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Year 10 Humanities

With a population increase of 48, 000 people since 2016, Brisbane is amongst Australia’s fastest growing regions. Population change puts pressure on infrastructure and, if not managed, can impact the liveability and sustainability of local areas, creating a diversity of challenges. The Brisbane City Council actively works with communities of Brisbane to ensure that the growth of the city does not compromise quality of life of residents or the natural environment. Students undertook a field trip around the Indooroopilly area to assess and propose action to improve the sustainability or liveability of the area. To assist their decisions, the students took part in a fieldwork collecting data from the local area. This involved surveying the traffic and population; observing patterns and trends and identifying areas for improvement.

7 Humanities field trip

Students will complete an investigation to assess the liveability of Indooroopilly. Primary data will be collected over two field trips between Ward Street and Clarence Road.  The girls braved the heat of the day to tally traffic, people and document pattern as part of their data.

7C Humanities ‘Why I Love my Suburb’

As part of their liveability unit, Ms Spear’s 7C students completed a classroom activity where they were required to examine, draw and evaluate their local suburbs and were asked to explain why they loved their local area. Below are a few photos and comments from the girls

Report from Tiah Kalaja MK5

My suburb, Jindalee, has a lot of elements I love. It has everything I need to find a place liveable. For entertainment, there are a few parks (for both humans and dogs, showing this area is pet friendly), as well as public pools and gyms plus there is barely any crime. In fact, the worst thing that has happened (that I have heard of) is when someone broke into someone else’s yard and stole some flowerpots! As for education, there is both a primary and a high school which are both public, so anyone can enrol. Also, if you need to restock your groceries, get new furniture or just get anything, really, there are little corner stores and many different shops scattered around. Because of this, there are many opportunities when it comes to getting your first part-time job. Along with this, Jindalee consists of individual houses (low density living) which I prefer as that way there aren’t towering apartment buildings blocking out the sun. Overall, I really do love my suburb and don’t wish to move to another, as of yet.

Report by Pari More MK6

I love my suburb because of its green space; parks, lakes and other outdoor recreational activities. Even though it has other characteristics that also make it have a liveable suburb, this aspect is the most important part of Sinnamon Park as it has helped me interact more with my family. It is a very sociable area where everything is at peace and is like a sanctuary, not only for animals, but a safe place where I feel comfortable talking to my parents.

Another reason I love my suburb is its availability for transport. This is because it is close to Darra Station (only a ten minute walk from my house) and Mt Ommaney which is another place you could easily walk to (especially if you live on McPherson Road).

Still on the subject of walking, since we are near Darra, we can also walk to the shops and restaurants. This is extremely useful if mum ever needs to buy groceries for dinner the following day and has forgotten beforehand.

Overall, my suburb best suits me and my family because of its outdoor spaces for recreational activities, its transport availability and how food sources are near and easy to get to. Another thing I did not mention though is its community spirit and generous neighbours.

Domenica Strachan

(Acting) Curriculum Leader, Humanities