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From the Principal’s Desk


From the Principal’s Desk

Prayer for Australia

God of holy Dreaming, Great Creator Spirit,
from the dawn of creation, you have given your
children the good things of Mother Earth.
You spoke, and the gum tree grew.
In the vast desert and dense forest
and in cities at the water’s edge,
Creation sings your praise.
Your presence endures as the rock at the heart of our Land.
When Jesus hung on the tree
you heard the cries of all your people
and became one with your wounded ones:
the convicts, the hunted, and the dispossessed.
The sunrise of your Son coloured the earth anew,
and bathed it in glorious hope.
In Jesus we have been reconciled to you,
to each other and to your whole creation.
Lead us on, Great Spirit,
As we gather from the four corners of the earth;
Enable us to walk together in trust
from the hurt of the past
into the full day which has dawned in Jesus Christ.

Kenosis – Self Emptying

As we continue to explore the value of hospitality, we have encountered the notion of kenosis or ‘self-emptying’. Kenosis was key to Jesus’ mission as it refers to the capacity to deny status that sets us above others. The image that powerfully captures this is that of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. In more recent times Pope Francis has modelled this to us through washing the feet of refugees, women, and people of other religions. As host, Jesus gathered people, made them welcome, served them and restored dignity to outcasts. As stranger, he relinquished all status and offered himself to others.

At the heart of offering ourselves to the other is the capacity to embrace ambiguity, uncertainty, surrender and vulnerability. Vulnerability is what we risk through ‘kenosis’, through emptying ourselves of any power or position that diminishes our capacity to truly be with the other. This year we are challenged to move beyond our own comfort and place ourselves at the edge of other peoples’ worlds and to become strangers ourselves. Imagine what gifts, what insights, what adventure this might present to us!


Aspiration through opportunity

Last week I had the privilege of joining our students on the Year 11 Leadership Camp as they explored opportunities for experiencing the challenges of leadership into next year. As is often the case at our College, I was immensely proud of each girl’s actively positive approach towards each other and the sharing of ‘growth’ as they enter the new adult world of senior learning. Their engagement in physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally conversations with each other demonstrated how they were surprising themselves with what they could achieve.

Wellbeing Program Review

Brigidine continues to work through evaluating our engagement and achievements in relation to the review of quality indicators in Pastoral Wellbeing. With the assistance of an outside facilitator, Ms Melinda Egan has collected relevant data and feedback and is beginning to consider recommendations for our next phase of development in this area. Parents and students will also be able to contribute to this Review and further information will be available soon.

An area of significant growth has been in social-emotional learning. This area ensures we explicitly and intentionally teach our students about wellbeing and social-emotional competencies.

Brigidine College Sorry Day Commemoration

Our Sorry Day Commemoration liturgy is a special opportunity to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Turribal and Jagera peoples, on which we gathered to pay our respects to Elders both past and present.

‘As Brigidines, we stand in reverence for the community of life. And we will continue to work to further compassion and justice for humanity and for the earth’

(2001 Congregational Forum)

We are fortunate that our community shares in an opportunity for peace and healing to be present so that our interconnectedness through the spirit of St Brigid and our wider Australian community might be part of our everyday life. We celebrate the giftedness of our Indigenous sisters and brothers and together we can reflect on our past, forge links with the present and provide for ongoing connections into the future. Many thanks to Mr Andrew Beiers, Deputy Principal Mission, as well as the indigenous and student leaders for their wonderful leadership and care.

“A future where all Australians, whatever their origins, are truly equal partners, with equal opportunities and with an equal stake in shaping the next chapter in the history of this great country, Australia. There comes a time in the history of nations when their peoples must become fully reconciled to their past if they are to go forward with confidence to embrace their future.”

Kevin Rudd, 13 Feb. 2008


The Year 7 and Year 9 students have completed the NAPLAN tests for 2019. The students were well prepared and supported by their teachers, so that the girls were well placed to perform at their best. Congratulations to all students and teachers for their efforts and I look forward to receiving their results later in the year.

Whilst there were some online glitches over the four days of the testing, these appeared to have minimal impact on girls overall. I’m proud to say that the online versions worked extremely well here at the College and I thank not only Ms Berni Sligar for leading the NAPLAN testing days, but also the wonderful IT Team for their ongoing professional support.

Twilight Open Evening

Brigidine engaged in its Twilight Open Evening on Tuesday 14 May with families enrolled for 2020, as well as many new and potential students visiting the College. With the support of the College Leadership Team, many staff, sporting coaches, cultural tutors and members of the Parents and Friends’ Association, there was a wave of energy and enthusiasm for the potential of our new students ready to begin engaging with our community over the six months.

A key part of the Twilight Open evening was the launch of the new Compass Programs of Excellence to begin for Year 7 students in 2020. Whilst further information is readily available on the College website, the key elements include:

  • Accelerated / Enriched Learning Programs
  • Enhanced learning practiced for suitably high potential learners
  • Personalised Approach to learning
  • Opportunities for Problem-based / Project based extension

Principal’s Notes

Sporting Achievements

Cross Country

Last Friday, the College Cross Country team, together with the Ambrose Treacy team, competed in the QCIS Carnival at Scot’s College, Warwick.  It was a busy week for many of our Brigidine team members with Years 7 and 9 unavailable due to NAPLAN and our Year 11s at Solas Bhride.  On the day, our team consisted of only 19 students out of our usual 62.  Despite the smaller team, the students did extremely well throughout the event. The joint team came 2nd in the Percentage and Aggregate Cups.  We had a number of athletes place within their age group including Amie Ryan (1st in 15 Years); Lara Kenny (2nd in 15 Years); Lane Wesson (3rd in 16 Years); Emma Neish (2nd in 14 Years; and Gabby Spence (3rd in 14 Years).  Congratulations to all the students for your fantastic efforts and wonderful representation of the College.


Congratulations to Annie Bremner and Claire Crocombe who recently travelled to Gatton Showgrounds to compete in the 2019 South East Queensland Regional Equestrian Competition for Interschool Queensland on behalf of the College Equestrian team.  Both girls were in the Showjumping phase and came home with very successful results: Annie, riding Gordi, was placed 4th in the Power and Speed round in the 80cm class, and 6th in the AM5, leaving her in 3rd place overall.  Claire, riding It’s Escort, placed 4th in the AM5 round in the 70cm class and 3rd in the Power and Speed round, leaving her and her horse 4th overall.  Claire also rode another horse in the competition, It’s Sandiago, in the 90cm class and placed 5th in their Power and Speed round.

Both students and their horses have qualified for the 2019 State Championships on behalf of Brigidine College, Annie in the Eventing phase and Claire in the Showjumping.  Well done to both girls for these tremendous results.

Annie with Gordi

Claire with It’s Escort


The Brigidine Open and Junior A Netball teams have been busy over the last few weeks.  They travelled to Toowoomba on 10 May for a practice match against St Ursula’s College.  Both teams came away with hard fought wins.  Brigidine are looking forward to hosting St Ursula’s later in the term.  The teams also competed in the QC Cup on 21 May.  They came up against some tough competition with both teams placing in the top 10 of their respective pools.  The players will continue to train hard and play further practice matches in the lead up to the Vicki Wilson Competition in Term 3.  Congratulations to all students involved for your commitment and dedication.



