I have met some incredible people and been a part of some incredible things. With applying, I was able to express my passion for the ANZAC spirit in a creative way in the form of a multimodal presentation. I loved the process and somehow ended up on my first overseas trip less than a year later. The prize brought two of my biggest interests together, allowing me to travel while learning about the ANZACs, who I have always felt a connection to. The trip gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures, challenge myself and meet some of my best friends.

We went to London, shocked by the cold while exploring Westminster and honouring our soldiers at the intimate Harefield memorial, and Paris, getting lost in the Louvre, Catacombs and Palace of Versailles. In Ypres, Belgium, we played endless games of Uno and met people from all over the world with the same desire to commemorate our ANZACs. Each day we ventured to the Somme battlefields where we learnt about the experience of our soldiers during the war while remembering them at different services in places like Tyne Cot Cemetery and the Naour Caves. On ANZAC Day we had the incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lay a wreath at the Villers-Bretonneux Dawn Service on behalf of high school students across Queensland. We did this while being in the presence of Australians who, just like us, had travelled from far and wide to commemorate our ANZACs and we soaked up the immense feeling of comradery that was shaped by our soldiers.

I don’t have enough words to describe my gratitude for the prize and the chance it has given me to honour the people who sacrificed so much for our country and I strongly encourage anyone who has a connection to the ANZACs to apply as you will not regret it.

Applications have now opened for the 2020 Premier’s ANZAC Prize.  All students in Years 8-11 are invited to apply.

How do students enter?

Students are invited to submit a multimedia presentation addressing the following key question:

How relevant for young Australians today is the ANZAC Spirit, which was forged and shaped by the experiences of earlier generations in twentieth century conflicts in places far from home?

In your response, refer to the legacy of Australia’s involvement in World War I (e.g. Gallipoli, the Western Front, the Middle East) and one other conflict (e.g. World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the East Timor Conflict or the Afghanistan War – a 21st Century conflict).

Applications close at 5:00pm on 20 September 2019.  Further information, including resources, can be found on the QLD Government Premier’s Anzac Prize website.  Any questions or expressions of interest, can be emailed to me Domenica Strachan, Acting Curriculum Leader Humanities

Domenica Strachan

Acting Curriculum Leader, Humanities

Visual Arts News


Visual Arts News

Art Xpress info sheet

Christina Esdaile

Subject Coordinator, Arts

Damien House News


Damien House News

The end of term brought about much excitement and joy as we competed in the Athletics Track and Field Carnival. During this term, as a staff we identified a word that summarises the essence of Damien House. Damien students can best be described as having tenacity. Tenacity is a word that encapsulates many other qualities and values like persistence and determination. Yesterday, was a remarkable example of the tenacious nature of Damien House as there was spirit, motivation and willingness in every race and every jump. I would like to thank all students in Damien House who participated, cheered and inspired those around them to invest in the Damien House spirit.

As the semester comes to a close, I would also like to take the time to wish everyone a safe holiday. May this holiday bring a refreshing and rejuvenating energy that can be used to establish goals for next semester. There are many exciting things ahead for Damien House during Term 3 and I look forward to sharing them all with you.

Nidean Dickson

Damien Pastoral Leader

Foley House Prefects’ Update


Foley House Prefects’ Update



Term 2 has been a fabulous time for Foley House! We ended Term 1 with our Interhouse Cross Country Carnival, achieving an incredible 3rd place overall. The 2019 Foley theme of ‘Growing Together’ was visible on the day. Hayley and I are so proud of the Foley girls for their achievement; at every interhouse carnival we are improving!  As Term 2 comes to a close, this week we have participated in the Interhouse Athletics Carnival held at UQ. We are proud of all those girls who performed to the best of their ability, representing Foley on the day.

During this Semester, there have been numerous House Assemblies where we have been able to bond as a House group. Earlier in the year Foley came together to make pink woollen tassels for their lockers, diaries and school bags. These activities helped the girls to get involved, improve their teamwork and have some fun! For the remainder of the House Assemblies we have been preparing for Brigidine Day next term. This day of dancing and fun doesn’t come about without a lot of hard work and organisation. We have created our whole House dance and all of the Home Room dances, so we are ready for the big day!

