Year 9 Wellbeing

Year 9 Tie Ceremony

It was my privilege to host the Year 9 Tie Ceremony on 20 November to mark the transition from the Middle School to the Senior School. 2019 has been a year of significant growth for our Year 9 students who have worked to support each other in forming deeper connections and unite as a cohort.

We celebrated the Tie Ceremony with many parents, family members and friends which was a testament to the importance of this transition for the Year 9 students. The Year 9s were able to hear from Ms Berni Sligar (Program Leader Middle Years) and John Crawford (Program Leader Senior Years) who both provided encouraging messages to students to continue their growth mindset in 2020. In addition, the Year 9 students were welcomed into the Senior School by 2020 College Captain Abbey Cook and a reflection by Year 10 student, Rosie Pope was also made to share her top tips to remember as they transition into Year 10.

I would like to thank all those involved in the Tie Ceremony including Father Pan who blessed the ties for the Year 9s. The Year 9 students walked away not only with their tie, but also a symbol of their time together as a cohort in Year 9 in the form of bottle of coloured rice. Earlier in the year, students made rice mandalas representative of the many qualities that are shared amongst the group. This token is a reminder to the Year 9 students of how far they have come and what they have achieved in the Middle School. We cannot wait to see what legacy they create in the Senior School.

Nidean Dickson

Year 9 Wellbeing Program Leader