Congratulations to the Brigidine rowers who did a fantastic job in Coomera on Saturday 11 May, finishing the day off with six Gold medals, seven Silver medals, three Bronze meals and four 4th and 5th placings.  They also boated a Brigidine Eight for the first time ever.  Here is a breakdown of their results.

Gold Medals:
  • Year 8 Single Scull Div. 2 – Melaia Kurukitoga
  • Year 9 Double Scull Div. 2 – Caitlin Gabbett, Rebecca Bishell
  • Year 8 Quad Scull (coxed) – Rose Hudson, Annabella Hodges, Lucy Quin, Caitlyn Pearl, Rebecca Bishell (cox)
  • Year 9 Single Scull Div. 1 – Jemma Thoson
  • Year 10 Quad Scull (coxed) – Jessie Cowin, Annabelle Irwin, Jemma Thomson, Caitlin Browne, Annabella Hodges (cox)
  • Year 10 Double Scull Div. 1 – Jemma Thomson, Caitlin Browne

The gold winning Year 8 Quad (coxed) team of Rose Hudson, Rebecca Bishell (cox), Annabella Hodges, Caitlin Pearl and Lucy Quin.

Year 9 Double Scull Gold and Silver Medallists

Year 8 Quad team before the race

Brigidine Eight

Rebecca, Annabella, Rose, Lucy and Caitlin sporting their medals

Brigidine Eight in action

Melaia Kurukitoga wins Gold in the Year 8 Single Scull Div. 2

Silver Medals:
  • Year 8 Single Scull Div. 1 – Rebecca Bishell
  • Year 8 Single Scull Div. 2 – Caitlyn Pearl
  • Year 9 Double Scull Div. 1 – Jessie Cowin, Jemma Thomson
  • Year 9 Double Scull Div. 2 – Lucinda Farquhar, Melaia Kurukitoga
  • Year 10 Single Scull Div. 1 – Caitlin Browne
  • Open Eight – Lucinda Farquhar, Caitlyn Pearl, Annabelle Irwin, Jessie Cowin, Annabella Hodges, Lucy Quin, Jemma Thomson, Caitlin Browne, Rose Hudson (cox)
  • Year 10 Double Scull Div. 2 – Lucinda Farquhar, Annabelle Irwin
Bronze Medals:
  • Year 10 Single Scull Div. 2 – Annabelle Irwin
  • Year 8 Double Scull Div. 1 – Annabella Hodges, Rose Hudson
  • Year 9 Quad Scull (coxed) – Jessie Cowin, Lucinda Farquhar, Lucy Quin, Caitlyn Pearl, Rose Hudson

A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn

Brendan Cahill





Information on Southern Cross chartered bus services for students in Brigidine College and Ambrose Treacy College can be found here:

Please note the following changes to the S64 Bus route with effect from 13 May 2019:

S64 Route Change

There will be a College tour from 10:00am to 12noon followed by the lunch as per the above.

Mission News


Mission News

Sorry Day

Sorry Day is an Australia-wide observance held on May 26 each year.

It is a day of service and memory of all those who have been impacted by the government policies of forcible removal that have resulted in the Stolen Generations.

This Sunday, Sorry Day begins our National Reconciliation week.

This year our theme is GROUNDED IN TRUTH, Walk Together with Courage

In this year of Hospitality at Brigidine, we invite each generation to continue to engage in ways of walking together in reconciliation whilst celebrating our deeper Australian culture.

Our boomerangs on the Holy Lawn remind us of the flow that intertwines, backwards and forwards, within all cultures and bonds our community in unity, offering a hand of welcome, a hand of support, a hand of creativity and a hand of action in solidarity together.

Sorry Day reminds us of the commitment to ongoing reconciliation between all Australians as we continue to explore themes of Hospitality and Respect in 2019. We understand the importance of relationship building, partnerships and meaningful engagement with individuals, communities and organizations.

As we gathered to commemorate and celebrate our first culture’s history we began our National Reconciliation Week which is 27 May to 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey— the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have long called for a comprehensive process of truth-telling about Australia’s colonial history. Our nation’s past is reflected in the present and will continue to play out in the future unless we heal historical wounds.  According to the 2018 Australian Reconciliation Barometer, 80 per cent of Australians believe it is important to undertake formal truth-telling processes: Australians are ready to come to terms with our history as a crucial step towards a unified future, in which we understand, value and respect each other.

Inter-religious Prayer Service

On 27 April, more than 300 people gathered to pray for the victims of the Sri Lankan bomb blasts.  Each of the religious leaders of Brisbane offered prayers, support and love.  It was the first interfaith gathering in our College.  It was organized by our chaplain, Fr Pan, with the support of the Mr Cahill and myself.  The religious leaders prayed in their respective religious language such as Arabic, Sanskrit Pali and English.  The pictures below captures the moment when the religious leaders gathered in solidarity with Sri Lankan community members.  The prayer service included the placing of flowers honouring the people who died.


Andrew Beiers
Deputy Principal Mission

Red Earth

Over the June/July holidays nine Brigidine students will be travelling to remote far north Queensland to participate in the Red Earth Immersion. As part of their journey, the girls will assist traditional land owners in rebuilding some of their community infrastructure. To complete this task, the students must raise money for the materials. In addition to hosting a sausage sizzle on Wednesday 21 May the students have made a Go Fund Me page. We would greatly appreciate any donation you could make to support the girls in their project to support Indigenous communities.


Curriculum Matters


Curriculum Matters

QCE Updates

QCAA has developed a new student-focused website and resources, to support the implementation of the new QCE system.

The myQCE website ( is designed to help students plan their pathway to achieving a QCE by the end of Year 12, and explore further study, training and career options.

Over the next couple of weeks all student in Year 10 and 11 will be provided with resources about the new QCE system.


Learning Accounts

Learning accounts for Years 10 and 11 students in the new QCE system will be available via the myQCE website from Term 3 2019.

Learning accounts for current Year 12 students are still accessed via the Student Connect website.

Preparing for Assessment

At this time of the term students will find that they have a number of assignments and assessment pieces to prepare for as well as preparing for exams. Students should have been preparing for all assessment throughout the term and it will be important that they are well organised.

  • Year 12 – Commence Exam Block on Wednesday 12 June. A draft is available on the Exam Block Portal
  • Year 11 – most students will complete their Unit 1 assessment in the next 2 weeks and will commence Unit 2. Any students who are concerned about their results and their subject choices should make an appointment with Mr Crawford as soon as they can.
  • Year 7 – 10 will be completing all their final assessment for Term 2 over the next 4 weeks. Students can parents can view all upcoming assessment dates on SEQTA.

The College provides extra support with their study, in a number of different ways.

  • The College Library is open from 7.45 am – 5.00 pm (Monday – Thursday) and 7.45 am – 3.45 am on Fridays.
  • Study Hall is available for students in Year 10 – 12, at a cost. There are a number of tutors at each session, who are available to assist student. Please contact Mr Crawford, if you would like further information.
  • Middle school tutoring is available for students in Year 7 – 9 and is available:
    • Thursday – 3.20 pm – 4.30 pm in FO 7, 8 & 9 (except for the last week of each term)

This program is managed by Ms Sligar. Tutoring support is given by Year 11s who have volunteered their time.

