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Year 11 Religion & Ethics: Term 4 Reflection

Year 11 Religion & Ethics students have this term been studying how social justice issues invoke a religious and ethical response.

The key concepts and ideas for this study were:

  • There are inequalities in the world and vast differences between the very poor and the very rich;
  • Religions provide a framework for examining such inequality; and
  • Social justice issues have always invoked religious and ethical responses.

For their assessment students were required to plan, produce and appraise an original children’s book, website, short film or board game that clarifies their understanding of one of the following social justice issues: Homelessness, Poverty, Refugees, Slave labour, Social exclusion or Environmental concerns.

The girls’ efforts to educate young children on difficult and confronting current social issues, such as social exclusion of refugees and due to poverty, homeless war veterans, plastic pollution in the ocean, deforestation, coral bleaching, unfair trade, was impressively creative and inspiring! 11B’s projects ranged from picture books to mini books, a hand-drawn colouring story book, a ‘Where’s Wally” type picture book, a snake and ladders boardgame, a website and a mini “7Up” type documentary!

We have shared the girls’ projects with the students of Holy Family Primary School.  Here are reports from two of our students:

For Topic 1 of Unit 3, the Religion & Ethics students have been learning about the many social justice issues prevalent in today’s society. To reflect on these, we were called to produce a project in response to a chosen social justice issue including: homelessness, poverty, social exclusion, environmental concerns and slave labour. We were able to plan, produce and appraise a children’s book, website, short film or board game that would then be pitched to an educational board of directors.

Created in the form of a children’s book, I chose to address the stigma of homelessness: discounting the concept that homelessness is a desired choice of the individual. Overall, this experience was very eye-opening; my own prejudices surrounding the issue of homelessness were challenged as I began to understand how the situation, and its stigma, is detrimental to the wellbeing of each affected individual. Also, as part of this process, our projects were shared with the Holy Family students. As we each read, played or displayed our projects, each student was enlightened and made mature responses to each topic addressed. Easily, I can admit that presenting our projects were inspiring to our audience but also allowed the Year 11s to discover a growing passion for advocating social justice.

Grace Pye

Throughout Term 4, the Year 11 Religion and Ethics classes were given the task to individually create a project reflecting a social justice issue impacting the world, in order to inform primary school kids. The project reflected the criteria of seeing the issue, judging the issue and acting upon the issue in order to reiterate the concept of social reform. All three classes were able to visit the students at Holy Family Primary School to showcase our projects and educate children about the effects of the prominent social justice issues in our surrounding community. With projects such as card games, board games, children’s books and short films, the children were able to engage with the learning of issues and were informed about how they can contribute to social reform. They were excited to engage in the projects, the children got involved, reflecting and discussing amongst themselves how they can help reform society and what they already do to contribute to social reform. With many challenges presented in each project, the kids took it in their stride and continued with the activities to learn more about how when they see the issue, they can judge the issue and act upon the issue.

The Year 11 Religion and Ethics cohort had an amazing time showcasing our projects to the primary school students, and it was a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in a new environment to educate a new audience about the issues of social justice.

Lucy Rolph 

Jeni Emblem

RE Teacher

Year 7 bring the Spirit of Advent to Brigidine

Advent is a special time of preparation in the Church community as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

This year, Year 7 students continued the tradition of creating an Advent calendar for another student in their class.  Calendars were exchanged on Thursday and you can see for yourself the creativity, generosity and joy shared as the year draws to an end.

Nicole Kapernick

RE Teacher

Over the past week, Year 7A have been exploring different versions of the Christmas story.  The class studied the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, as well as a new article which described what life would have been like at the time of Jesus’ birth.  The class broke into groups to make a video based on the stories they have read.  Here is one of the videos made by the class.

Merry Christmas from 7A!

Christina Ong

RE Teacher