We are now halfway through our journey as Prefects and are looking forward to the rest of the year. Our aspirations for the remainder of 2019 is that we are able to grow closer as a House and to grow as a team. We are inviting all girls to be as involved in Brigidine life as they can, because it is only when you are involved that you feel you are fulfilling your potential. We hope everyone has a restful break and we cannot wait for the excitement that lies ahead in Semester 2!

Laura Bryan and Hayley Pearl

Foley House Prefects

RE News


RE News

Year 11 & 12 Religion & Ethics

Uncle Joe Kirk, one of Australia’s First Peoples and Brisbane Turrbal Elder, visited with Year 10 and 11 Brigidine Religion & Ethics students on Thursday and Friday 13-14 June as part of their study of world religions.

Uncle Joe works with Aboriginal boys from St Edmund’s College, Ipswich, passing on traditional culture and spirituality and is a regular visitor to both Catholic and state schools.  He teaches students about their culture and tradition, about bush animals and bush plants through hands-on, practical sessions followed up in the classroom by his booklets on Indigenous use of flora, etc. He now also has five books of Aboriginal stories out, including his story and that of his father.


In addition, Uncle Joe visits Ngutana-Lui, Brisbane Catholic Education’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre at Inala, in Brisbane’s west, and sits on the Murri Court at Ipswich.

Uncle Joe explained Aboriginal spirituality to our girls through sharing the story of Redcliffe and the Pelican (the law makers) as “we belong to the land… we care for the land… the land cares for us”.  He also identified the totem of Brisbane – the freshwater eel and explained the meaning of the word Indooroopilly “freshwater leeches”, as it was originally a large gully running into swamps.

Finally, Uncle Joe explained that “we are all one mob” and that Aboriginal Spirituality can coexist with Christianity as “baby Jesus is for everyone”.

Jeni Emblem

Religious Education Teacher

Technologies News


Technologies News

Year 9 Food Technology

A report by Tilly Maher and Emma Heers MK1

This term, the Year 9 Food Technology students participated in the Caritas Kitchen Initiative.  With the aim of celebrating a community of foods and global cultures, we successfully explored many cuisines such as South African, Greek, Thai, Italian, German and Mexican.  Through our preparation and our prior knowledge of sustainable eating, we were challenged to decrease our carbon footprint.  When the day finally arrived, the room was filled with excitement as we began to cook our meals and decorate our tables.  Overall, we really enjoyed this term’s task as it inspired everyone to collaborate cultural ideas for a well-deserved charity.

Jenna Burke

Subject Coordinator Technologies

Brigid’s Cloak


Brigid’s Cloak

Monitor Online

Brigid’s Cloak Roster





Monday 15 July

Rebecca Seagg

Tuesday 16 July

Michelle Riesenweber

Wednesday 17 July

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 18 July

Kathy Shea Pranali More

Friday 19 July

Lisa Boelcsfoeldi

Monday 22 July

Caroline Carol

Tuesday 23 July

Wednesday 24 July

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 25 July

Melanie Wright,

Louise Conway

Friday 26 July

Nicola Durrheim

Brigid’s Cloak opening hours until further notice:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30 to 11:00am
Tuesday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Thursday 7:30am to 3:30pm


Anne Scott and Janice Bridley

Brigid’s Cloak Coconvenors

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like …

Support our local businesses

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like to register your own business and have it showcased regularly to our community, please register here.

Shelter Architects & Planners Pty Ltd

  • Building & Pest Inspection Reports
  • Independent & Expert Witness Reports
  • Pest Management & Treatment

Contact Markus via email:

Or Phone: 0434 631 555


DESIGN+CREATE – For All Your Branding Needs

Design+Create is a one-stop-shop, making it easy for our clients to source all of their graphic design, printing and promotional products needs with ease.

We are a full service graphic design, printing and promotional product company with in-house design, quality printing solutions, and thousands of promotional products to choose from.


The Bathroom Biz

Bathroom renovations Brisbane are our specialty and as a small, family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on giving our customers highly personalised and professional service.

Satisfied customers tell us that we are easy to work with – consistently reliable, punctual and friendly. They also tell us that we achieve great results – bathrooms that are lovely to look at and easy to use…perhaps that’s because we really enjoy what we do.

Visit our showroom for ideas, advice and inspiration. Conveniently located at Sumner Park, our showroom offers you a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of quality fittings for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry – all at competitive prices.