  • Any changes to these arrangements are always published in notices.

I am often asked by parents about the best ways that they can assist their daughters with study at home. The Assessment and Study portal on SEQTA has several resources that you may find useful.

You may also be interested in attending the Study Skills and Academic Integrity – Parent Information Evening for our senior school students, which has been advertised in the newsletter.

Extended Absences and Early Holiday Departures

At this time of year, we often receive notification that students are on extended absences or departing early for holidays. While we understand there are occasionally situations that are necessary for this to occur, we would discourage this occurring for holidays, as it does impact on student learning and assessment.

If you do require your daughter to depart early for holidays or take an extended absence, please ensure that you notify the College Principal, Mr Brendan Cahill.

Your daughter will be required to submit any assignments prior to leaving, and she will need to complete any missed examinations when she returns.

Melissa Dever

Deputy Principal Curriculum


Pastoral News


Pastoral News

Student Leadership

Brigidine College’s model of student leadership is defined as students taking responsibility for contributing in a positive way to their own and other people’s lives within the Brigidine Community and beyond. In the example and tradition of St Brigid, every student is given the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in many ways.  Brigidine College encourages students to learn and practise many forms of leadership. However, servant leadership is particularly important within the context of Brigidine as it reflects the example of St Brigid. It is the leadership style thought to be practised by Christ and lived out in the Gospel values. Servant leadership moves away from traditional, hierarchical systems of leadership.  The main aim of Servant Leaders is to serve others. (Year 11 Leadership Booklet; 2019)

Year 11s have begun to learn about the nature of leadership and explore how they can contribute to the College using leadership skills in a range of areas. The recent Solas Bhride experience was an opportunity for the Year 11 cohort to shape their collective identity and build positive relationships as they move forward on their leadership journey. In a Wellbeing lesson this week, the current College student leaders shared their wisdom about the leadership experience and gave invaluable advice about courage, service and gaining a voice. Mr Cahill and I visited the Year 11 Solas Bhride camp last week to share in the liturgy, where a focus on service leadership inspired the girls to think outward and beyond themselves. We were very impressed with the positive energy at the camp and the way in which the girls connected with a common purpose. Congratulations to Mrs Liz McAnally for her preparation for this very successful camp, and to the teachers who ably and enthusiastically participated in the experience. The process for nominating and applying for a range of elected leadership roles for 2020 now begins and I wish the Year 11 girls all the best in participating in this process.

Lord Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council

Millie Kent 10 DP3, is the College’s representative on the LMYAC and attends meetings and workshops at City Hall throughout the year.  At the last meeting of the Council on 15 May, she had the pleasure of meeting Alberto, a Track & Field competitor in the upcoming INAS Global Games.  The International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (INAS) is held every four years and, this year, is being hosted by Brisbane.  Millie is pictured here outside City Hall and with other LMYAC representatives and Alberto.


A reminder to parents that appointments should be avoided during school hours so that students can be present in class with a focus on learning. If an appointment during school hours is unavoidable, an adult must sign the student out at St Brigid’s. Students are not permitted to leave the College during school hours without an accompanying adult. Thank you for your support in this matter to ensure the safety of your daughters.

Melinda Egan
(Acting) Deputy Principal Pastoral

Asst Principal Professional Teaching & Learning


Asst Principal Professional Teaching & Learning

Neuroscience and its place in Essay Writing

Being able to write essays and communicate effectively is the most important skill we could impart on our students academically. It doesn’t matter if they end up studying to be an engineer, computer programmer, designer or social worker, at some point essay writing will be expected. Furthermore, as the job climate changes, so to does the characteristics of these forms of employment. Many jobs now require continued study and contribution to journal articles and presentations at conferences, sharing wisdom and experience with others. To help your daughter become school ready, further study ready, and employment ready, essay writing skills are required.

Last week it was the Arts department’s time to show their classroom skills off.

  • Ms Erin Dunne and Mrs Angela North’s Year 8 Art and Media classes combined to facilitate team teaching of 5 different sentence types based on the examination of Picasso’s Guernica and De Chirico’s The Disquieting Muses.
  • Ms Melissa Armsden’s 10 Dance class constructed a ‘Lawyer Paragraph’ based on dance techniques they had been practising in class.
  • Mrs Domenica Strachan’s 10 Visual Art class chose either a ‘Lawyer, Slam-Dunk or Hammer’ paragraph to write to support their picture book assignment task.
  • Mrs Christina Esdaile’s 12 Visual Art class edited their draft essays by comparing their work to the WTE structure and removing the ambiguous, repetitive statements to polish their work. This is an effective polishing tool, ensuring students address the task and stay on track.
  • Mrs Korryn Swindail-Hill’s Year 9 Visual Art class focused on the environmental issues that face us today. Her students responded to this theme by writing a ‘Lawyer paragraph’ which was turned into a class competition to find the best one, explaining what made it so effective.

We encourage you to ask your daughter which WTE sentences she prefers to use and what paragraph styles she’s practised this week. We know it takes practise, or reconsolidation, for memories/learnings to become officially part of our ‘long-term memory’. This reconsolidation requires retrieval where the activated engrams, as well as activated associations and pathways, connect neurons enabling effective learning and storage to occur (Gilboa & Marlatte, 2017). Hence, our neurons need to link and link often (See Figure 1). Help your daughter make the link between her neurons – ask her questions, talk to her, look at what she’s been doing in class.

Figure 1. Dr Valorie Salimpoor, Using Neuroscience to Improve Math Learning, 2018)

Study Skills and Academic Integrity

Parent Information Evening for our Senior School Students

Brigidine College invites you and your daughter to attend our Parent Information Evening focusing on developing effective study skills and academic integrity.

The one-hour presentation will include evidence-based findings using the latest neuroscience research to focus student attention to optimise learning, as well as the best ways to prepare for an exam and boost learning ability. Further to this, Year 12 Brigidine students will share their own experiences in relation to time management and study skills that have worked for them in the senior school. Lastly, the evening will end ensuring teachers, students and parents/carers have a shared understanding of the expectations around academic integrity, and ways to develop student skills to improve their own work.

During this workshop, you will need your daughter, daughter’s laptop and access to a mobile phone.

Spaces are limited. Book below.

When: Monday 27 May, 6:00–7:00pm

Where: Rehearsal Space

Book a ticket:

Allison Johansen
(Acting) Assistant Principal Professional Teaching & Learning


Program Leader for Excellence


Program Leader for Excellence

Compass Program Launch

With great excitement, the Compass Programs of Excellence was launched as part of the College Twilight evening held on Tuesday 14 May. The Compass Program, developed using educational research, is a selective entry class for Year 7 high potential learners starting at the College in 2020. Expert teachers will work closely with the Compass Class to ensure that our high potential learners are being challenged and engaged in either accelerated, enriched or extended learning experiences across the core subject areas: English, Humanities, Religious Education, Science and Maths.

If your daughter is a 2020 Year 7 student and you think she would thrive in a learning environment that provokes innovation, resilience, and problem solving consider applying for the Compass Program. Applications to date have been exceptional! Please see the College website for more detail on the application process or contact me via

Renee Dunne
Program Leader for Excellence

Year 11 Solas Bhride


Year 11 Solas Bhride

Report by Lily Nugent 11 FO2

From 15-17 May, the Year 11 students took part in their Solas Bhride Camp at Mount Tamborine. Run by the amazing staff at Character Builders, we were immersed into a positive, empowering and fun environment that encouraged us to break free from our norms and explore our interactions with others outside our friendship groups.

