From the Principal’s Desk

Kildare Ministries Prayer (2014)

May the Flame of Kildare Ministries inspire and support us
May there be unity and purpose in our gathering
May there be wisdom in our discernment
May there be strength and compassion in our decisions
May there be light and energy for our journey
May the God who has called us to guide and enrich us all


Following my visit to Holy Family Primary School last Monday, I was reminded of the key efforts of many schools to engage and integrate ways of learning through the STEM disciplines. With a strong presentation from Jordan Debono, a young PHD Researcher from a variety of guest speakers, the students at Holy Family and Brigidine were encouraged to explore activities and projects adopting problem based learning and creative innovation.

As our new STEM Building truly takes shape, I’m pleased to witness the energy and passion for the Sciences and Technologies across the College. This facility and set of resources positions Brigidine at the forefront of opportunities for young women to engage in these 21st Century learning spaces.

Further opportunities will also be provided through pathways and partnerships with other organisations and universities.

Brigidine College is exploring how the University of Queensland will be able to connect with our students to investigate research options, experiential learning and outcomes-based activities to fully engage students in the Sciences and Technologies. With an expansive set of resources, this new facility will also be made available for upper Primary and Lower secondary students to explore project based / inquiry learning, Problem Solving pathways and Brain Bee exercises. I commend all students to engage with STEM and experiential learning for the careers of tomorrow.

Principal’s Notes

As the College continues to engage the students in a wide variety of learning opportunities, I give thanks to all members of Brigidine in being a proactive and supportive body to the College. Following our Facebook pages reveals a huge array of ways girls connect, engage and are truly happy at school.

Fortunately, over the past few weeks I have also visited a range of classes and thoroughly enjoyed the time to share in the girls’ learning. I am finding many, many examples of girls being energetic, engaged, looking for ways to connect their learning to the real world and ready to show how well they are learning.

Also, over recent weeks I have interviewed many Year 10 students through the SET Plan process, as well as interviews for girls applying for the Senior Scholarship to begin in 2019. The College received 22 Year 9 student applications for Senior Scholarship in Science and Technologies, and the Arts and Humanities. Again, the truly enthralling ways girls talk of themselves and their school is wonderful. Our young people are displaying high levels of skills in critiquing information, evaluating positions and articulating outcomes that are very impressive.

Final Assembly of Term 3

Congratulations to the many students and presenters at the final assembly for this term. It is always wonderful to share in celebrating the efforts and achievements of so many students. The energy and enthusiasm for the College through their engagement is something to savour. With all the curriculum programs combining to present very high standards of learning and achievement, as well as the cocurricular Sports and Arts Programs shining through, we are blessed as a community to have students, teachers, coaches and tutors all walking the same learning path together.

Awards and Acknowledgement Evening

It is my pleasure to invite all members of the community to our Annual Awards and Acknowledgement Evening at 7:00pm on Thursday 24 October at the St Laurence’s Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre. This is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate with joy and gratitude, the achievements of the College and its students who have provided so much during 2019. Our Guest Speaker this year is Ms Amy Simmons (graduate 2004) who has not only worked as a journalist for the ABC but is now working in for Twitter in San Francisco. I’m looking forward to her sharing her story, as well as working with our students the day before the Awards Evening.

90th Anniversary

With Term 3 coming to an end, I would like to thank the College Community for their enthusiastic engagement in the many events celebrating our heritage, our story and our people that continue to bring a spirit and a passion that is life giving. The Brigidine Day Student Dance, Where Dreams Begins – Arts Event, the Staff Soiree’, the Dads and Daughters’ Evening and the Gala Ball, were outstanding events and truly indicative of our special Brigidine Community.   

Thank you to everyone who ensured our 90th Anniversary events went smoothly and that the students had memorable experiences.

I wish everyone a warm and relaxing break over the holidays and look forward to everyone returning refreshed on 8 October.

God Bless.

A Naoimh Bhrid, gui Orainn

Brendan Cahill



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