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Australian History & Geography Competition

The Humanities is an important subject which develops a student’s understanding of interrelationships between people, place and time.  It helps them appreciate the complex nature of local and global interactions and provides vital knowledge and skills in preparation for life beyond school.

This year, a selection of Humanities classes across Years 8 to 11 participated in competitions testing their History and Geography skills and knowledge against students from all around Australia.  Over 73,500 students from around 800 schools across Australia entered either the History or Geography competitions.  We are very pleased with how the students have performed, particularly those who achieved to a distinction and high distinction for their efforts.  These results give us an external benchmark as to how our students are going in certain aspects of Humanities.

The Humanities team would like to congratulate all students who participated in these competitions.

Year 8 Geography Competition – Credit

Olivia Browne
Lily Donaldson
Ellie Durnford
Charlotte Hoger
Hayley Jones
Michelle Lefevre
April Le Tran
Eva Mizrahi
Andrea Yeo

Year 8 Geography Competition – Distinction

Lucinda Alexander
Amy Frazer
Georgia Frizzell
Jaymie Goss
Ailsa Kilpatrick
Shalimar Rodgers

Year 8 Geography Competition – High Distinction

Paloma Araos-Williams
Alice Fiorini


Year 9 History Competition – Merit

Billie Bartley
Isabella Barwick
Madison Ellice
Claudia Pilgrim

Year 9 History Competition – Credit

Rebecca Bradshaw
Cate Brown
Charlotte Cattell
Abby Connolly
Charlotte Smith
Wishmi Kahawatta
Ella Watney
Fumiko Weekes

Year 9 History Competition – Distinction

Ameya Jaurigue
Olivia Seiler


Year 10 Geography Competition – Credit

Katie Chandler
Ella Duffield
Zara Foley
Kyra Gardner
Jade Griffiths
Shelby Jaimon
Ella John
Gabrielle Lazorka
Elana Partridge
Sophie Peters
Stephanie Ramm
Amity Scarth
Ashlee Wataman

Year 10 Geography Competition – Distinction

Rebecca Foun
Halle Frazer
Alexis Hosking
Sophia Lush
Rosalie Pope
Piper Snell
Sierra Solomon
Ashley Venables
Lane Wesson
Maddison Worthington

Year 10 Geography Competition – High Distinction

Ashleigh Gordon
Abbey Steel
Zoe Tsibogiannis

Year 10 History Competition – Merit

Imogen Bradshaw
Caitlin Browne
Sophia Burbank
India Clements
Laura Clements
Anna Constantine
Ava Devitt
Vy Vy Dinh
Zaria Fetineiai
Emily Fonseka
Jade Griffiths
Madeleine Harris
Angela Huang
Lara Kenny
Ellen Kovac
Kristina Ly
Mackenzie Newberry
Grace Oghanna
Heléna Oghanna
Isobel Peters
Sophie Peters
Amity Scarth
Sierra Solomon
Ashley Venables
Ashlee Wataman
Lane Wesson
Maddison Worthington

Year 10 History Competition – Credit

Lisha Chandra
Zara Foley
Halle Frazer
Ashleigh Gordon
Alexis Hosking
Annabelle Irwin
India Pennington
Rosalie Pope
Stephanie Ramm
Trinity Schossow
Abbey Steel

Year 10 History Competition – Distinction

Ella John
Mia Nguyen
Kaitlyn Perry
Zoe Tsibogiannis


Year 11 Geography Competition – Distinction

Emily Dewar

Year 11 Geography Competition – High Distinction

Lily McMonagle


7C Liveable City Fieldwork

As a cohort, the Year 7s engaged in field work as part of their final assessment item, where they assessed the liveability of the Indooroopilly area. As part of this process, students went on a field excursion, in which they observed many facets of liveability in the immediate Indooroopilly area. To further their knowledge and understanding of the topic, students also completed in-depth research, allowing them to understand the needs and wants of the people in the area, and whether these are being met with the resources provided.

To consolidate their learning, students have been working in small groups to create the most liveable city in the world. As part of this task, students were required to draw on their understanding of the different demographics living together, as well as utilise the key liveability elements in an attempt to ensure all needs and wants of the many demographics are met. Prior to creating their city, students dedicated time to planning. During the planning stages, students worked together to identify the key priorities for their cities (safety, education, transport, housing, infrastructure, recreation) and explore how these priorities could be integrated into the city through their choice of resources.

Students tapped into their creative side to sketch their ultimate city, utilising scales, legends, and titles to ensure their city met the requirements of all those living in their created city, along with some minor annotations to explain their choices. Students are now using the application Minecraft to bring their vision of a liveable city to life.

Domenica Strachan

Curriculum Leader Humanities (Acting)