On arrival, we were challenged with a seemingly easy question from our extraordinary camp leader, Damo: What type of cohort do you think you are? Disconnected, united, judgemental, close, accepting, were only some of the words used to describe our previous identity. However, we quickly learned that we were more than just a description, so we put our values to the test during various physical activities: a hike in the Tamborine Rainforest, an amazing race, bootcamp and Dominos and balloon building challenges.

We came to learn very quickly that our role as leaders is not about power, but communication, vulnerability and service. Whilst some activities were extremely challenging, like expressing who inspired you in a group of girls who you aren’t close to, others were built on the quiet admiration of the group. Over the course of the three days, the staff at Character Builders introduced us to ‘Big Ups’ in which a student stands up in front of the cohort and tells another why they value them. Of course, this was VERY emotional, but so heart-warming to experience how much we truly inspire each other.

Here are a few words from some other Year 11 students:

‘Leadership camp was potentially my favourite experience that I have had at Brigidine College. Through all the activities, stories, laughs and cries, I have never felt so close to my fellow Year 11 cohort. Everyone was so brave and vulnerable in discussions and I think that is what made the camp memorable.’ Abbey Cook

‘I really underestimated the potential that this camp had; to be able to bring our whole cohort together in a way that helped us be confident, empathetic and comfortable with each other (even when we were ugly crying). I loved every second of it!’ Grace Pye

Reflecting on the camp, it is easy to see what type of cohort we are. We are connected, united and unafraid to show our true selves. We’ve learnt that there is little time for judgement in our short 18 months left at Brigidine. I am sure that I can say on behalf of the cohort that we have come away from this camp stronger than ever and ready to face our leadership process head on in the coming weeks.

Thank you to the Mrs McAnally, the Brigidine staff and the team at Character Builders for providing us with such an amazing and unforgettable camp.

Delany House Prefects’ Update


Delany House Prefects’ Update

Being the Prefects of Delany House has been extremely enjoyable over the past term and a half. While we are still quite new at the job, we have loved every moment of this school year so far. The girls in Delany are determined, passionate and beautiful. It is inspiring as Prefects to watch the growth of Delany House.

For us our House Assemblies are the most important part of being a Prefect. We love to start off our Tuesday mornings with positivity and fun. In our Assemblies we enjoy playing games to get all the Home Rooms to mix. In one Assembly we played the ‘Chocolate M&M Get to Know each Other’ game – picking M&Ms out of a bag with each colour having a different question attached to it. An example of a question would be “What is your middle name”, or “What have you got for lunch?”. This game was great because we all got to start the day with chocolate!

Looking back at our years at Brigidine, we have realised some of the most important things to keep it together during high school. Number one, is to put yourself out of your comfort zone and give everything a go because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how others perceive you. Number two, actually USE the diary, it’s there for an important reason. Not only does it organise you, but it reduces your stress when you know what you have to get done. Number three, there are always people around you to support you.

The girls in Delany have shown immense spirit in all areas of school life: most prominently and noticeably in our Interhouse Swimming and Cross Country carnivals. The girls participated in the majority of events and those who didn’t showed enthusiasm and encouraged all those competing. We have so much more to look forward and we cannot wait to continue watching Delany flourish into the proud and enthusiastic House we are. It has been an exciting year, and we look forward to more opportunities to show our Delany pride in events like the Interhouse Athletics Carnival and Brigidine Day.

Phoebe Barac and Stella Wheatley

Delany House Prefects

Academic Ambassadors’ Report


Academic Ambassadors’ Report

With one term down and two and a half to go, we are yet to implement many ideas as part of our role as Academic Ambassadors. This term, Mr Crawford and Ms Dever has supported us in creating an Academic Council which consists of two representatives from Years 9 to 11. The Council gives students an opportunity to express their interests and opinions regarding the improvement and promotion of academics at the College. As of now, we have held a successful meeting where the students offered many suggestions including competitive games, tutorials, blogs, etc., which we are very excited to put forward. For this term, we are hoping to organise an Academic Game Show where students can engage with elements of the school curriculum in a fun and entertaining way (and with a healthy dose of interhouse competition). Preparation is currently underway so get excited!

Furthermore, we would like to remind the College community of the upcoming Study Skills and Academic Integrity Parent Information Event that will take place on 27 May from 6:00–7:00 pm in the Brigid Centre Rehearsal Space. We strongly recommend coming to the session as the presentation will provide valuable insights into developing effective learning, study and assignment skills which all students will benefit from. For more information and to RSVP, click here:

And speaking of effective study skills, the middle of the term is the perfect time to get a start on revision before the cascade of end-of-term exams threaten to overwhelm us. We would like to suggest some YouTube channels/videos which we personally found helpful in forming effective, sustainable study habits.

*the list above is not comprehensive and should not be used as an excuse to procrastinate.

Trish Dinh and Vy Dinh

Academic Ambassadors

Arts Update


Arts Update


Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University


Tertiary Preparation Workshop 2019

Monday 1 to Friday 5 July 2019

Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

South Bank Campus, Brisbane

Register here to get ahead of the auditioning pack!

TPW 2019 is open to students in Years 9 to 12.

Brookfield Show

Congratulations to Grace Pacitto 9 DE4, pictured below, who took out First Prize at the Brookfield Show Art Competition, with her portrait of Johnathan Thurston.  Also shown are some of the other artworks displayed by our talented students in Years 8-10.

Korryn Swindail-Hill

Curriculum Leader for the Arts

Business Education News


Business Education News

QUT Blueshift Business Competition: The B Team

This year Taylor Buckley (Year 11), Brianna Franklin-Kenny (Year 11), Kelsey Webb (Year 12) and Kristina Icong (Year 12 – Team Leader) put their hands up to participate in the 2019 QUT BlueShift Business Competition.

The girls were registered as ‘The B Team’ and undertook to write a written report for Iglu Student Accommodation to assist them in attracting and retaining residents as well as to investigate whether they should diversify the business through acquisition.

The team had eight weeks to research, consult with each other and write the business report which was then submitted to a panel of judges. This judging panel usually consists of QUT Alumni, QUT Business lecturers as well as business owners related to the case study. While the team were not successful in making the cut-off for the Championship Round held on 18 May, they have received valuable feedback from the judges.

Pictured left to right above, Taylor, Brianna, Kelsey and Team Leader Kelsey are to be congratulated on the time and effort they put into this valuable learning experience.

Maree Owens

Business Education Teacher



RE Department News


RE Department News

Class Masses


I have been teaching a wonderful Year 7 class this year. After we had our first Class Mass together last Monday, Father Pan, our College Chaplain, commented on their impressive attitude, excellent reading and willingness to participate so actively. The message of the Gospel was, in part, our obligation to love one another. Another key element of the Gospel reading, and one which the class would urge everyone to contemplate is the following: “Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him. Whoever does not love me does not keep my words; yet the word you hear is not mine but that of the Father who sent me.” While we were preparing for the Mass, we had discussed how we show love for one another. We also included pictures from our Term 1 St Brigid Project to decorate the College Chapel and illustrate our ideas. We have been doing our best to follow Jesus’ teaching in the classroom and in our relationships with one another. The liturgy was concluded with a rousing rendition of the popular hymn, “Every Day”.

