The Arts


Arts Week 2019

This year, Brigidine College launched Arts Week with the Senior Drama Performance in Kildare Hall. The Year 12s challenged the audience’s perspectives on mental illness and other compelling social issues with their performance of This House is Mine. The Year 10s also presented some engaging content with their snippets from Children of the Black Skirt. This was a wonderful showcase to begin the week’s events.

On Wednesday and Thursday (18/19 September), the celebrations, experiences and competitions continued. Below are some student reflections on this valuable community event to celebrate The Arts at Brigidine College!

Claudia, Year 8

The Year 11 and 12s performed the Grown Woman Dance dancing to a very empowering song. They wore a dazzling bright silver top with contrasting black leggings. They danced with strong, confident movements showing us all the art of dance. I personally thought it was amazing how the group of girls weren’t afraid to dance in front of a crowd. They had smiles on their faces which showed how much fun they were having. They were a great inspiration to everyone watching, inspiring us all to be brave, have fun and enjoy dancing.

On Wednesday evening parents of Year 9 and 10 students gathered in the Rehearsal Space to watch their daughters perform on stage songs that they had heard being rehearsed at home. Film music was the theme, performing songs from films such as Up, Crazy, Rich Asians, Con-Air and Prince of Egypt.  There was drumming, piano, ukulele  and flute playing amongst other instruments.

Below are some images from the Year 8 Drama performance:

Olivia and Lucy, Year 8

Over Wednesday and Thursday lunch and morning tea each House was challenged to paint a portrait of a College Leadership Team member. Everyone used different styles to create their ‘masterpiece’. For instance, Ms Dever was represented in the style of a cartoon character in ‘Snoopy’. Mr Cahill and Mr Beiers were both in the style of ‘Realism’ and Ms Egan, ‘Picasso’. Members of each House were welcome to participate in painting the portrait. Each final piece had some feature that  represented them as a person. The competition was loads of fun and all teams made an excellent effort. The winner of the competition will be announced at College Assembly on Friday. May the best house win!

Zoe, Year 8

One of the fun activities at Arts Week that students could participate in was creating a graffiti wall. There were many different coloured spray-paint bottles and lots of students helped create the wall. The focal point of the finished piece was the angel wings, with a halo above. The phrase in the bottom corner of the wall, ‘We’re all angels at some point’, is an important motto to remember. The College was extremely privileged to have Ali Gillett, a talented artist, attend Arts Week. She assisted students at the graffiti wall and provided the finishing touches. Once the artwork was finished, students were able to take ‘Street Art Selfies’ with polaroid cameras. I got some photos with my friends in front of the beautiful wall, and they were hung up on strings to dry out and develop. I really enjoyed getting involved in the Arts Week activities!

The Fashion Fusion Competition was a highlight for us in Arts Week. We had to dress up our two friends in newspaper, plastic bags and tape to create a unique outfit. It was a challenging but fun experience and something we won’t forget. The first person had an outfit designed for a groom. We made her a bowtie, cape and shorts out of plastic bags and a beard out of newspaper. Our second friend was dressed as a bride. She had a veil and shirt out of newspaper and a bow and skirt out of plastic bags. We even made a bouquet out of newspaper, tape and plastic bags. We watched the other girls strut down the red carpet and admired their beautiful and creative outfits. Our hearts started to race when we presented to the screaming crowd. But all our work paid off and we were so thrilled to win the competition and we now get to celebrate with pizza! In celebration, we turned around and threw the bouquet into the crowd. Overall, it was a fun Arts Week event that we will never forget.

The annual Art Exhibition and Wearable Art Parade was the closing event for our Arts Week celebration. Year 9 students presented their wearable art works based on the concept of Humanity VS Nature. Each student presented their unique perspective on this topic with some focusing on mining exploiting our natural resources, whilst others focused on the war against plastic. The audience were stunned by manoeuvrable wings, vibrant dresses and gravity-defying sculptural elements.

The artisan markets were also a hit, with many people doing some early Christmas shopping, buying prints, cards, ceramic jewellery items, mugs and sculptures.

The night concluded with the Principal’s Award being presented to Year 12 student Ella Hatten-Masterson for her ‘Windows’ artwork together with a rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine by Year 11 student Caitlin Muller.

Korryn Swindail-Hill

Curriculum Leader, The Arts