Keep up-to-date


Be sure to keep up to date with what is happening in College a little faster and easier:

  • Download the Brigidine App
  • Join our Brigidine College Community Facebook page

Click here to access the Brigidine College Community Facebook Group and request to join this page.

Should you have any queries regarding these communication tools, please contact Louise Johnston, Community Liaison/Administration Officer on 3002 0673 or by email

Share your Cocurricular Photos

The College invites you to share any cultural/sporting photos you may take at Brigidine cocurricular activities.  We welcome photos which can possibly be used in our College publications and in social media communications.  We try to cover a wide variety of activities but cannot attend every cocurricular event.  We are always interested to hear about your daughters’ achievements outside of school so please let us know if you have anything to share.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact 

The Curragh Café


The Curragh Café

Monitor Online

Menu from Term 1 2019

Curragh Cafe Menu and Roster

Monday 15 July Kerry O’Reilly
Tuesday 16 July
Wednesday 17 July Susan Ganesan
Thursday 18 July Dianne Frazer
Friday 19 July Rachel Harm, Brigid Parnell
Monday 22 July Fiona Challenor
Tuesday 23 July
Wednesday 24 July Claire Duffield
Thursday 25 July Vanita Snell
Friday 26 July Toni O’Reilly

Judy Thannhauser and Janelle Prouatt

Curragh Café Coconvenors

Date Claimers


Date Claimers


Monday 15 July Term 3 begins
Tuesday 16 July QTAC Evening for Year 12 students – details to be advised
Thursday 18 July 3:45-7:15pm Parent Teacher Interviews for Years 7, 9, 12
Monday 15 July Term 3 begins
  Tuesday 23 andWednesday 24 July Year 12 QCS Simulation
24-26 July Year 8 Solas Bhride
Thursday 25 July Student Selection Evening: Year 8 5:00pm, Year 10 7:00pm
Friday 26 July Year 11 Social
27-29 July Brigidine Sporting Exchange with St Ives
Tuesday 30 July Year 10 Immunisations 1:30pm
Tuesday 30 July 3:45-7:15pm Parent Teacher Interviews for Years 8, 10, 11
Thursday 1 August Year 8 & 10 Subject Selections due
Friday 2 August Brigidine Day

P&F Association News

Get your Gala Ball tickets NOW!

P&F Association News

Gala Ball

Be sure to book your tickets for the Gala Ball on Saturday 7 September.  Tickets are selling fast with bookings closing on 9 August unless sold out prior.  Book now: Gala Ball

P&F Purchases

At the June P&F meeting, it was approved, after close consultation with the College, that the P&F fund the following large purchases:

  • 20 new outdoor tables
  • 3 Choir rises

Your P&F Levy contributes to items such as this.  We are extremely excited about both of these additions to the College and we trust the girls will make good use of the additional seating.  The Choir rises will be christened at the upcoming “Where Dreams Begin” at Southbank Piazza on Saturday 10 August.  The College has almost 70 students in the combined College Choirs so it will be wonderful to see the girls on these stands.

The College has sold almost 500 tickets for “Where Dreams Begin” so please ensure you get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.  Tickets will be released to the wider community on 15 July.

The next P&F meeting will take place on Wednesday 7 August.  Everyone is welcome.

Louise Johnston

P&F Vice-President

Brigidine College P&F Association is fundraising with Entertainment!

Your support really helps our fundraising, so we’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus Early Bird Entertainment Membership Offers for loyal supporters.

Pre-order the NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus offers you can use right away!


 “The Entertainment Membership is great value.  With lots of instant savings.  It more than outweighs the price.  There is something for everyone – casual and fine dining, adventure and family activities.  I couldn’t live without it.  Plus, I get to support a good cause.”  Zana B. Sydney


Thank you for your support

Michelle Parcell

Brigidine College Parent & Friends’ Association

0407 119 619

Recommended Tutors


Volunteers Needed!


Volunteers Needed!

We need helpers to assist with organising the textbooks and novels in the Book Room.  The times are flexible.  You can volunteer as frequently or infrequently as you’d like on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Even one-offs are helpful (i.e. you don’t have to commit to a regular schedule).

If you are looking for a way to be involved in your daughter’s school community, the Book Room would appreciate your support.

Book Room Opening Hours:

Mondays and Tuesdays 9:30am to 2:30pm

Wednesdays 10:00am to 2:30pm

For more information, contact the Book Room Coordinator on or ring the direct line / leave a voicemail message on 3002 0625.