Gina Brosnan

RE Teacher


Each year at Brigidine, our Religion classes have an opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist with Fr Pan.  This week, Year 7D celebrated their class Mass, gathering to share the Gospel’s message through song and prayer.   Fr Pan encouraged the girls to go out and make a difference in the lives of those around them.   In his homily Fr Pan told of the courage of a father and son who set out in dangerous seas to rescue two swimmers swept off the rocks. In doing so, their own lives were lost.   We do not have to sacrifice our own lives to make a difference, but we can reach out to others through small acts of love that change the world.

Nicole Kapernick

RE Teacher

Science News


Science News

Twilight Science

At the recent Open Twilight several of our Science Reps and Ambassadors ran a Science display.  The girls demonstrate three small experiments which covered the areas of acids and bases,  testing for hydrogen gas and flame tests.  Most of the girls assisted for the entire four hour session.  Well done to the following:

Priya Mahabeer, Ameya Jaurigue, Leannah Corliss, Charlotte Kemlo, Olivia Timms, April le Tran, Chelsea Hadson, Trinity Frost, Vy Dinh, Maddy Harris, Elise Duval, Jessica Persich, Annabelle Irwin, Mikaela Campbell, Kudzai Chipamaunga, Wishmi Kahawatta Palliya Guruge, Caitlin Kitto and Eva Beesley

Science Out and About

Brain Bee Competition

Congratulations to the following girls in Year 10 who competed in the Brain Bee Competition.  They have reached the State Finals and will complete later this year.   Well done Angela Huang, Archisha Sami,  Vy Vy Dinh and Kim Dinh.  Thank you to Dr Reid for supporting the girls in this event.

Armidale Forensic Camp

Congratulations to Caitlin McNab Year 8 DP3. Caitlin has been accepted to attend the Year 8 Forensic Camp held in Armidale in June/July holidays.

Science in the Classroom

Year 12 Science

The Year 12 Biology and Chemistry girls are working on their open topic extended experimental investigation.  Here are some reports from the girls briefly explaining the areas they are investigating.


Report by Sara Gaggi

In our project we are investigating how effective common household cleaning disinfectants are in killing the bacteria E. Coli.

Report by Laura Bryan and Eva Bamfield

For our experiment, we are researching the effects of penicillin, erythromycin and chloramphenicol on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. We grew a lawn of E. coli bacteria and a lawn of S. epidermidis in the incubator with the antibiotics on each plate. Once the bacteria had grown, the area of inhibition (no growth) was measured. We hope that our experiments will provide interesting results for us to talk about in our reports.

Report by Mimi Pugh and Phoebe Barac

We are experimenting the effects of different concentrations of disinfectants (tea tree oil and bleach) on the bacterium E.coli.  We are also determining what levels of the concentrations are successful or not successful.


Report by Sara Gaggi

In our project we are investigating the effectiveness of alcohols as fuels. We are aiming to establish a connection between the number of carbons in an alcohol and the standard heat of combustion. This will be achieved by measuring the energy output of each fuel.

Report by Mia Sims and Jessica Palmer

We are conducting an experiment that measures the enamel tooth decay inflicted by the carbonation and temperature of coke. We are achieving this by altering the temperatures of flat and fizzy coke, and submerging an egg shell for 48 hrs. After this time period we measure the final mass of the egg shell and record the pH and temperature.

Report by Mimi Pugh

My group has chosen to investigate the effects of different concentrations of cyanuric acid (pool stabilizer) on pool water. Cyanuric acid has the ability to reduce photochemical decomposition of free chlorine caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and hence theoretically less chlorine should be affected by the sun.

Report by Jemma Bosch

Our group is investigating the effect of different concentrations of cyanuric acid on the chlorine loss in outdoor pools. Cyanuric acid is also known as ‘pool sunscreen’ and is used in pools to prevent chlorine loss. This week we completed our experiment. Firstly we made pool water and then added different concentrations of cyanuric acid from 0ppm – 100ppm.  We left our samples in the sun for three hours.  Finally we completed titrations to determine how much chlorine was left in the pool water.

Year 11 Science


Report collated by Olivia Durrheim

The Year 11 Physics class led by the fearless Mrs Holtz embarked on a journey to discover what it takes to make a childhood dream come true. They have pushed the boundaries of human exploration and defied the odds of understanding the world and on a greater scale, the universe. A masterpiece of engineering and physics, here is what my fellow students have to say about…rockets!

Me: The ingenuity of the rockets we built and the record-breaking UQ rocket really heightened my curiosity into how physics plays a key role in the development of human understanding of the world. As we both listened and engaged with the presenters, I was in awe of the sheer magnitude of their knowledge and passion for what they do; female engineers and physicists defying the social attitudes and beliefs of their limitations and so-called weaknesses. For students who enjoy hands-on activities with real-world applications, physics and engineering is definitely a career to look into and explore.

Anna Brown: The workshop provided us with not only insight into how rockets are made in real life, but insights into what our future can offer.

Grace Hiley: As a fellow NASA, space and rocket enthusiast, there was nothing better than showing up to class with a giant rocket in front of me. The UQ rocket team gave a presentation about what a career in rocketry would look like, which I found not only educational and useful, but engaging and fascinating. Did you know that rockets are designed with engine mounts to stop the engine from falling through the rocket due to the strong inertia? Or that they are usually designed to break into multiple pieces during re-entry to slow the rocket’s decent? After the presentation (which believe it or not was one of my favourite parts), students could examine real rockets they had built from scratch and began developing our own models. My group had a fair bit of trouble when it came to glue, but we decorated our rocket proudly and it turned out well. If you are interested in a career in rockets engineering or are simply just interested in having space-related fun, I would highly recommend this workshop.

Aimee-Therese Herrera: The whole experience gave us insight into what jobs physics has to offer, providing a great understanding of real-world scenarios that physics plays a role in. The rocket also gave us a taste of what it was like to help build objects, helping us to further understand the integral parts of a rocket. Overall the workshop gave us great insight and interesting activities.

Lily Conole: I really enjoyed the visit from the UQ Rocket team as it was an interesting and fun hands-on way to take a break from our normal work. The team also brought in one of their competition rockets and we got to learn how the smaller rockets work and how much effort it takes to create and coordinate a launch. Overall it was a really positive experience.

Ayla Shaw: It was interesting being able to experience a down-sized version of what engineer’s design and create.

Nicola Read: Building the rockets was a fun and insightful activity and gave us a taste, on a much smaller scale, of what is like to build and launch a rocket.

As a class filled with knowledge and excitement, we would like to thank Mrs Holtz for organising this educating experience and the UQ Space Team for running the workshop helping to guide and inspire the future of rockets.

Year 10 Physical Science

Report by Mary Nguyen, Kim Dinh and Mia Nguyen

We have worked on how to conduct and write an experiment by ourselves. My group had worked on the topic “Oscillation Time of a Pendulum”, which is basically the number of times an object swings. At the start, we were a bit unsure about the term “oscillation” but, when conducting the experiment, we found it interesting understanding the science under “swing motion”.

