Year 9 Wellbeing

Our last lesson of Year 9 Wellbeeing this term looked at spiritual self-care and wellbeing.  For this lesson, the Year 9s were able to participate in making coloured rice mandalas.  Rice mandalas hold their tradition in ancient Eastern ritual practices where they are used for meditation.  Mandale, meaning circle, is used to understand and provide meaning to the cyclical nature of life and the universe, enhancing the understanding of the journey of spirituality.

Students were able to look at the symbolic representation of colour to inform how they created patterns and, for these mandalas, all the House colours were used to also symbolise the unity and connectedness of the Houses as Brigidine College.  I would like to congratulate the Year 9s on their participation in this activity and I would also like to thank Ms Tamara Haydock for her guidance during this time.

Nidean Dickson

Year 9 Wellbeing Program Leader