Pastoral News

As I reflect on 2019, I’m delighted to recall many memorable and positive experiences for both teachers and students. Many examples come to mind of students who have grown in confidence and skill by taking opportunities, showing initiative and by trying things they have never done before. Many girls have demonstrated a wonderful example of embodying the values of the College and we are proud of their achievements.

On Thursday 28 November we welcomed an excited group of Year 6 students to their Orientation Day at Brigidine College. The aim of the day was to familiarise themselves with the significant people and places at the College and to meet each other. The day was spent both as a whole cohort of future Year 7s and at other times in House groups. The Year 9 students capably took on the role of Big Sister and supported the girls throughout the day. The College Captains, House Prefects and Middle Leaders are to be commended for the way in which they welcomed the students and assisted the teachers. This day was a good opportunity for our current students to demonstrate what it means to be a Brigidine young woman.

This term Brigidine College hosted a parenting program called Tune Into Teens. It was a very successful partnership between parents and the College, involving expert Canice Curtis who is a trained therapist in parenting and youth mental health programs. We will repeat the parenting information evening in early Term 1 and offer the Tune Into Teens Program again. Further details can be found on the flier in this newsletter. If you would like to develop your understanding about the experience of adolescence, or strengthen your relationship with your daughter, please consider this opportunity.

As we look ahead to 2020 and prepare to begin school in January, I would encourage all families to consider their uniform requirements. Many girls grow significantly from their beginnings in Year 7 and require a new tartan dress, as well as other items, during their time at the College. Please see the uniform requirements below and information about dress and hat repairs:

Emphasis is always on neatness, good grooming and wearing the school uniform with pride and dignity. Students are expected to wear the full College uniform, including hat, while travelling to and from school, while at school and when representing the College.
Formal College Day Uniform
  • College tartan dress with the College hat; OR
  • Tartan blouse with formal navy long pants or formal navy day shorts;
  • Navy College ankle socks with formal shorts/long pants;
  • College and House badges worn on the College tie (Green for Years 7-9, Navy for Years 10-12);
  • Black leather lace-up shoes with low heel (formal hard leather, cleaned and polished);
  • White College ankle-length day socks;
  • Green College woollen pullover, navy College stockings and green College scarf in cooler weather only;
  • Green College blazer worn between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day dates;
  • College school bag (backpack/carry bag/trolley bag) and College excursion bag.
  • At times, the College will participate in awareness and fundraising initiatives that may involve amendments to the uniform. These initiatives will be clearly identified, and the permitted time will be communicated.
  • College tartan dress must be worn at mid-calf length and be in good repair.
Physical Education or Sports Uniform
  • College sports skirt;
  • College sports collared shirt;
  • College bike pants;
  • White College ankle-length sports socks;
  • College sports cap or wide-brimmed hat (compulsory from 2021);
  • Joggers/sports shoes which support growing feet (Dunlop Volley, Converse and Vans are not appropriate);
  • College tracksuit in cooler weather only.
  • The College sports uniform must only be worn during Physical Education lessons, for interhouse carnivals and at other times during the year as directed, e.g. sports training.
  • The Brigidine College sporting uniform is to be worn by all students participating in representative College teams.
  • College sport kit bag may be used for the sports uniform or co-curricular needs.
  • The College ribbon, College tartan scrunchie or hair-toned (eg black/brown) hair ties are the only acceptable hair accessories.
  • Hair should be off the face and in a style that is conducive to classroom work, health and safety.
  • Hair that reaches the collar should be tied back.
  • No extremes in style, colour or cut are allowed.
  • All-over braiding and undercuts are not permitted.
  • Students who use hair dyes or colours that appear unnatural, or cuts that are extreme, will not be permitted to return to the College until the colour is removed or the cut is more acceptable.

and Adornments


Ÿ  One matching pair of ear sleepers/studs (no bigger than 3mm) worn in the lowest hole in the ear lobe only. These are to be plain gold or silver only.

Ÿ  A plain thin silver or gold neck chain adorned with a religious symbol (not visible outside the uniform).

Ÿ  A plain wristwatch.

Ÿ  Medical bracelets for students with severe allergies or conditions.

Not Permitted:

Ÿ    Helix earrings, nose, eyebrow, lip, tongue or other body piercings.

Ÿ  Tattoos.

Ÿ  Any other jewellery not specified above.

Ÿ  The wearing of badges, ribbons or wrist bands that support awareness and fundraising initiatives are only permitted during the time designated for supporting that cause and must be approved by the Deputy Principal Students.

  • No make-up is to be worn.
  • No facial accessories such as false eyelashes, glitter etc. are to be worn.
  • No fake tan to be used.
  • Nails should be neat and tidy and not hinder participation in activities at the College such as science experiments, music and sport.
  • Coloured, fake and French nails are not acceptable.
Uniform Repairs
  • Hats need to be in state that repair or clean is possible.
  • Clean costs $20.00
  • Repair costs $15.00
  • Dress fabric and length needs to be suitable for replacement collars/cuffs to be attached.
  • Collar $13.50 + replacement $15.00 = $28.50
  • Cuffs (set of 2) $11.00 + replacement $10.00 = $21.00
  • Any queries regarding all repairs for hats, dresses and blazers can be directed to Brigid’s Cloak Uniform Shop at any time of the year. Ph: 3002 0624

The eSafety Commissioner has published a Gift Guide about how to be smart and secure when choosing tech gifts for young people this Christmas season. The Guide helps inform parents and carers about what to look out for with tech gifts and provides practical advice on how to stay safe, including setting strong passwords, turning off location settings and limiting the amount of personal information shared. Parents can check the safety of popular tech gifts like drones, smart toys, smartphones and tablets before making purchases.

I wish all families a happy, restful and safe Christmas break and I will enjoy seeing your daughters again at the start of the new school year.

Melinda Egan

Acting Deputy Principal Pastoral

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