Year 7 Science

Report and Photos by Annie Hibbert

This week in Year 7, our Chemistry unit have worked on an experiment where we were learning about filtering and decanting. We used these two methods to produce clean water from muddy water.



Extension Activities for Years 7-12 students

For Year 10, 11 and 12:  QUT Engineering Link Project

Students complete a proposal detailing the problem, test results and the recommended solution which is assessed by the guest engineer.  The students then build their final solution and test it, usually to destruction, before debriefing again with the engineer.  The Engineering Link Project is a two-day program hosted by a local university.  Students are mentored by professional engineers to solve model problems from different disciplines of engineering.

Date: Thursday 4 & Friday 5 July, 8:15am to 4:00pm
Venue: QUT, Gardens Point Campus
Registration: Open now until 2 July 2019
Cost: $65 (further details on registration page)



Junior Physics Odyssey

The Queensland Junior Physics Odyssey (JPhO) is a five-day non-residential program for Year 10 students with an interest in physics, science and mathematics.  The program aims to develop your problem-solving skills as well as an appreciation and understanding of physics.


Date: Usually in July – watch the website
Venue: University of Queensland
For: Year 10 students
Registration: Open soon – watch the website
Cost: $260 (covers all meals, program materials and the JPhO tee-shirt)

NYSF (National Youth Science Forum)

The NYSF Year 12 Program is a 12-day residential program designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to encourage continued studies in these fields.  It is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a number of residential programs to encourage young people in their passion for science. Our programs show the wide variety of engaging, rewarding and inspiring study and career options available in science, technology and engineering fields.

Date: 8-19 January 2020
Venue: University of Queensland
For: Current Year 11 students going into Year 12 in 2020
Registration: Open now until 31 May 2019
Cost: $3150 plus $60 application fee (equity scholarships available)
Contact: NYSF office (02) 6125 2777 or


Conocophillips Science Experience

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2019 program year.  Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 68,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.

Date: 22-24 January 2020
Venue: University of Queensland (St Lucia Campus)
For: Year 9 and 10 students
Registration: Open now (limited places)
Cost: $190 – 3 day program, $260 – 4 day program



QLD Academies – Girl Engineering Power Camp

The study and practice of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is collectively known as STEM. The second annual STEM Girl Power Camp is an initiative of Advancing education: An action plan for education in Queensland. The camp aims to encourage girls to participate in STEM-focused activities and go back to school and inspire others to participate in STEM


Date: May 2019
Venue: Brisbane
For: Year 10 students


AYAF (Australian Youth Aerospace forum)

The Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) is a five-day live-in conference which provides students in Year 11 and 12 the opportunity to investigate careers and pathways in the aerospace industry. The forum is designed to showcase the various university and industry opportunities available to students upon completion of secondary school.


Date: July 2019
Venue: Brisbane
For: Year 11 and 12 students

CSIRO Science Bootcamp

Science bootcamp is an immersive CSIRO science experience for secondary school students in Years 8-10. CSIRO Education and Outreach host science bootcamp in various capital cities throughout the year. The two-day (non-residential) program exposes students to authentic scientific research in contemporary research facilities and gives the students the chance to meet and talk with CSIRO researchers. Students visit working laboratories and see the research currently being performed by scientists, researchers and technicians

For: Year 8-12 students




Youth ANZASS (The Australian & New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science)

Youth ANZAAS is an annual residential international forum for science students in Years 10 to 12. Every year, students from each State and Territory are selected to participate in science activities and experiences over a period of a week.  Behind-the-scenes tours, lectures with leading scientists, hands-on research, cutting edge technology – all this and more awaits you at Youth ANZAAS!

Date: July 2019
For: Year 10, 11 and 12 students


Robogals Brisbane

Robogals is a student-run, not-for-profit organisation which aims to empower girls and young women to pursue engineering and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. Robogals Brisbane (formerly Robogals UQ) inspires, engages and supports the next generation of future engineers in schools, universities and industry.

Girls in Robotics (GiR) day are our school holidays program held every holiday for girls in grades 4-12 at UQ St Lucia. These all-day workshop aims to inspire students and extend their problem-solving and engineering skills.  Arduino GiRs are a new Robogals Brisbane initiative. We teach students in grades 9-12 how to program with Arduinos. The students learn the basics of microcontrollers, breadboarding and utilising sensors while creating a fun project. Previous Arduino GiRs have included whack-a-mole and guitar hero.  Students will be provided with an electronics kit to use in the workshops and at the end of the event, they may keep the kit.

For: Year 9-12 students


Queensland Science Contest

The Queensland Science Contest is an opportunity for Queensland students to have their scientific work judged for awards and prizes.

Date: 11-12 October 2019, awards ceremony 26 October 2019
Venue: University of Queensland
For: Year 7-12 students
Registration: Open Term 2, Closing date to be advised
Cost: $5 individual entry or $10 per group (max 3 students) entry prior to 8 October 2019


CSIRO Work Experience

We are committed to giving students first-hand experience with working in a scientific or engineering environment; be it one of our many areas of science and research, or as part of our support services team.  You have the opportunity to gain insight and experience into our everyday work, which involves solving the big questions facing our country and planet; enquire about the type of work we undertake; find out the types of jobs that are available in the science industry; gain relevant work experience and/or skills; explore research interests and align school studies with career aspirations.

Date: Placements usually occur during May to December (usually lasting 5 days)
Venue: CSIRO sites
For: Year 10, 11 and 12 students

Fascinating Facts

by Claire Formby 8 DM6

21 May was the birthday of Willem Enthoven.  He was a Dutch doctor and physiologist who invented the first practical electrocardiogram in 1895, receiving the Nobel Prize in 1924 for it.

Electrocardiography is the process of producing an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), a recording – a graph of voltage versus time – of the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes placed on the skin.




Yours in Science,

Debra Guthrie

Curriculum Leader Science


STEM Events


STEM Events

UQ’s Interaction Design Exhibit

Don’t miss an exciting opportunity to gain an exclusive tour and see how future user experience design professionals are bridging the gap between the physical and digital world!

User experience design, or UX, is changing the way we connect with products, services and each other. Attend this event to experience new ways to interact with digital technology in this rapidly evolving field and view interactive prototypes developed by UQ’s Bachelor of Information Technology (User Experience Design) and Master of Interaction Design students from the course Physical Computing and Interaction Design Studio. The ongoing theme is ‘Designing for playful and open-ended interactions in everyday life’. Within this, broad brief projects will focus on designing for a human value (e.g. social connection, well-being, curiosity), in a specific context – think Internet of Things, tangible interaction and persuasive technology. Projects span internet of things, social computing and tangible interaction applications.

When: Tuesday 28 May 2019

Time: 12.00 – 4.00pm

Where: The Edge, SLQ, Stanley Place, Cultural Centre, South Bank (Map)

Register here: Click here

More information

Discover STEM at QUT these school holidays

Code a solar system
8 and 11 July 2019 | Grades 8 – 12 or Ages 14 – 18 | $25

In this STEM workshop, students will work together to create an orbiting robotic solar system using Sphero robots. This workshop provides students with an introduction to coding and investigates the relationships between planet mass, orbit, orbital speed, and distance from the sun.  More information.


Green energy: Big data
8 July 2019 | Grades 7 – 9 or Ages 13 – 15 | $25

In this STEM workshop, students will see how maths and engineering can work together to achieve a greener built environment. Students will take a tour of QUT’s ‘5-Star Green Star’ Science and Engineering Centre to see how this smart building continually monitors and adjusts its internal and external environment. More information.


Understanding space-time and relativity
10 July 2019 | Grades 11 – 12 or Ages 16 – 18 | $35

This workshop will introduce students to the concepts of gravity, special and general relativity and time travel, and how they can be applied to better understand the universe. Students will use Physics Observatory on The Cube screens to visit planets in our solar system and explore the effects of changing gravity. More information.


Mechatronics: Bionic arms
11 July 2019 | Grades 9 – 10 or Ages 14 – 15 | $25

In this STEM workshop, students will use the engineering principles of mechatronics to construct a robot arm from a range of components and motors. Based on their selected components, students mathematically determine the physical limits of a prosthetic arm. More information.


Mellisa White 

Curriculum Leader Technologies

Milpera Karibu Club Update


Milpera Karibu Club Update

Report by Kim Dinh 10 FO1

The Karibu Club has started for Term 2 and it was an absolutely amazing experience getting to know the girls at Milpera.  Our first event was at Milpera High School and we made cut gum leaf necklaces out of felt and colourful beads.  It was really fun and there was a sense of satisfaction when we completed the necklace.  However the beads flew everywhere and it was extremely messy!

This club unlocks our inner potential to become more social with different international girls, making many new friends along the way.  It welcomes girls into our close-knit community and lets them feel comfortable in their new home.

St Vincent de Paul Group Update


St Vincent de Paul Group Update

Pictured left to right: Kelsey Webb, Fr Nev Yun and Taymin Marks

Vinnies is having such an eventful term. During our weekly meetings, we have invited guest speakers who will talk with the girls about mission and social justice activities they are involved with. Last week, Father Nev Yun, Parish Priest at Holy Family,  spoke to us about his involvement with the Missionaries of the Poor Brothers, who provide aid to underdeveloped communities. The project he described to us is on the Indonesian Island of Flores. It is a home, school and treatment centre for local children with disabilities. The children need every care and are from a part of the world where there are few of the health resources that we take for granted.  Holy Family Parish has sponsored this mission for a number of years and Father Nev and parishioners go on a pilgrimage to Flores to help with the care of the children and deliver donated supplies every year.  It was wonderful to hear from Father Nev and to learn about the wonderful things that this mission is doing for those in need. We thanked Father Nev and gave him a small donation for the mission from recent fundraising activities.

Term 2 is the season of our Winter Appeal. Donations of small snack food items and rugs are coming in from the girls. This appeal works to assist homeless people in our community stay warm and nourished this winter, so donations of blankets and non-perishable food items are greatly appreciated.

On Friday 31 May, Vinnies will be hosting a netball game against Ambrose Treacy College with a $2 donation at the door to support St Vincent de Paul. All year groups are welcome to attend. There will be a sausage sizzle and a slushy machine at the event. Last year over 300 students from both schools came to this event and it was a big success.

Our Vinnies team is looking forward to working with the girls to help make a positive impact on the lives of others in the community throughout the term.

Kelsey Webb

St Vincent de Paul Group

Careers News


Careers News

Edition 7 of the Career Bulletin is now available on the Career Portal.

From May to September most of the institutions have open days at which you can obtain information about courses and check out the campuses.  It is strongly recommended that school leavers and their parents take advantage of these opportunities to inform their planning and attend Open Days for any and all institutions they are considering.  The full list of Open Days is published on the QTAC website and I would encourage parents to review this as registration for many Open Days is now open.  Registering for the even provides you with the necessary resources to plan your day and prioritize presentations according to your interests.

Upcoming Expos

On 24 and 25 May the Brisbane Careers and Employment Expo will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  This is another fantastic experience for parents to help their daughter to clarify ideas around jobs, careers and pathways regardless of what stage of career development they are currently in.

On 20 and 21 July the Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO) will be held at the RNA showgrounds.  This expo is likely more relevant for school leavers and is particularly relevant for those considering universities outside of Queensland as representatives of interstate universities will be in attendance.

Defence Force Information Sessions

There are many opportunities available for women in the Australian Defence Force with attached attractive incentives and benefits.  All of the jobs available are advertised on the Defence Jobs website.The information available for review includes training requirements, pay and how to apply

For young people who are considering this option, the Defence Force hosts regular information sessions.  These are outlined on the Queensland and National ADF events and information sessions page where you specific event details are published and tickets can be booked.

Careerme App

CareerMe is a free app that provides users with key information about jobs.  Career topics of interest include average wage, number of employees, study pathways and contact information for most of the relevant employment and training organizations.


The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) is offering scholarships in 2020.  The ICHM is in Adelaide and prepares students for hotel management roles based on the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) model that stresses the importance of learning all aspects of the hotel industry.  During the course, students have an opportunity to learn a language and to experience industry placements in Australia or overseas.  For more information visit the ICHM Scholarship website.

Griffith and its partners provide more than $40 million annually, to support students as they complete their degrees. Over 600 scholarships are available to new and continuing students whose success at University would benefit from direct financial support.  Griffith has developed a YouTube video to explain the scholarships they offer and the application process.

Applications for USA and UK study

Crimson Education provides admissions support for students wishing to apply for universities in the USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.  Young women with the goal of completing university overseas should be mindful of the application process and start preparing an application as early as year ten.  Visit the Crimson website for information.

Tania Munro

Careers Advisor

Languages Club


Languages Club


A report by Elise Duval MK2

Languages Club meets every Thursday and is where students and teachers share their languages with you by giving lessons on the basics.

Last week, Patricia Consoli taught us (Argentinian) Spanish. She taught us basic greetings, facts and provided insight into her language and culture. We learnt simple words and phrases such as hello (Hola), thank you (Gracias), how are you (como estas), please (por favor) and bye (adios). Astonishingly, Ciao, commonly used to say goodbye, is actually an Italian word and was adopted as Spanish slang. We also learned about Gauchos and the importance of their relationship with their horse. Unlike the American cowboy who uses guns, Gauchos use rope and surprisingly their relationship with their horse is more important than their wife!

Patricia did a wonderful job of teaching everyone and extending our knowledge of Spanish and the Argentinian culture. In the upcoming weeks, Languages Club will provide lessons in Sinhalese, Arabic, Italian and Vietnamese. If you’re interested, or just want to learn more about language, everyone is welcome to come along on Thursday at Morning Tea in B003.

Gracias, Adios!!

Sports News


Sports News

Brigidine girls help Queensland to victory at the Australian Canoe Polo Championships

Over the Easter weekend, eight Brigidine girls represented Queensland at the Australian Canoe Polo Championships at Penrith, NSW, helping Queensland win the Champion State Trophy.

After participating in the canoe polo program here at College in 2018, Megan and Beth Hickey, Emily Zoitsas, Jessica Roe and Caitlin and Emily Kitto continued in the sport with Brothers Canoe Club.  The girls are commended for their outstanding commitment and skill development enabling them to compete in the Queensland Junior Women’s team at the National Championship.

Abbey Steel and Caitlin Booth competed in both the Queensland Open Women’s team and a Mixed Junior team that triumphed as Australian Junior Champions.  Abbey also went on to represent Australia in the Open Women’s B team at the Oceania Championships the following weekend.

The girls were recognised by Paddle Australia as exciting prospects in the development of women’s canoe polo in Australia.  Well done girls!

Laura David 
Director of Sports

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like …

Support our local businesses

Business Directory

We encourage all members of the Brigidine community to support local businesses. Please find some of our business directory supporters below. If you would like to register your own business and have it showcased regularly to our community, please register here.

Shelter Architects & Planners Pty Ltd

  • Building & Pest Inspection Reports
  • Independent & Expert Witness Reports
  • Pest Management & Treatment

Contact Markus via email:

Or Phone: 0434 631 555


DESIGN+CREATE – For All Your Branding Needs

Design+Create is a one-stop-shop, making it easy for our clients to source all of their graphic design, printing and promotional products needs with ease.

We are a full service graphic design, printing and promotional product company with in-house design, quality printing solutions, and thousands of promotional products to choose from.


The Bathroom Biz

Bathroom renovations Brisbane are our specialty and as a small, family owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on giving our customers highly personalised and professional service.

Satisfied customers tell us that we are easy to work with – consistently reliable, punctual and friendly. They also tell us that we achieve great results – bathrooms that are lovely to look at and easy to use…perhaps that’s because we really enjoy what we do.

Visit our showroom for ideas, advice and inspiration. Conveniently located at Sumner Park, our showroom offers you a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of quality fittings for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry – all at competitive prices.

Brigid’s Cloak


Brigid’s Cloak

Monitor Online

Brigid’s Cloak Roster




Monday 27 May

Rebecca Seagg

Tuesday 28 May

Michelle Riesenweber

Wednesday 29 May

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 30 May

Kathy Shea Pranali More

Friday 31 May

Lisa Boelcsfoeldi

Monday 3 June

Caroline Carol

Tuesday 4 June

Wednesday 5 June

Glenys Piggott

Glenys Piggott

Thursday 6 June

Melanie Wright

Louise Conway

Friday 7 June

Nicola Durrheim

Brigid’s Cloak opening hours for Terms 2 and 3:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30 to 11:00am
Tuesday 7:30am to 5:00pm
Thursday 7:30am to 3:30pm

All winter uniform items have now been delivered to Brigid’s Cloak uniform shop.  There are quite a number of items that have been paid for but not collected.  Please check your orders and, if you have ordered items from, please arrange to collect them as soon as possible.

There are also items ordered online awaiting collection as well as Cultural hoodies that have had embroidery completed on them.  Please collect these as soon as possible.

Anne Scott and Janice Bridley

Brigid’s Cloak Coconvenors



Keep up-to-date


Be sure to keep up to date with what is happening in College a little faster and easier:

  • Download the Brigidine App
  • Join our Brigidine College Community Facebook page

Click here to access the Brigidine College Community Facebook Group and request to join this page.

Should you have any queries regarding these communication tools, please contact Louise Johnston, Community Liaison/Administration Officer on 3002 0673 or by email


Share your Cocurricular Photos

The College invites you to share any cultural/sporting photos you may take at Brigidine cocurricular activities.  We welcome photos which can possibly be used in our College publications and in social media communications.  We try to cover a wide variety of activities but cannot attend every cocurricular event.  We are always interested to hear about your daughters’ achievements outside of school so please let us know if you have anything to share.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact 

The Curragh Café


The Curragh Café

Monitor Online

Curragh Cafe Menu and Roster

Menu from Term 1 2019

Monday 27 May Kerry O’Reilly
Tuesday 28 May Kerri Patterson
Wednesday 29 May Claire Duffield
Thursday 30 May Dianne Frazer
Friday 31 May Rachel Harm, Brigid Parnell
Monday 3 June
Tuesday 4 June Vanita Snell
Wednesday 5 June Jacquie Reid
Thursday 6 June Nikki Takashima
Friday 7 June Susan Ganesan

Judy Thannhauser and Janelle Prouatt

Curragh Café Coconvenors

Date Claimers


Date Claimers

Monday 27 May Senior Study Skills Workshop, 6:00-7:00pm, Rehearsal Space
Thursday 30 May Year 7 Learning Conference 11:00am-3:00pm
Friday 31 May CaSSSA Cross Country Carnival
Wednesday 5 June World Environment Day
Wednesday 5 June P&F Meeting 7:15pm
Monday 10 June Year 11/12 exams commence this week
Wednesday 19 June Interhouse Track & Field Carnival
Friday 21 June End of Term 2

P&F Association News

  Gala Ball ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brigidine College P&F Association is fundraising with Entertainment! Your support really helps our fundraising, so we’re thrilled to let you know …

Get your Gala Ball tickets NOW!

P&F Association News


Gala Ball


Brigidine College P&F Association is fundraising with Entertainment!

Your support really helps our fundraising, so we’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus Early Bird Entertainment Membership Offers for loyal supporters.

Pre-order the NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Membership and receive bonus offers you can use right away!


 “The Entertainment Membership is great value.  With lots of instant savings.  It more than outweighs the price.  There is something for everyone – casual and fine dining, adventure and family activities.  I couldn’t live without it.  Plus, I get to support a good cause.”  Zana B. Sydney


Thank you for your support

Michelle Parcell

Brigidine College Parent & Friends’ Association

0407 119 619

Recycle, Re-purpose and Repair


Recycle, Re-purpose and Repair

On 10 May, 42 students joined me in the Study Room at lunchtime to learn how to make a sturdy pencil case out of an old pair of jeans!

Firstly, we chopped off the legs (these are used later to make different sorts of pencil cases).  Two seams were made to insert a zip at the top, then we turned the cases inside out and sewed them along the bottom.  The girls added their own decoration with trims, embroidery, buttons and tape.  The jeans were sourced from op shops as we are learning to recycle, re-purpose and repair.

It was a great break from study!  We will have another demonstration and display at Environment Day on 5 June.  Thanks to Georgie Raworth and Sarah Malherbe who were the practical assistants.

Environment Day Preparation

Today we had a workshop to prepare fabric for our Environment Day fabric bags.  Using heat transfer crayons, we decorated lengths of calico with large, bright leaves and flowers.  Next week, we will make up the bags and attach the handles.  Each bag will have a unique hand-drawn design on it.

Our stall will be visited by the Year 3 and 5 students from Holy Family Primary School.  Our message will be to reduce plastic waste and re-use when you can.  For our students, it was a lesson in how much fun it is to make your own bags.


Helen Jeffcoat

Study Supervisor

Recommended Tutors


Volunteers Needed!


Volunteers Needed!

We need helpers to assist with organising the textbooks and novels in the Book Room.  The times are flexible.  You can volunteer as frequently or infrequently as you’d like on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Even one-offs are helpful (i.e. you don’t have to commit to a regular schedule).

If you are looking for a way to be involved in your daughter’s school community, the Book Room would appreciate your support.

Book Room Opening Hours:

Mondays and Tuesdays 9:30am to 2:30pm

Wednesdays 10:00am to 2:30pm

For more information, contact the Book Room Coordinator on or ring the direct line / leave a voicemail message on 3002 0625.